Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2547

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“The one who lost was you, you did not defeat me.” 

“Alright, alright, alright. Since you’re that hung up on it. I’ll show you today, let this arrogant fella know who's the true ruler here.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan then gave a ringing roar.  

His roar was like the roar of an ancient giant beast. To be exact, the current Xuanyuan Canglan was a genuine ancient savage beast. 

“Such a terrifying beastly prestige.” the Divine Beast White Tiger murmured in shock. 

He, a Divine Beast White Tiger, does not have such prestige. Moreover, the prestige of an ancient savage beast has a powerful dragon prestige within them. Nobody else could suppress this ancient beastly prestige other than the Ancestral Dragon Emperor, the White Tiger Venerable Emperor, the Nirvana Phoenix Lord and the Great Black Tortoise Emperor. As Tao Tie is also the descendant of the dragon clan, it’s dragon prestige was powerful too, it could be more powerful than the dragon clan. 

“Originally, I could easily break through to the Divine King Realm but I didn’t. Even then, there are only a handful of Divine Kings who could defeat me. Jiang Chen, this day shall be your death anniversary.”

Xuanyuan Canglan leapt towards the sky and distorted the space with his powerful fist. Jiang Chen dared not to dawdle as Canglan’s words were true. He believed that Canglan could defeat a Divine King as he had merged with Tao Tie. Such an ancient savage beast could easily defeat opponents of higher rank, in addition to the fella’s strength and talent, the fella could easily reach the skies after he reached the Divine King Realm.

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!” Jiang Chen unleashed the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique and his cultivation level reached the Half-Step Divine King Realm. 

At that moment, they were at their peak. Jiang Chen and Xuanyuan Canglan clashed. Their figures collided, and every clash of theirs caused the space to quake. It was a true battle of experts, a clash between prodigies, the fight of a century!  

Yu Ernianng and the others were dumbfounded. The scale of the battle was on the same level to the Divine Kings. None of them was able to overpower the other. Jiang Chen’s Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique was pretty powerful too, the savage prestige of Tao Tie versus the dragon prestige. Both clashing one another like a sharp blade. 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s palm techniques were like thunder and lightning. As Jiang Chen retaliated with his Heavenly Dragon Sword, the clash between them was ear-splitting. 

“Devour Heaven and Earth, receiving everything under the Heavens!” Xuanyuan Canglan opened his giant mouth. 

Jiang Chen felt a powerful force sucking him in. He then retaliated with a slash from his blade, forcing Xuanyuan Canglan to back off, as Jiang Chen’s trusted blade was extremely sharp. Canglan dared not to gulp it down in a single go. 

Jiang Chen was fusing the Heavenly Lightning on hand while fighting Xuanyuan Canglan on the other. The qi around Jiang Chen became much more terrifying. 

“The fusion of Heavenly Lightning? Let’s see how powerful it is.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan knew about the terror of that technique as it managed to force back Half-Step Divine Kings when Jiang Chen was just a Peak True God. But Xuanyuan Canglan was extremely confident in his abilities, in his non-mortal body, as the giant beast Tao Tie was his true body. 

“You’re right, since you know about it, then, die.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Two Heavenly Lightnings merged into one and explosive energy gathered in Jiang Chen’s palm. Yu Erniang and the others became parched due to that, only a madman like Jiang Chen could think of such a thing. 

“How can this be? To think he has a Heavenly Lightning? And two, to boot?! Is he trying to fuse the two Heavenly Lightnings together??” Yu Erniang shouted. 

The explosion created from the fusion of the two Heavenly Lightnings will perhaps cause everyone around fatal injuries. 

“Prodigy and madman, they’re always the same. The reason why each prodigy rises amongst the crows is because they’re crazier than the other.” Xue Liang slightly smiled. 

Jiang Chen erected a defensive formation to protect Yu Erniang and the others the moment the Lightning Fusion on his other palm was near perfection. 

“Jiang Chen, I refuse to believe that you can defeat me.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan roared in anger as he changed into the giant beast Tao Tie, once again shocking Yu Jingfan and the others. These two fellas are monsters. 

“Devour the Heavens, devour the Earth, devour everything, including the void.” Tao Tie roared as it attempted to swallow Jiang Chen whole with its giant mouth. 

That giant mouth felt it was the harvester of Hades. Jiang Chen’s surroundings were on the verge of getting devoured. He then plunged his sword into the ground, fixing his posture, unmoving. 

The flames of the space were almost getting sucked clean. 

Jiang Chen was in the middle of Tao Tie’s sucking energy. At that moment, Jiang Chen finally couldn’t take it as he was forced to take a dozen steps forward. 

Most importantly, Jiang Chen’s divine origin energy was gone by half from it too. His body was getting weaker by the second, life energy, divine origin energy, breath, soul… Jiang Chen’s expression was getting pale, yet the fusion of lightning did not stop. 

“Myriad Qi Cauldron! It’s your turn to shine!” 

Jiang Chen took out the Myriad Qi Cauldron as a defensive measure. At that moment, Tao Tie’s sucking energy couldn’t do anything against Jiang Chen anymore.

“How can this be?” Xuanyuan Canglan’s expression became extremely solemn.

At that moment, Jiang Chen’s Lightning Fusion was completed.

“Explode.” Jiang Chen threw the exploding lightning ball towards Xuanyuan Canglan.

“I wish to devour the Heavens!” Xuanyuan Canglan roared furiously as he attempted to devour Jiang Chen’s lightning ball.

However, it was a failure as the lightning ball exploded inside Tao Tie’s body.

Xuanyuan Canglan, who was prideful and arrogant, did not expect himself to be heavily injured by Jiang Chen’s Lightning Fusion. A giant hole was created on his body. Although he had merged with Tao Tie and his body got immensely sturdy, he still couldn’t manage to defend against Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Lightning strike. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was distraught as he got heavily injured. However, he still managed to survive through Jiang Chen’s lethal attack. But, even then, none of the two managed to come out as the true victor as both of them got injured in the process. 

At that moment, Jiang Chen spent all of his energy and Xuanyuan Canglan depleted 70-80% of his total energy. Not even the recovery pills he had could make him recover in such a short time. 

“Jiang Chen, we’ll see each other again in the future!” Xuanyuan Canglan turned and disappeared into the edge of the void. 

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