Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2516

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The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox sat down on the floor, the cunningness in his eyes became pale. The snow-white fur he had were standing as he squinted his eyes, panting as he looked at Jiang Chen. That tiny head of his was shaking left and right, which was somewhat cute. Its tiny body of less than 3 inches was completely different from those giant beasts of the Tianqi Mountain Range, hence it was regarded as a spirit of the mountain range. 

“F*ck it, I’m not running anymore.” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox depressingly said. His voice was filled with anger and unwillingness. 

“To even attempt to kill my friends, your illusory formation is not bad. It’s a pity that it’s useless against me,” Jiang Chen said.

“That formation is not mine.” The Spiritual Fox said with an aggrieved expression. 

“What? It’s not yours?” Jiang Chenm was stunned. 

If that Jade-faced Spiritual Fox did not set up that formation, then it meant that somebody else is here. 

Jiang Chen had the Fox tightly bounded and said coldly:

“Lead me back to them, I do not wish to kill you, I’ll let you go as long you lead us to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

“Greedy human, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is not something you could possibly take. Hahaha,” the Fox sneered. 

Jiang Chen whacked the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s head, causing the latter to wobble and got dizzy. 

“I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go.” 

“You should’ve said that earlier and you could’ve avoided getting punished.” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. 

Though he’s a stubborn fella, I didn't think he would submit this easily. 

“Can you really find where the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is?” Jiang Chen asked, untrusting. 

“You can choose to be silent and I can choose to kill you. I can search for my friends alone.” Jiang Chen added when the Fox did not answer. 

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, is it? I’ll find it for you, you should've told me earlier, why didn’t you do so? Do I look like one of those ungrateful scums? I will certainly help you since you promised not to kill me.” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox immediately changed his expression and a sly smile hung under that furry face of his. 

Jiang Chen wouldn’t easily trust him. The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox would only willingly serve him when his life was in Jiang Chen’s palm, otherwise, he'd be a threat. 

When Jiang Chen and the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox got back to where they were, the party was already gone. 

“What’s this?” Jiang Chen grabbed the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s neck tightly, the latter was scared to his soul. 

“I don’t know, I really don’t! That illusory formation will appear here once in a while, I do not know why it appears randomly. Plus, there’s an extremely powerful teenager in the formation.” The Fox said with terror in his eyes, not daring to hide anything. 

“An illusory formation that appears once in a while? How can this be? Even you do not know what’s the cause?” Jiang Chen frowned and was getting anxious, worried. 

After all, the moment he entered this place, he felt something was off about this place. The ominous feeling he had was realised, Yu Erniang and the others went missing. It was bad news for him. 

“The illusory formation disappeared again.” Jiang Chen suddenly felt a chill behind his back and he quickly looked back. 

He saw a figure of a teenager, wearing an ice-blue robe, possessing a pair of icy pupils and sharp gaze, slim yet giving off a powerful aura. 

The youth stared at Jiang Chen and said coldly: 

“Hand it over.” 

“What do you want?” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

He couldn’t grasp the youth’s strength, but it felt like a giant mountain was pressing on his shoulder. 

“It’s him, I’ve met him twice in this formation, he’ll appear once the formation disappears. ” The Spiritual Fox nervously said as he trembled. As if the pressuring aura caused him to feel like facing a godly being . 

“Did you kidnap my friends?” Jiang Chen said. 

Jiang Chen will not be benevolent if this youth caught his friends. 

“You do not have what it takes to bargain with me, give me the frozen person. I’ll only say it once.” The youth’s aura suddenly raised. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox shrieked and fainted, but it’s unclear whether he’s genuine or just faking it. But that pressure shocked Jiang Chen. 

“Interesting, you’re not afraid of me?”

“Who are you? Why should I be afraid of you?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Pretty good question, I’ll let you know why you should be afraid of me, because you’re but an insect in my eyes.” The youth then grabbed the air and the space got shattered. 

The mountains and the ground of the valley started to quake. Jiang Chen could feel that the youth’s simple attack possessed a peerless violent aura that could overpower everything else. 

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!” Jiang Chen shouted and activated his best defense.  

But the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was instantly shattered. Jiang Chen’s heart was hit by a wave of emotion. This youth had cold eyes yet he’s extremely cruel and heartless, who is he?

“To think you can withstand a single strike from me, not bad, not bad.” The youth smiled coldly. He then threw out another punch, destroying the space. 

Jiang Chen could clearly see that the 100 radius surrounding him became completely silent, only a hundred zhang spaces around them got destroyed. This youth’s control over space was masterful, it was truly terrifying. 

Jiang Chen felt the threat of death from that punch. He instantly summoned two heavenly lightnings into his palms and merged them. Violent energy filled the space and the youth moved ever so slightly, he was completely unharmed. Jiang Chen’s mightiest attack did nothing. Then, the space returned to silence. 

Jiang Chen’s heavenly lightning fusion was completely blocked away by the youth. 

“Quite a capable fella, but it’s a pity that you’re still too weak, prepare to die.” The youth then launched a devastating palm strike. 

Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate and took out the frozen person. At that moment, the youth’s eyes exhibited a hint of shock. 

Jiang Chen did not know why he took out the frozen person to block that attack without any hesitation. If he still had the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he would’ve still been thrown around even if he used the pagoda. In the face of such a devastating attack, his life was on a thin thread now. 

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