Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2532

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Hong Yan took a deep breath. She had never thought that the Divine White tiger was such a terrifying existence. 

The White Tiger did not slow down but crashed into Yu Er’niang, Yu Huafan and the rest. Even though Yu Er’niang and Yu Huafan resisted it with all of their strength, they still got hit and were thrown out. Fortunately, Xue Liang had caught up with them and struck a blow just in time. His incredibly formidable attack was not inferior to a Half-step Divine King expert.

Even though it was considerably a strong blow, it still failed to beat the Divine White Tiger. It was fortunate that Xue Liang managed to resist the tiger’s attack instead, saving Yu Er’niang and Yu Huafan from danger.


Xue Liang was spurting blood from his mouth and his face turned ghastly pale. But he still impressed everyone. Even the Peak Heavenly Gods were dashed to pieces under Divine White Tiger’s attack, but it was unbelievable that a Late Heavenly God still looked fine. He was just slightly wounded and spurted not much blood, he was obviously not seriously injured.

“Good, it seems like you have something on the ball. You just impressed me. Hahaha.”

Zhu Ri bursted into laughter. Everyone looked at Xue Liang squarely. Although his strength was incomparable to those Half-step Divine Kings, he still should not be  underestimated.

“It seems like this battle is not easy.” 

Xiong Zhan whispered under his breath. Seeing that Xue Liang was unexpectedly strong made them realize that everyone in Tian Qi Mountain Range was well-prepared with their hidden power.

They had no choice but to re-estimate Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang’s capabilities.

Even so, Xue Liang had not exerted all of his power yet. He was just determined to save both of them.

“Thank you.”

Yu Huafan murmured. If Xue Liang did not strike out to resist the blow, they would have been at death’s door now.

Yu Er’niang was truly grateful and appreciated what Xue Liang had done. At that moment, Jiang Chen remained calm as he believed that Xue Liang was capable and he would definitely do that. He had total faith in his comrades and he believed that they got his back.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. The Divine White Tiger struck out once again and his offensive was more powerful and aggressive this time. Xiong Zhan and Fei Ying teamed up and got entangled with the white tiger. Among those slashes of the swords and blades, all of them displayed their greatest strengths. And both of them showed their greatest efforts which was truly frightening. However, they did not retreat by the white tiger but kept entangling together.

Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang joined hands and struck a blow upon Divine White Tiger’s left flank. They combined their divine strengths and became formidable and unbeatable. Yu Jingfan knew nothing about Xue Liang previously and he had never expected Xue Liang to have such power. It seemed like their alliance was relatively threatening and overbearing, they had completely cut off the retreat of the Divine White Tiger.

Hong Yan was pulling the tail of the tiger alone remorselessly. The long ice sword in his hand was a kind of Divine Tool. Even though it was just the lowest grade of Heavenly Divine Tool, it was a hundred times stronger than any other supreme graded Divine Tools.

Hong Yan was dancing alone in long sleeves. The clash of swords was turning into beams of light, which was astonishing and significant. The Divine White Tiger roared constantly, he could not treat them easily as he was under siege. All of the Half-step Divine Kings exerted their real strength and he was skating on thin ice at the moment.

Zhu Ri and He Ba were waiting at the side, focused on attacking the right flank. The fist that struck out was deafening like thunder and it was overbearing. Both of them were familiar with the offense-defense pattern of the beasts. After all, they were the immortal crane and wild boar king, which were not ordinary people who could be treated easily. Even though they were slightly inferior to Divine White Tigers, they could definitely suppress the White Tiger together with ease.

The White Tiger was moving slowly and suffering. At the moment, it realized their real fighting competence eventually. In fact, none of them was a coward.

“Okay! Great. Let my mightiness soar to the sky!”

He roared loudly and his whole body moved. The Divine White Tiger was  launching an attack with terrifying sound waves. The sound waves echoed through the bottomless abyss, lingering in everyone’s ears and they were ear-splitting. It seemed like there was no one who could resist this attack in the universe.

The white tiger stepped out, galloping and sweeping his enemies. Xiong Zhan took the lead and gave the tiger his strongest blow. He transformed into a ten feet tall bear in an instant and then fought toe-to-toe against White Tiger. However, Zhan Xiong still failed to resist the attack of the White Tiger. Even though it was not as terrifying as a dragon, it was parallel with the level of Divine Beast which made Xiong Zhan completely out of breath. Xiong Zhan retreated, and then, after pounding his chest, he came rushing at White Tiger once again.

Xiong Zhan surged forward and crashed into the White Tiger again, a terrible loud deafening bang was heard. The White Tiger stayed calm while Xiong Zhan was badly injured and became weaker. The tiger was formidable and unparalleled, soaring high into the sky. Even though it was incomparable with a dragon in terms of strength, even the phoenixes were slightly afraid of it.

Fei Ying transformed into a flying hawk, spreading his wings and flying high. His beak and claws were as sharp as hooks and knives. He was like a huge bird rushing down vigorously and descending from the sky.


Fei Ying spread his wings and flew high, competing against White Tiger with power not inferior to the tiger at all.

“You’re just a hawk. How could you defeat me?”

The White Tiger stepped forward and rose high into the sky. They fought and crashed with each other continuously. The White Tiger has the upper hand, but Fei Ying was a tough nut to crack. 

On the other side, Zhu Ri also transformed into a thousand feet high wild boar king. The tusk was more than twenty feet long that’s able to strike the enemies’ hearts like a curved knife.

Under everyone's gaze, the White Tiger did not manage to take the advantage at the moment. Yu Jingfan, Xue Liang, Hong Yan aimed for the tiger’s neck, waiting for a chance to land a deadly blow on the beast. Any mistakes that the White Tiger would make would be the deciding factor in its victory or defeat. Any small mistake made would be taken as an advantage by others and the tiger would be defeated by its foes.

He Ba flew high into the sky with his sharp as a knife beak. Hong Yan pointed his sword toward the White Tiger remorselessly.

Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang took advantage of the chaos and attacked the back of the White Tiger.

When the White Tiger was confronting the attack of the others, Xue Liang thrusted his sword through the beast. The tiger spurted blood which dyed its white fur red. A roar of anger then reverberated through the bottomless abyss.

Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Even the Heavenly Gods were afraid of White Tiger’s anger. The White Tiger turned its back, looked up and hit a blow on Xue Liang. Xue Liang was thrown out, and spurted blood while kneeling on one knee miserably. 

Yu Jingfan launched a follow-up attack and tangled with White Tiger again. Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan joined hands to fight White Tiger at the same time. Fei Ying tore the White Tiger’s skin apart. The tiger’s back was now bloodied and badly wounded.

The old gibbon’s eyes turned cold and gloomy. Under their continuous devastating attacks, the White Tiger was completely exhausted. Fei Ying and the other led the tiger around by the nose eventually. If the situation went on like this, the beast would definitely be engulfed by them.

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