Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2514

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At the moment, the land within thousands of miles of Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain was occupied. Thousands of people assembled in the mountain and the only reason they gathered was to find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

All of them were yearning for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, but there was only a single piece of the true treasure. The battle for this treasure would attract a large crowd of strongest experts. And with each battle, an expert will have their bones buried in Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain.

The old gibbon was watching the Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain silently. Jiang Chen had broken through the Peach Blossom Formation and released countless humans and beasts. Those people stepped into the Peach Blossom Formation thousand years ago and most of them were obsessed with the treasure and hence they were trapped and would never be able to get out of the formation. But the Peach Blossom Spring that the old gibbon was taking care of was not truly a death place. The Peach Blossom Formation only aimed at those who had excessive desire and strong faith. The Peach Blossom Formation would become an unsolved trap only when you had stronger desire, and you could hardly get rid of the imprisonment even if you were a Divine King of Nine Heavens.

In other words, the Peach Blossom Formation would disappear naturally if they slowly overcome their obsessiveness. Within thousands of years, some of them came and left by getting rid of their desire for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. While some of them could never be able to get away from the formation.

The old gibbon did not intend to kill anyone. But since the day he stayed in Peach Blossom Spring, he realized that humans were truly terrible. That was the reason that he told everyone the riddle, but only a few of them could understand it thoroughly and were freed. Most of them ended up alone and turned into a pile of white bones.

The strongest people were often the loneliest. The Peach Blossom Formation was like a warning for those who accidentally entered the Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain. However, it would be difficult for those with strong determination to escape from the formation. And some of them insisted on going on undeterred by the dangers ahead, and lost their path eventually.

Even though the Peach Blossom Formation collapsed, those who lost their path still insisted to surge forward to Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain. Since the Peach Blossom Formation lost its power, no one would care if it still existed.

When someone was blinded by greed and obsessed with infinite desire, it would become a demon in his heart. The Peach Blossom Formation could actually constrain those demons from growing stronger. To put it another way, it meant that the Peach Blossom Formation was like a salvation to those who fight for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. However, it would never reappear at the moment.

“Human greed knows no bounds. The Peach Blossom Formation disappeared and I don’t know if it is good or bad. I am afraid that the Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain would be strewn with dead bodies this time.”

The old gibbon murmured. He was merciful, trying to deliver all living creatures from torment at first but he failed to make them shrink back from the battle. Now that the Peach Blossom Formation collapsed, the demons ran rampant. It would definitely throw the entire Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain into an upheaval and dreadful bloodsheds and battles would be inevitable.

Jiang Chen looked back slowly, and glanced at the Peach Blossom Formation that they had been trapped in for a long while. He was anxious and worried at the same time as he did not know whether what he did was the right thing.

“Constraining the desire in their heart but not killing them. Perhaps the existence of the Peach Blossom Formation isn’t bad.”

Jiang Chen took a deep sigh. But what he had done could not be undone anyway.

“If I can obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, I will definitely remove the constraint of the Peach Blossom Formation.”

Jiang Chen left with strong determination. He had to move forward to find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Since it was an essential herb to make the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill, he was bound to get it at all cost.

“The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox  prefers something cold so it likes to stay in the caves which are humid and dark. We have been staying here and doing research for more than ten years. But we could only find four of them, but never be able to catch it.”

Yu Huafan said in a low voice. It seemed like it is not an easy task to catch since it isn’t a normal beast.


Xue Liang frowned. They found the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox four times but they were never able to catch it once successfully, which sounds strange and not simple.

“The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox is too sly and quick. It could sweep through the forest as fast as the wind and lightning. It is like a dragon soaring through the sea, which is why it is extremely difficult for us to catch it. Not only that, they are the true master of disguise. It is even impossible to find them through the jungle. Even though we failed to catch even one, we know well about their habits and characteristics. Moreover, we have gained more hands now so I think it should be easier to capture it.”

Yu Er’niang felt embarrassed. They had been focusing on doing research on the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox for ten years but they were never able to catch it once, which actually sounded disappointing.

“Just come with me, I believe that we will be able to catch the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox this time.”

Yu Huafan gritted his teeth and said it confidently. This would be their last chance.

At the moment, there were many of them secretly looking for the Secret Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Most of them who stepped in the Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain and tried to find the Secret Cloud Ancient Vine Heart were not ordinary people after all.

Through the thick forest, there were green valuable old trees which were hundred feet high. The ancient trees blot out the sun while the rocks and mountains were boundless and infinite. The Wu Dong Luo Xia Mountain looked like an ancient giant beast laying flat on the earth, which was a perfectly glorious and majestic spectacle.

Ten thousand miles of Luo Xia Mountain looked magnificent and impressive when the sun went down.The sun sank down behind both of the mountains and it was breathtaking like a wonderland.

Thousand miles of red cloud was chasing the sun and a hundred birds were paying homage to the phoenix. The sight was truly refreshing and pleasing.

Five of them had been scampering through the woods of the forest for a day. Yu Huafan finally led them to a canyon which was extremely gloomy.

Between the grand crayons, there were dark green Venetian trees which blotted out the sun densely. There were countless deep gullies and valleys. It was located behind the mountain, under the perilous peaks and valleys. So it could hardly be noticed.

Jiang Chen bent over to taste the water, it was sweet and refreshing.

They felt depressed by looking at the dark creepy valleys in the distance.

Suddenly, there was a band of white flashing across and swept through the sky.

Yu Er’niang exclaimed, “It is the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox!”

“I knew they would be here. We can’t miss them this time.”

Yu Huafan’s eyes sparkled with joy. He took the lead and chased after the white light which ran towards the valley.

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