Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2544

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“I will definitely get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart!”

Yu Er’niang looked silently at the shadow of the Divine White Tiger. The tiger that had lost its teeth looked very harmless and docile at the moment. It was lying on the ground and stayed still, its rolling eyes were full of fright and concern.

“Er’niang, stop talking nonsense! Just stay put. If Jiang Chen is able to defeat that monster, it is unnecessary for us to take the risk.”

Yu Huafan whispered. The three of them had been hiding and longing for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart since hundreds of years ago. How were they supposed to face their elders if they failed on the verge of success? So Yu Er’niang had already prepared herself mentally, she would not go back home if they failed to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“However, Jiang Chen was determined to get that Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart too.”

Yu Er’niang murmured. She was caught in a dilemma at this moment. If the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was obtained, it would be all because of  Jiang Chen’s contribution after all. How could she speak up?

“I understand your concern but you shouldn’t do anything rash. We might lose our life if we make the  slightest mistake in this awful place.”

Yu Jingfan said in a deep voice and stared at Yu Er’niang intensely.

Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng were ready for battle. Any negligence was not allowed for Jiang Chen in this fight as Li Zongheng’s strength obviously grew stronger after getting a new life. If any mistakes happened unexpectedly, Jiang Chen could not assure that he could defeat him. The world was full of uncertainty and unpredictability, so it was necessary to be extremely cautious in taking any action.

“I have been waiting for this day.”

Li Zongheng’s voice was filled with excitement and killing intent. Jiang Chen was the ultimate demon in his heart. If he could kill Jiang Chen, his future would be totally different like a dragon soaring into the sky and smiling upon the nine heavens. However if he was defeated, he would be constrained even if his strength was extraordinarily strong. So Li Zongheng clearly understood that he had no choice but to succeed in this battle.

Jiang Chen was not the only one he wished to overcome, he also wished to overcome the demon inside his heart.

“History repeats itself and you’re making the same mistake twice.”

Jiang Chen smiled, looking confident and calm. Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation was ferocious as always, howling wildly and surging forward with devastating power. On the other hand Li Zongheng roared furiously and became more excited. Both of them were fighting fiercely and scampering through the tree hole.

Xue Liang was observing all of these in silence. Jiang Chen’s strength was still superior to himself after all. It would be impossible for Xue Liang to beat Jiang chen down even if he exhausted all of his power. Xue Liang was someone who refused to be a failure. He was afraid that he was inferior compared to Li Zongheng so he had no choice but to step back and consider things carefully before making a decision once again. He would never lose his original goal of being a strong expert, and he would destroy anyone and anything who tried to block his path.

“I swore to have a toe-to-toe battle with you one day, Jiang Chen.”

Xue Liang murmured. However he preferred Jiang Chen to win and defeat Li Zongheng hard.

Jiang Chen was overbearing and formidable, and full of killing intent. After casting the Dragon Transformation, he could even fight Half-step Divine Kings. Those ordinary Heavenly God Realm experts were not his match at all, even the average Half-step Divine Kings were no match for him.

Jiang Chen’s strength was exceedingly terrifying, as he collided fiercely against  Li Zongheng . Jiang Chen condensed a whirlwind on his palm like the roar of the mountains and seas, while Li Zongheng did not shrink back, surging forward with a strong will to fight.

“Little Buddha Art, Seventh-storied Pagoda!”

It was changing constantly in Li Zongheng’s palm. A terrifying black pagoda appeared in the sky. The Pagoda was a seven-storied black pagoda and every level could trample upon all beings. Jiang Chen could feel the suppression coming from the Seventh-storied Pagoda, which made him constantly retreat. It seemed like he had underestimated Li Zongheng.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!

Jiang Chen struck out, managing to land a blow on the Seventh-storied Pagoda but it still remained strong and completely intact. Jiang Chen constantly retreated  as he was in a disadvantageous position at the moment.

However, Jiang Chen still managed to remain calm and held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand. It had been a while since his last battle. Now, it was the time for him to annihilate the demon again and break the Seventh-storied Pagoda.

“Sword of Solitude resolves all the trouble! A sword that shatters fourteen regions!”  

The loneliness of the sword swept through all over the world, and the light of the sword fell down to the ground like a shooting star across the sky. It was ferocious and loud, hitting hard on the Seventh-storied Pagoda. The Seventh-storied Pagoda trembled slightly. Li Zongheng’s face was plastered with a worried frown as he knew that Jiang Chen was finally going to exert his Heavenly Dragon Sword which also indicated that he was losing his temper.

“Seventh-storied Pagoda, destroy the sentient beings!”

Li Zongheng clenched his fist, and struck with the Seven-storied Pagoda once again. Jiang Chen’s sword was battering and soaring in the sky, entangling against  the Seven-storied Pagoda. It was glowing brightly and there was a gleam of light when the sword was raised and hit the Seven-storied Pagoda. The Seventh-storied Pagoda retreated. But Li Zongheng was holding the pagoda, looking calm and composed.

Jiang Chen’s sword was just formidable and beat the socks off the pagoda without leaving any trace.

“His sword is incredible!”

Yu Jingfan heaved a deep sigh, looking serious. This was his first time seeing this sword, so was Yu Er’niang. It was overwhelming and overbearing, the mightiness of the dragon startled the heavens.

“I think his sword is even stronger than the sword that our lord master owned.”

It had aroused Yu Jingfan’s interest and his blood was racing. Jiang Chen was truly an incredible figure who could stir up a storm in Linhe Boundary. Even those Divine Kings would feel interested meeting this kind of treasure. Everyone was envious of Jiang Chen who owned this divine treasure when he was just a Middle Heavenly God Realm.

Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword and interweaved with Li Zongheng. He did not  draw back but got the whip handed over him. The difference between their strength was huge previously but their power seemed paralleled at this moment.

“It’s true that you are growing stronger but you won’t be my rival.”

“Seventh-storied Pagoda, saving the sentient beings!”

The Power of Belief which was terrifying appeared from the Seventh-storied Pagoda. Jiang Chen’s face suddenly changed colour as he had never expected that there was the Power of Belief in the Seventh-storied Pagoda, and the Power of Belief was beyond the power of Divine Origin Strength. It was unbelievable that a human could make a turnaround with his boundless Power of Belief.

“Sword breaking through the void and heaven!”

Jiang Chen’s sword soared to the sky and the entire space of the tree hole was glowing with red flaming ripples. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was completely constrained by the Power of Belief that could destroy sentient beings. Under the oppression of the Seventh-storied Pagoda, he could feel that he was losing his power constantly. And his soul was being trampled by the Power of Belief.

“No! No! No!”

Jiang Chen was struggling and resisting hard in the depths of his mind, but he was completely covered by the horrifying Power of Belief. The Seventh-storied Pagoda had turned into dark-purple. Watching Jiang Chen who was in misery, Li Zongheng’s eyes seem to be glittering.

“Buddha’s Radiance appears!”

There was still a trace of hope in Jiang Chen’s mind. At this moment, the entire space was lit up by the Buddha’s Radiance.

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