Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2517

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The youth’s aura immediately got pushed back as if the frozen person had a powerful magical power. 

“Zhen Sanshan!” The youth shouted and coughed out blood, staggering a dozen steps backwards. 

The surrounding space once again twisted, cracks could be seen on the space and it was on the verge of collapsing, risking getting devoured by a black-hole, everything in this valley would be devoured into nothingness. 

The crack in space could repair itself but if the space collapsed, causing a black-hole to form, then the damage would be tremendous. 

“To think the space could collapse and cause a black-hole to be born.”Jiang Chen murmured. 

Not even the Great Void Technique could save me if that happens.  

Jiang Chen saw the space below the frozen person was repairing itself. 

“This space is way too fragile.” The youth murmured and looked at Jiang Chen with an unwilling gaze. He did not expect Jiang Chen to summon the frozen person. 

“You’ll become the source of evil in my clan, you shall never be allowed to be reincarnated.” The youth glared at Jiang Chen and shifted its gaze to the frozen person with a slight shock and startled look as he vanished into the depths of the void.   

The illusory formation then once again emerged, where Yu Erniang and the others were wandering around. 

Jiang Chen looked at the frozen person. The latter was already dead for god knows eons of years. But this block of ice possessed immense power, he would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for this. 

“Who are you? Why did you appear in this place?” Jiang Chen frowned as he couldn’t get any answers. 

He stared at the block of ice but couldn’t feel anything from it. Yet it could push the youth away when he couldn’t lift a finger against him. The secret this frozen person possessed was more than Jiang Chen could imagine. 

Jiang Chen could not understand. That youth doesn’t look like a person from this place. Plus, he said that this space was too fragile, this meant that he had a powerful background. Jiang Chen couldn’t see through what realm the youth was at yet he could easily suppress him. However, the youth’s aim was the frozen person. Jiang Chen couldn’t get a gist of what’s going on. He was extremely curious about the identity of the youth. 

The most shocking thing was that Jiang Chen couldn’t even compare against the youth as the latter could easily kill him off. Then, the Heavenly God Realm cultivation that he had was like trash. Jiang Chen looked at the sky as dark clouds were hovering over the valley. However, it could not stop his grand ambition! 

“One day, I shall soar across the sky and fight through the Supreme Heavens!” Jiang Chen slapped the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox, trying to wake him. 

The fox looked around with lingering fear and saw that everything was normal once again and the powerful youth was gone. 

“Do you really not know who that youth is?” Jiang Chen asked again. 

“I wouldn’t know it even if you kill me. I don’t even have the desire to resist in the face of that youth.” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said aggrievedly. 

“This place, it looks like it’s an Atypical Spatial Zone, connecting to another region, am I right? ” Jiang Chen’s eyes were lit up. 

“You’ve seen through it. The space over here is weird. That youth earlier probably travelled here from another space, but he’d usually just walk around the illusory formation, as if he was looking for something. I’ve bumped into him but it's as if he has never seen me before in his life.. ” The Fox said with a lingering fear. 

“Atypical Spatial Zone, sharp youth.” Jiang Chen murmured. 

Everything was very weird, he couldn’t believe what just happened. He would’ve died if it wasn’t for the frozen person. Luckily, Yu Erniang and the others weren’t harmed. The youth was gone and the formation appeared along with the others. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox looked at Jiang Chen with extreme shock. Because that youth was strong as hell, yet Jiang Chen managed to stay alive. Now that the youth was gone, Jiang Chen had proven his strength, of how terrifyingly powerful he was. 

The Spiritual Fox now looked at Jiang Chen as some god. Although he’s cunning, it was all for the sake of staying alive, otherwise, he would just become a treasure of someone else and die. The fox was the Tianqi Mountain Range’s baby, a spirit of the region. 

The youth’s background must be great, the Atypical Spatial Zone must be connected to some other place. This encounter made Jiang Chen realise that his strength was still insufficient in the face of a true expert. 

“How can we pull them out from the illusion?” Jiang Chen said. 

“That’s easy, you have a pretty strong soul energy, they’ll get out of the illusion once you envelop their souls with yours. But your soul energy will take a hit from that. Even someone as strong as you would find it hard to get all four of them out from the formation. Unfortunately, there’s no other method other than that, unless they break through the illusion themselves, but they probably can’t.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox smacked his lips and looked at Xue Liang and the others, as if he was being sarcastic. 

But Jiang Chen was able to get out of it. This fella is a monster and he could get out unscathed from the battle with that youth. The fox was thoroughly impressed by Jiang Chen. This Early Heavenly God young man possesses such a powerful soul energy and his battle strength is off the roof too. 


Jiang Chen’s soul energy immediately covered the whole valley. But on the next second, he was stunned, because in the depths of the valley, there was a small cave with countless great treasures hiding inside. He saw a dozen of 10,000 years old ginseng there with other rare herbs and ingredients. It was a treasure trove of medicinal ingredients. His eyes were popping from the amount stashed over there. Especially for an alchemist like him, he was much more sensitive towards these stuff than Divine Origin Stones. 

“Such a great treasure trove. Hahaha a godsent gift from the heavens. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes instantly lit up as he looked into the depths of the valley. 

“No! It’s mine!” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox gritted its teeth and said. 

The fox looks like he has forgotten that Jiang Chen was holding his life. 

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