Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2548

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Jiang Chen did not have the energy to pursue him. He barely overcame Xuanyuan Canglan in this battle. Yet, Canglan managed to run away. He’ll certainly come back stronger next time and Jiang Chen will really have a hard time dealing with him after he reaches the Divine King Realm.

“Jiang Chen, you’re truly a Demon Lord! Not just the Linhe Boundary, your stage should be far bigger than that.” Yu Jingfan said in a heartfelt manner as he was filled with admiration towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen dropped on the floor with one knee, panting excessively. Nobody expected the fight to be this intense and Jiang Chen to be this heavily injured. 

“Are you alright, Jiang Chen.” Yu Erniang helped Jiang Chen up and asked anxiously. 

“I’m fine, I’m still not dead.” Jiang Chen smiled with a tinge of self-ridiculing tone. 

“Divine Beast White Tiger, now, he’s finally mine.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes as he looked at the Divine Beast White Tiger. 

At that moment, Yu Erniang’s heart slightly moved. Jiang Chen was planning to take the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart as his own. He did not plan to give it to her. Although she knew that this result was all due to Jiang Chen’s hard work. But she truly needed the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

Yu Erniang’s effort, hundred years of planning, everything was all for this day. For the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, now that it’s in front of her eyes, she couldn’t help but get excited. 

Jiang Chen raised his arm and enveloped the Divine Beast White Tiger with his divine origin energy.  

“Save me, father, save me…” The Divine Beast White Tiger’s eyes were filled with fear as he said that. 

“Father?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

At this moment, he realised that this Divine Beast White Tiger was just a child and this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine must be his dad. 

“A bunch of puny, greedy humans, you’ll never get my Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Those who enter this place never live to tell the tale.” An old and deep voice resounded through the void. 

But the Divine Beast White Tiger had already shrunk into the size of marble by Jiang Chen. 

“You’re the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine?” Jiang Chen said. 

“Correct, you’ve entered my domain, and now you wanna get out of this place? Keep dreaming. I can sense that you’re the most purest amongst them all, I like it very much. Everything is worth it as long as you’re here. It’s a pity, there isn't much fresh blood compared to the ones last time. But you alone should be enough to make up for the difference. Oh, those two fellas too, they’re pretty good too. They think that they could get out from my palms, but little did they know that they’ve already fallen into my absolute domain.” A sighing old voice resounded, as if it had gone through the baptism of countless years, coarse but somewhat excited. 

Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted. He finally knew what the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine was thinking. No wonder nobody survived all those years and nobody obtained the information about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Everything was a dreadful plot devised by the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine.

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is just your bait. What you really wish for is the countless lives of those who wish to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart for themselves, right?”  

“Correct, you’re pretty smart. But it’s all too late now.” 

Amidst the void, an old slender figure came out from the gathering of vines. It was half human half ancient vines, intertwining its body. The old figure was bald, giving off an unusual vibe. 

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is a crystal from my ten thousand years metamorhposis. It’s a true spiritual item, hence, many wishes to have it. But it’s a pity that they’re not fated to have it. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart will still be devoured by me. Perhaps, I could break through now if I devour you, possibly fasten the process, I’ll probably be able to attain my human form after 10,000 years.” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said calmly as if it was just giving a plain statement. 

“So, you set up such a plot, to have everyone become your nourishment?” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“You’re right. Because I wish to have a human body, I need to absorb their blood essence.” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine murmured.

“I don’t know how many thousands of years I've been staying here. Time is something normal to me, nobody could escape from my absolute domain. Not even a Hierarch expert.” 

Jiang Chen was shocked by the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s confidence. Not even a Hierarch expert could escape this place? Looks like this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine is not simple, to be here for endless years. To bore the  Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart every 10,000 years. It’s easy as pie for him, but for him to undergo metamorphosis, it takes such complex steps and change. 

“I’m afraid that those who have died because of you are enough to build a skeleton mountain in those countless years. What are you?  Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine, I don’t think you’re born from ancient vines, not even ancient vines spirit could live through all those ages. But you... you can ignore the laws of time. What kind of a monster are you?” Jiang Chen said in a heavy expression. 

He knew that this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine was no simple demon, not even a divine vine could live forever and for it to take so long and have such a harsh process to form its human body, to collect only half of a body after collecting the essence of so many people after those countless years.  

“Hehe, looks like you’re pretty knowledgeable. You’re right, I am no Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine, but this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine has become my name. As for why? You do not have what it takes to know. Hahaha.” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s eyes were cold as murderous intent was aimed towards Jiang Chen.

“You’re afraid of looking at the sun, you’re most probably not a real powerful one. You’re but a demonic monster. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is just your bait.” 

Jiang Chen and the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine stared at each other, the latter unfazed. Within this tree-hole, in his absolute domain, no one could get out unscathed, it is near impossible to get away from this place. 

“Little baby, you’re very smart. But you shouldn’t have come here. It must be our fate, I pretty like your body, your blood shall grant me a new life. Accept death and become my nourishment.” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine squinted his eyes as endless flaming vines encircled Jiang Chen from every direction. 

At that moment, Jiang Chen felt a suffocating pressure. Those vines felt indestructible, he couldn’t get used to it. Jiang Chen’s heart dropped rock bottom from the sight of those terrifying vines. 

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