Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2521

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“I am here for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Some of them are just destined to be the stumbling blocks in my way. Those who were saved from the Peach Blossom Formation, their life and death isn’t in their hands anymore as they didn’t own it anymore. Kill them now and I won’t have any worries later on.”

Jiang Chen fixed his gaze at the grand canyon with a smile, looking calm and composed. The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox looked frightened, fear could clearly be seen in his eyes. He thought that he was spiritual enough to be very well-versed about humanity. However, he sunk into despair and confusion once again at this moment.

He was determined and calm when it came to battle, and he’d leave without a trace afterwards.

Jiang Chen had never thought that he would kill innocent people, but some of them were just bound to die and some of them would surely die because of their unrestrained greed. He was just trying to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens. In order to stay on the road to become immortal, killing had to be done without any hesitation. This was the right path.

When Jiang Chen overtook Yu Er’niang and the others, Wu Dong Sunset Mountain fell into silence once again. No one knew what had happened. Jiang Chen returned with a dusty and fatigued body. However, it relieved Yu Er’niang and the rest to see him come back alive.

“There are only less than two days left. Can you lead us to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart now?”

Jiang Chen gazed at the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox.


It seemed like the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was afraid of Jiang Chen. The fox pursed his lips and did not dare refuse. Compared with the mighty strong horrible beasts, Jiang Chen was much more terrifying, making the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox feel frightened.

“The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox seemed lovely and smart.”

Yu Er’niang held the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox in her arms, looking delighted. Every woman would surely be deeply attracted to this white hairy elf.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was hiding in Yu Er’niang’s arms. It seemed to be enjoying Yu Er’niang’s care, and did not dare to glance at Jiang Chen.

Under the guidance of Jade-faced Spiritual Fox, they managed to find a volcanic vent which was concealed. A balmy breeze was coming out from straight ahead, it was refreshing and stimulating.

“This shouldn’t be the place where the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is located, right?”

Yu Huafan was astonished. The waves of heat were scorching and it seemed like no plants could grow here. How could it be possible for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart to grow here?

“Something must be wrong.”

Yu Jingfan whispered.

“Little fox, they’re asking you.”

Yu Er’niang pinched its ears and smiled cheerfully.

“I don’t know. However, I could feel a strong spiritual aura here. Over thousands of years, countless beasts had not dared to come near this place as the volcano erupts once every hundred years. But I had picked a Thousand-years Fire Lotus here a hundred years ago.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said bitterly, showing a hurtful expression.

“Thousand-years Fire Lotus?”

Yu Er’niang and the others heaved a deep sigh. Even the lotus flower was rarely seen, not to mention the Fire Lotus that used to grow on volcanic rock. The Fire Lotus consisted of ten thousand years’ elements. If it was a ten thousand years old beast, then it is supposed to be a Divine King now. However a plant like this would need to absorb greater spiritual aura to transform, so it had taken a hundred thousand years to transform into an elf. It was not a common creature at all.

“How about the Fire Lotus? Did you eat it? I don’t think that you could resist such a strong and boundless power.”

Yu Huafan held his breath and asked nervously.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox took a glance at Jiang Chen.

“He just gave it to me as a present.”

Jiang Chen said lightly.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox looked at Jiang Chen with a bitter and scornful face. How could you tell them that I gave it to you? You were the one who grabbed my treasured medicinal herbs. What a shameless guy.

Yu Huafan smiled awkwardly. He thought that he could obtain the Thousand-years Fire Lotus  from the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox at first but he never expected that Jiang Chen had already taken it.

“I wonder how many entrances are here? Is this place accessible from all directions? Where should we go to find the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?

Xue Liang said with a frown. They realized that it was not the only entrance when they entered the cave.

“I am not sure. But I knew that it is the most likely place where the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart grows.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said, lying comfortably in Yu Er’niang arms once again.

“There are more than hundreds of entrances to the volcanic cave and each of them are accessible. However, only one of them can access the crater of the volcano.”

Jiang Chen asserted.

“Are you thinking of entering the volcanic cave through the crater of the volcano? No. That’s too dangerous.”

Yu Er’niang raised her eyes, and said in a low voice. Even though the volcano hadn’t exploded yet and spouted lava, it did not mean that it was safe for them to enter the volcanic cave.

“Then what should we do now? How can we find the entrance to access the inmost recesses of the volcanic cave? And we aren’t even sure if the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would be there at all.”

“Hold on.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said suddenly. All of them held their breaths and looked at the fox quietly. The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox closed his eyes tightly and tried to feel the aura of the surrounding. He could feel the changes in the volcanic cave once again.

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart must be here. I can feel that the spiritual aura in the volcanic cave was being engulfed rapidly, like the towering trees blotting out  the sky and covering the sun.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox murmured.

“You’re right. That is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart! An ancient vine that reaches for the sky.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox mentioned it again with certainty. He opened his eyes immediately, spurting a mouthful of blood, and the blood fell upon on its white hair. The fox looked truly strange and eerie.

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Chen asked in a deep voice.

“I am defeated by a kind of spiritual power. I can feel that there is an invisible huge eyes gazing at me coldly, and I suffered injuries all of a sudden .”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox said in a weak voice, his eyes were full of fear and astonishment.

“Do you mean that it caught a glimpse of you?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Correct, the invisible eyes felt real.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was still suffering from the shock of those eyes.

“Since you said it is here, we should stop hesitating and take action.”

Jiang Chen finished his words and took the lead. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was most likely in the volcanic cave.

“Is it possible to find the real cave?”

Jiang Chen fed the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox a pill to recover and asked.

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox felt relaxed and relieved, almost fully recovered. He looked at Jiang Chen with eyes filled with gratitude and appreciation.

“I will try my best.”

The Jade-faced Spiritual Fox jumped out of Yu Er’niang’s arms and went to the head of the line.

Jiang Chen and the rest followed behind.

They had travelled a rough and winding road for two hours, feeling burnt, extremely exhausted and thirsty. It felt like they were dehydrated.

“I think we will definitely become roasted dried meat if we keep walking like this.”

Yu Huafan sighed and wiped off the sweat on his face.

Yu Er’niang glanced at Jiang Chen, sweat covering her face. Everyone was sweating and suffering except Jiang Chen. He was not afraid of the heat at all and his clothes were not soaked with sweat. Even strong experts like them could not withstand the hot and dry weather and felt suffocated. However, Jiang Chen looked totally fine, which made them feel shocked.

The Five Elemental True Fire in Jiang Chen's body was known as the most terrifying true fire in the universe. The heat that they felt now was just totally incomparable with it. He would not be afraid even he was burning in flames.

At this moment, the Jade-faced Spiritual Fox was looking at another Jade-faced Spiritual Fox in front of them.

He exclaimed in shock.

“Little Jade!”

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