Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2518

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“Hahaha, what’s yours is mine and mine, yours. There’s no need to separate things clearly.” Jiang Chen said with a laugh, angering the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox.

The Fox gritted its teeth and said, “Shameless. You humans are despicable. ” 

Jiang Chen became an evil man in his eyes. To think he wants to steal my treasures, my 3000 years worth of effort is over there, I needed all of this to cultivate for another 100 years, yet to think he found it. 

“The noble one's epitaph is being noble, being despicable is the working pass of the despicable.” Jiang Chen looked at the Fox with an interesting gaze. 

“What noble, despicable, in many ways. You cannot touch my things, otherwise, I’ll bite my own tongue!” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox threatened. 

“Go ahead, die. Wouldn’t the treasures be mine after you die? Plus, my desire for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is not that strong, those things are probably better compared to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. It’s best not to be too greedy, I am an easily satisfied person. Haha.” Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was dumbfounded. He thought the fella would stop if the lead to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would be gone, yet this fella’s  eyeing on the treasures. 

“You…. you…. You’re seriously shameless!”  

“I am not such a heartless person, I will only take what I need. I will not clean out your treasury. So, please be obedient, otherwise you’ll lose everything if I get mad.” 

“3000 years, my 3000 years worth of savings. How could you… ” Jade-faced Spiritual Fox sighed in grief. 

Jiang Chen ran towards the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s cave eagerly. The medicinal ingredients over there could easily help him concoct an abundance of pills. Plus, those were all rare herbs of at least a thousand to ten-thousand years old, which are the only things that would interest the fox. 

“Hohoho, this is too dazzling. I am too lucky. Hahaha.” 

Jiang Chen was extremely elated. This unexpected wealth was akin to the heavens dropping down gold in his doorstep. 

“It’s not that your luck is great, it’s just me being f*cking extremely unlucky!” the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox retorted. 

However, his life was at the hands of Jiang Chen, he could only silently watch as his treasures got robbed away from his eyes, since it would be useless for him if he’s in a coffin. 

“Sixteen 10,000 years old ginseng, perfect. I’ll take 15 and leave the rest to you. I still have a conscience.” Jiang Chen gasped as he took those ginsengs. 

These treasures were too attractive, much more than a Divine Origin Stone mine. Plus, these ginsengs were filled with spiritual energy. 

A ten-thousand years old ginseng could metamorph into human-form, it’s a pity that the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox dug them out. Nevertheless, even though the herbs couldn’t absorb spiritual energy for nutrients anymore, the fox was proficient in storing these items, ensuring that the energies within the ingredient did not leak. 

“This seven 10,000 years old Lingzhi, I’ll also leave one for you. I shouldn’t be too hard on you, after all we’ll see each other more in the future.” Jiang Chen took the Lingzhis and said in a serious tone. 

“Shameless! Shameless! Shameless!” the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox gritted his teeth. 

I risked my life running across Tianqi Mountain Range to gather them for three thousand years yet it’s gone in a matter of seconds by this devil. 

“I don’t want to see you ever again!!” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox shivered in anger. 

“Polygonatum, colorless fig, Azure Spirit Partridge, good stuff. I can concoct an Immortal Grade Azure Spirit Pill with these.”

Jiang Chen was extremely excited. Those ingredients were the core ingredient for the Azure Spirit Pill. He wasn’t confident whether he could succeed in concocting it but having so many ingredients here, was there a worry for him on failing to concoct the Azure Spirit Pill?

The Azure Spirit Pill is a pill that helps increase a cultivation realm of a cultivator. Divine Kings would even treasure it greatly, because it could improve one’s senses and purify one’s divine origin’s energy. It’s just like a mini-Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill but not as heavenly-defying as the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill as the latter could seize heaven’s fortune. 

However, the Azure Spirit Pill wasn’t to be trifled with as it was at least a hundred times stronger than the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Jiang Chen’s strength would increase if the Azure Spirit Pill was a success. Most importantly, the Azure Spirit Pill could purify one’s divine origin energy and improve one’s sense. This greatly improves one’s battle strength even though the changes were small, as it would be useful in a fierce battle. Especially in the Divine King Realm. How could they resist such temptation? Divine Kings may take more than a thousand years to increase one’s realm and the Azure Spirit Pill had such an effect. 

“What? You’re a Master Alchemist?” The Fox’s eyes suddenly widened as he looked at Jiang Chen with disbelief. 

“Why? I don’t look like one?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Can you really concoct the Azure Spirit Pill?” The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox gasped.  

He heard of the Azure Spirit Pill, a person once brought the Azure Spirit Pill into the Tianqi Mountain Range and the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River personally went to hunt for it. That battle was truly one of a kind, and in the end, the winner of that battle gulped down the Azure Spirit Pill after defeating  the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River and other four great experts and left. 

“Who knows? Haha, I can try.” Jiang Chen shrugged and said. 

“If you can really concoct a Azure Spirit Pill for me… then, I’ll gladly give you all the ingredients,” said the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox  in a serious tone as he looked at Jiang Chen with anticipation. 

“Little fox, you ought to know how valuable the Azure Spirit Pill is, right? The others may not necessarily trade you a Azure Spirit Pill for all these ingredients. Yeah, you have the ingredients for an Azure Spirit Pill, but can you make them change into pills?” Jiang Chen asked. 

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox’s breath stunted. 

He knew that he was being imaginative, not even the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River could possess a treasure such as the Azure Spirit Pill, lest a little guy like him? Didn’t he gather all these ingredients for the sake of increasing his own strength? Plus, he wouldn’t know how much of them would be wasted, only a handful of them were truly useful for him. 

And trading his ingredients for an Azure Spirit Pill? He was definitely indulging in his fantasies. 

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