Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2554

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In order to boost the power of the Li Lei brothers to the perfect condition, Jiang Chen gave recovery pills to each of them generously. Both of them felt grateful, and showed respect by treating Jiang Chen like their master.

“Do you know where exactly is the Eight Lineages Silver River?”

“Inside the hundreds of miles of glacier and eight mountain ranges is their headquarters. But the Eight Lineages Silver River is strictly guarded so it won’t be easy for us to save the people they captured.”

Li Peng was on the alert.

“Two of you go try to stir up some troubles to disturb them and I would get them. Let’s release all of the captured and catch the capturs with their pants down during the day of the marriage.” A smile overspread Jiang Chen’s face. 

He was now heading to hundreds of miles of glacier along with the Li Lei brothers. 

Hundred miles of mountains were covered in a pristine layer of snow. The fresh white snow field was frozen, the sky was cloudless.

There were boundless mountains, green pines and verdant cypresses standing erect. Everything was wrapped and adorned in snowy white which looked like soldiers who were grasping their guns and putting up in readiness for the battle. It was overbearing and overwhelming.

Thousands of miles of snow-capped mountain was covered with ice sheets and snow that never melted. Wonderful glacier and breath-taking eight mountain range, it was the reason why it was called Eight Lineages Silver River.

Between those frozen ice and snow, heaven and earth met in a line which would give an impressive visual impact to the viewer. A giant ice bear was lying flat on the thick snow, adding some vitality to the dreary world of ice and snow.

The moment Jiang Chen stepped into the ice field, he could feel that someone was staring at him sharply.

“It's such a huge terrible formation, it is Heavenly Palace Formation Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation!”

Jiang Chen was terrified. This kind of formation was known as one of the best middle-grade formations. At least he was sure that he could not cast this kind of formation at the moment. The one who could form this horrifying formation would never be an ordinary person. The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was included in the one hundred and eighty thousand formations of the No Beginning Formation. Even though its killing ability was not paralleled with the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation, it was still exceedingly terrifying and formidable.

“It seems like there is an outstanding great master staying in this mountain range.”

Jiang Chen murmured. Once the formation was activated, the hundred miles of ice field would definitely be burned up and collapse and the caster could even fight against Divine King experts inside the formation.


“Are we going to die here? I don’t want to die. I am still unmarried and I wish to become one of the strongest experts who was well-known by the world. I can’t die now, I can’t be dead.”

Liu Xingjun gritted his teeth, his eyes swept over the cold prison around him, making him terrified. There were hundreds of people trapped in this huge bitterly cold and freezing steel cage. Even though he was not afraid of the frigid snow, the dreadful coldness that was rising from his heart had made him feel hopeless and despair.

Liu Xingjun turned ghastly white. He had chosen to yield without resistance once he was caught by the beasts as he did not want to die. But he realized that he was at the death’s door the moment he was trapped in this huge steel cage.

“Can you please stop yelling like that?”

She Xinying glared fiercely at Liu Xingjun and murmured. Her pretty face had become dirty which made her lose her charming radiance. Even so, she still managed to look cool which made Liu Xingjun cast sheep’s eyes at her.

“I am just afraid of death. I don’t want to die now.” Liu Xingjun murmured.

“Do you think everyone here wants to die? But even so, what can we do? The reason we’re caught and became their prisoner was because we are inferior to those beasts. What else could we do now?”

She Xinying smiled bitterly. She earnestly hoped that an unbeatable hero would appear from the sky and save her from danger. Jiang Chen’s shadow had come across her mind. Wouldn’t that cool young guy come and save her? A wry smile spread over her face, she just realized that she was too naive to believe that. Even though Jiang Chen’s strength was outstanding, it would be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot if he tried to fight against the Eight Lineages Silver River.

She Xinying’s words made everyone sink into despair. They heaved a heavy sigh and groaned. This was a fact which could not be easily changed.

“Not only a prisoner, we will soon become food in their mouth.”

She Zhen said under his breath. Both Liu Xingjun and She Xinying were trembling as it was extremely terrifying to become food for the beasts.

“Is it true that they will eat us? It can’t be true. How could they do that? They are just some inferior kind of beasts.”

Liu Xingjun kept shaking She Zhen’s hands, the words hit him hard again. She Xinying’s face looked ghastly and desperate. Her uncle had been concealing the truth and did not plan to tell them before. But it was not necessary to hide it from them any more by looking at Liu Xingjun’s condition.

Hundreds of them were trapped. There were three powerful Half-step Divine Kings, and around seventy Heavenly God Realm experts, some of which were even as strong as She Zhen. However, more than half of them were inferior to him. Each of them eagerly wish that they could escape from the beasts and leave here alive. Unfortunately, there was no one who could snatch them out of the jaws of death at the moment.

She Zhen’s eyes glittered with regrets. He should not have brought She Xinying in the Tian Qi Mountain Range. Otherwise, she would not have to die here. She was supposed to enjoy a great time since she was still young. However, he had made her confront a miserably bad situation, she now faced death which was totally unfair to her.

“I’m sorry, Xinying.”

She Zhen whispered. But She Xinying was not blaming his uncle for this situation as she was the one who made her choice. Since she made up her mind, she had to walk to the end of the path even though it was difficult. It was her fate after all.

“Where is Jiang Chen? Isn’t he powerful and unbeatable? Is he coming to save us?”

Liu Xingjun was staring at She Zhen with excitement.

“Whoever comes here will be like digging their own grave. Who are you to make him risk himself to save you? You truly made me feel disappointed, Xingjun.”

She Zhen heaved a sigh. No one could face their death calmly, which Liu Xingjun proved by showing his cowardice and fear again and again in the face of death. Perhaps it was just the attitude of humanity.

“I don’t believe it. I can’t believe that this is my fate. It is all because of you. I won’t be dead if you didn’t bring me here. If you’re strong enough to protect us, I won’t be dead. It is all your fault. How you dare to make an excuse now, you’re a walking disaster!”

Liu Xingjun went into hysterics, accusing She Zhen for bringing all of this. She Zhen smiled bitterly, he was just full of disappointment and loneliness. It was not terrible to face death, but yielding in front of death would be worse. Liu Xingjun made him feel disgusted at the moment.

The huge steel cage was all made of thousand-year cold iron which could even resist the attack of Divine Kings with its stiffness. It had entirely blocked their path of survival.

There were countless beasts dancing with great joy on the ice field and the eight mountain range. It was the wedding of their young master, after all. The entire Tian Qi Mountain Range was celebrating the big day, it turned into a scene of jubilation towering the sky like an overbearing cloud.

A young guy who was dressed in white and wore a dragon crown was standing at the peak of the eight mountain range, looking overbearing and brave. His eyes were filled with a shade of coldness and seriousness.

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