Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2530

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“Tricks, come out!” Fei Ying said.  

A white figure slowly walked out from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vines. The figure had a jade-white fur, sharp eyes, ferocious maw—a white tiger. However, it wasn’t your average white tiger, it's the Divine Beast White Tiger! 

“Greedy humans, you dare enter the forbidden land, only death awaits you.” White Tiger said coldly as he gazes at the group with disdain, proclaiming their death sentence has arrived. 

“Those white bones shall be your end.” 

“Such a divine white tiger.” Jiang Chen said.

This tiger was a Half-Step Divine King and not a single one from the group was its match. He stared at the group with ferocity as he took control of the area. 

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix, Xuan Wu. The most terrifying four great divine beasts. It has the talent and divine energy that every being of the Divine World would be jealous of. A Half-Step Divine King White Tiger was as strong as a Divine King human cultivator. 

The divinity and its strength could not be compared to any average demonic beast. Only the purest bloodline could be passed down and its power was unimaginable, none expected that one of them was living at the depths of the endless pit. 

“A Half-Step Divine King Divine White Tiger, truly powerful, but it’s not like we’re going to lose with our numbers.” Zhu Ri laughingly said. 

“Puny humans, you dare think of getting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, keep dreaming. You will die under my fangs.”

“Really? Let’s see how powerful you are in the face of our number.” Fei Ying said coldly, unafraid. 

Yet deep within their hearts, they were nervous as they had to face the divine beast white tiger. Even though they were all Half-Step Divine Kings, the probability of winning against it wasn’t high. 

“Fellow comrades, why don’t we join hands and face this common enemy together? Let’s settle things after we eliminate this beast.” Fei Ying said as he rushed forward headfirst.  

Everyone silently agreed as it would be impossible to win against the foe alone. They would certainly be a member of this land as a pile of bones if they were to fight him one by one. 

“Let’s collaborate. These old bones have not moved for hundreds of years. Let’s have this Divine Beast be my sparring partner, this is exciting. Hahaha.” He Ba said with a laugh. 

The six Half-Step Divine Kings seemed to have more than enough chance to face a single Half-Step Divine King divine beast. 

“That White Tiger Divine Beast is no easy foe.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He’s not planning to join in as he’ll be scorned by the others. An Early Heavenly God was certainly useless against a Half-Step Divine King. Jiang Chen stood by the side and observed as the others used everything they had to face this foe. 

“It’s my honour to fight a divine beast today. I’ve never witnessed the might of a divine beast.” Zhu Ri laughed without fear. What is there to be afraid of? They were all Half-Step Divine Kings, after all.

“Old Pig, you better not be the first to go down. You should know that the opponent is a divine beast. Haha.” He Ba said sarcastically. 

“Don’t need to worry about me. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart must be near since the beast is blocking our path. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart will appear after we eliminate him.” Zhu Ri said with disdain. 

Jiang Chen patted Xue Liang’s shoulder and said:

“Save your strength, I believe you’re not weaker than any of them.”

Jiang Chen smiled and Xue Liang nodded. Although he’s a Late Heavenly God, his strength was definitely on-par with a Half-Step Divine King. As one of the top prodigies of the Linhe Boundary, the number one prodigy of the hidden Forgotten Sword Clan, how could he be weak? 

“Be careful, don’t force yourself if you cannot defeat it.” Jiang Chen looked at Yu Erniang. 

Nobody would blame him if he chose to be idle as they certainly think that Jiang Chen would only trouble them. 

“I know.” Yu Erniang said, feeling slightly happy. 

No matter whether Jiang Chen had any ulterior motive, at least she felt happy about it. 

“What’s the hold-up, come and get it, I can’t wait anymore.” White Tiger showed its terrifying canine fang and said coldly. 

He roared and rushed towards the group with vigour. 

The might of the tiger was unparalleled, unstoppable, no one dared to belittle him. Not even the Half-Step Divine Kings. The tiger was five zhang tall. He looked very dominating and overbearing, his fangs were as sharp and sturdy as a Heavenly Divine Tool, a single swipe of his caused Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan to retreat as they couldn’t face it head-on.  Whereby Yu Jingfan, Hong Yan and the others leapt towards him and enclosed him within their circle, trying to defeat him but it was too difficult. 

The giant White Tiger roared with vigor and might, letting them feel immense pressure. 

The might of a Half-Step Divine King divine beast was nothing to scoff at. 

Yu Huafan, Xue Liang, Yu Erniang and the other four great experts attacked the back of the White Tiger, yet they couldn’t find any opportunity as the ferocious beast swept his long tail, forcing them back, injuring them in the process, totally pushing them back. 

He Ba and Zhu Ri attacked from the side, trying to find an opportunity to deal a successful blow, yet the beast was too terrifying, it’s defense and attack was almost perfect. 

The four great divine beasts—the Azure Dragon’s attack is the greatest, Xuan Wu’s defence is the greatest, the Phoenix is immortal, whereas the White Tiger has all three of them, average, he’s the most balanced out amongst them all. Almost the most perfect one. 

“You guys are too weak, way too weak.” 

“Divine Beast White Tiger, born from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine. Pretty strong.” Jiang Chen looked at the beast with an interesting gaze. 

But a familiar figure attracted Jiang Chen’s gaze, it was the old ape. The ape that could ignore physics in the plum forest, as it sat on the sky looking down as if he’s just an observer, an outsider. 

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