Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2538

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Fei Ying quickly protected Xiong Zhan but was also pushed back by a single punch from Jiang Chen.

Whereas He Ba wasn’t as lucky as Xiong Zhan. Jiang Chen locked onto him, rendering He Ba’s swift techniques useless.

Jiang Chen fought in close quarter, forcing He Ba into a passive position. He, who was an old monster of the Tianqi Mountain Range, was pushed into this situation. His eyes were filled with fear. Jiang Chen was set on killing him. 

Zhu Ri did not dawdle as he kept on tackling, ramming Jiang Chen backwards but Jiang Chen managed to rush back without issue. He completely overpowered the duo, and he could’ve finished them off within 10 clashes if he used the Dragon Transformation. 

Yu Jingfan was in utter shock. Jiang Chen’s strength felt like an indomitable mountain, unmovable. 

“I don’t wanna die!” He Ba shrieked in fear. 

However, Jiang Chen did not give him a chance to react as he pounded, shattering He Ba’s bones and meridians, completely crippling him and his divine energy dissipated. Now he looked like a wilted old piece of wood. 

“I, Zhu Ri, did not expect to walk out of this alive.” Zhu Ri harrumphed, he would rather die standing than dying like a coward. 

“Then, I’ll give you a swift death.” Jiang Chen back-thrust with his leg, making Hong Yan and Fei Ying instinctively back off as the force was too great.  

Zhu Ri suffered a serious injury, putting him at the edge of death. But Jiang Chen was pretty impressed by his guts. 

“Don’t let me suffer.” Zhu Ri looked at Jiang Chen. 


Jiang Chen then punched and sent him off to the other side. 

Yu Jingfan finally knew how terrifying and unstoppable Jiang Chen was. 

Suddenly, a rapid tune coming from a flute reverberated through the endless pit. Everyone’s attention turned towards the source of the sound. 

“It’s him?” Jiang Chen said.

It’s the same flute that he had heard from the peach blossom forest, familiar, but this time it’s more heart-racing. Everyone felt threatened, nervous as a new enemy suddenly emerged. 

An azure-robed girl with a temperament of a lotus root slowly descended upon the group with a bamboo flute in her palm, a pretty lady. 

“Little fella, to think you came here too.” The Old Gibbon murmured and sighed. 

“I am only acting upon the request of others, just staying loyal to my duty.” The young lady’s voice was clear and soothing as she looked at the old ape. 

“The voice of the bamboo flute reaches the whole valley, yet where is the fated one?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

He did not expect the expert who pushed him to a corner was a weak-looking young lady. 

“You flatter me.” 

The calm eyes of the young lady had a hint of surprise. Those words made her heart slightly tremble.

“I’ve played the bamboo flute for three thousand years, leaving the marks of time within the valley. Why does the powerful one able to dream of Qinse (a musical instrument) and accidentally fall into the mortal realm.” The young lady lightly sighed. 

This was her life and Jiang Chen managed to see through it. The bamboo flute’s voice has reached every inch and miles of the valley, never once had she met her fated one. She entered the path of Dao with the voice of the bamboo flute, reigning supreme in the Tianqi Mountain Range with her soul energy, remaining aloof towards the material world. She was a legend. 

The young lady’s demeanour was angelic, not caring for things within the material world. She then lightly pointed and the last flame qi went towards her palm. 

The young lady moved her palm and a black seed appeared and fused with the flame qi, forming the red seed. The four seeds instantly shone brightly and the already burning Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine burned with even greater intensity. 

“This is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart...” The young lady lightly smacked her lips, looking at the red seed.

At this moment, Fei Ying was in utter shock. He suddenly remembered the lord mentioning that a powerful expert with immense spiritual energy resides within the depths of the Tianqi Mountain Range, one that does not care about the matters of the material world. To think that this weak-looking young lady was her? Of course, Fei Ying would not be fooled by her appearance. 

“May I ask who has requested this lady to do such an errand?” Jiang Chen said.

If his guess was right, it must be that mysterious black-figure. The true expert was just starting to reveal themselves. 

“Who are you to care?” The young lady said without emotion. 

“Well then, I’ll have to go against your wishes.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“I may have lost against you once. But this does mean that I’ll lose again to you.” The young lady seemed to have an obsession in her heart as he looked at Jiang Chen deeply. 

“Really? Let’s see about that.” 

Jiang Chen wanted to know who’s pulling behind the strings and try to force the person behind her to reveal himself. 

Jiang Chen jumped towards the sky and the young lady played her flute with calmness in her eyes, as if everything around her could not change the calmness in her eyes. 

Powerful spirit swords burst from her body, with the strength of a Heavenly Divine Tool. like the death-scythe of a death-god. Jiang Chen unleashed all his spiritual energy and formed a sturdy shield. Everyone was in awe with the young lady’s invincible spirit sword. But Jiang Chen was able to ignore it as he closed in on her. Her eyes finally showed a shred of surprise. 

“Jiang Chen… Show mercy!” The old gibbon said. 

He knew that he’s unqualified to ask Jiang Chen to have mercy, however, he didn’t want the young lady to get hurt. 

Jiang Chen slowly and gradually closed the distance between them. Finally, their distance was just a breath apart. Both of their spiritual energy was negated. The young lady blushed as she staggered back away from him. At this moment, Jiang Chen moved. The target? The red seed within her palm. 

“Hehehe, truly Jiang Chen, it’s been a long time. To think that you’re still the same old sly fox.” A familiar voice resounded. 

Jiang Chen frowned after hearing these words. A black figure appeared before Jiang Chen, robbing the red seed from the young lady’s palm. 

Jiang Chen felt extremely familiar with this black-hooded man. But he couldn’t tell who it was. 

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