Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2557

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Yuan Fengchen frowned. The original plan got disrupted by the guests. This thousand-men sacrificial feast was an important part for the demonic beasts. It must not be omitted, especially on the young lord’s wedding day.

At this moment, Jiang Chen had snuck into the Eight Lineages Peak. He scouted several spots and finally detected She Zhen’s presence. 

“I did not come in vain.” Jiang Chen said with a smile as he gazed at the giant prison forged by Millennium Cold Iron, feeling pretty shocked. 

Such a waste, so much Millennium Cold Iron. If I can take it all, I can surely forge quite a number of divine tools. 

“Who are you? This is the death row of the Eight Lineages Silver River, unrelated personnel must leave this place immediately. Today is the young lord’s wedding day, we do not want to make things difficult for you.” A Late Heavenly God cheetah shouted with a dozen more Mid Heavenly God tiny cheetahs roaring together.

“But, I want to make things difficult for you, how about it?” Jiang Chen then unsheathed his blade and he instantly killed 11 demonic beasts without leaving a trace. 

“Is Big Brother She Zhen here?” Jiang Chen shouted, his voice echoed throughout the prison cells. Even without Jiang Chen raising his head, hundreds of Late Heavenly God demonic beasts had already surrounded the place. 

She Zhen and She Xinying trembled. Liu Xingjun was also incomparably excited.

She Xinying was blushing. Did he come here to save me? That peerless hero in my dream, he finally answered my call. 

“It’s him, it’s him, it’s really Jiang Chen! Hahaha. He came to save us. Haven’t I said it? The heavens have not forsaken us.” 

Liu Xingjun shouted excitedly, forgetting the fact that he was disrespectful towards She Zhen. She Zhen was now utterly disappointed with him. 

But in the face of death, Liu Xingjun had already forgotten about his honour, anything goes as long as he could live. 

“Somebody has come to save us, we’re saved. Hahaha. ”

“Is that true? To think someone dared to enter the Eight Lineages Silver River to save others, looks like this person must be a peerless expert.”

“Finally we do not need to die, haha, I’ve had enough of this f*cking place and those bastards.”

Hundreds of men cheered in joy as hope suddenly blossomed in their heart at this moment. 

“Brother Jiang Chen, why do you risk your life to save me, what do I, She Zhen, have?” She Zhen sighed as he covered his face. 

It would be great if Jiang Chen was really able to save them, but if he were to die in this place, then he  couldn’t rest peacefully even in death. 

“Big Brother She, you’re wrong. Friends should look out for each other, right?” 

Jiang Chen’s voice made She Zhen feel a touch of respect and love that he had never felt before in his life. 

“Hahaha, Brother Jiang Chen, I can die without regrets for having a friend such as you, there’s nothing more a man could demand.” She Zhen was extremely excited.

Whereas She Xinying felt slightly disappointed. Jiang Chen... isn’t he here to save me?

“This Millennium Cold Iron, not even a Half-Step Divine King could destroy it, moreover, it’s supported with a formation. Jiang Chen, are you confident?” She Xinying asked. 

“We’ll never know before trying.” Jiang Chen looked up, and looked at his surroundings. At least over a hundred trash, let’s do some cleaning. 

Countless people silently looked at Jiang Chen through the cracks. A Mid Heavenly God fella, what does he have to save them all? Even those excited fellas hesitated. As Jiang Chen’s cultivation was too weak. Those hundreds of Late Heavenly Gods could tear him to shreds. 

“You dare enter the Eight Lineages Silver River to rescue our prisoners, you’re pretty ballsy. Kill him!” The leading demonic beast commanded. 

Hundreds of Late Heavenly God demonic beasts rushed towards Jiang Chen at the same time, however he was still calm even as hundreds of beasts were rushing towards him. She Zhen and the others felt suffocated from that very scene. 

“Overconfident fools.” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Sword images flew and danced through the skies. When nine blades fell, hundreds of demonic beasts fell at the same time, without any trace, without any bloodshed. 

Everyone gasped as Jiang Chen was only a Mid Heavenly God, yet his strength was on par with those Half-Step Divine King experts. 

“This giant Millennium Cold Iron is just what I needed for refinement.”

Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental True Fire cut through the sky like a sharp fire-blade, cutting down on the steel cage, splitting it in half, the terror of the Five Elemental True Fire was out of these people’s imagination. Even the Millennium Cold Iron was cut down like the leaves in autumn. 

“Brother, thank you!” She Zhen was injured pretty heavily.  

He could not completely recover even after so long. Most of the humans here were the same. They had fought back hard, causing them to suffer such grave injuries. 

She Xinying looked at Jiang Chen with affectionate eyes. However, Jiang Chen’s expression was calm, causing She Xinying’s fiery heart to receive another blow. 

“Thank you brother for your help. ”

Hundreds of people felt grateful towards Jiang Chen. Humans and demonic beasts will always stand at the opposing side. Jiang Chen wasn’t doing it for good, but it was due to convenience. These demonic beasts were extremely hateful. 

“Needless to say, it’s best to not linger any longer. Please, run away from this place as fast as possible.” Jiang Chen said. 

The prisoners immediately dispersed, leaving the Eight Lineages Peak. 

“Big Brother She, Miss She, let us leave quickly.”

“Alright.” She Zhen nodded. 

Jiang Chen looked at She Xinying, how could he not know what she’s thinking? However, Jiang Chen had already suffered a major loss with regards to relationships between women. Plus, it’s impossible for him to love one after the other. They are not fated to be together in this life. After experiencing those countless reversals with Yu Jingfan, his heart had become still as a calm lake. 

“Such great abilities, trying to run away after killing? There’s no such thing under the heavens.” A cold voice resounded through the space. 

A black figure cut across the sky with murderous intent, it was the great guardian of the Eight Lineages Silver River, Yuan Fengchen. 

“Those who block my path shall die.” Jiang Chen stared at Yuan Fengchen. 

The intent to kill within the latter’s eyes was getting thicker and thicker. 

“Very well then, I would very much like to see how I am going to die.” Yuan Fengchen sneered as he pointed at Jiang Chen with his silver hook. 

How could a Mid Heavenly God be a threat to him? 

“Leave this place, quickly. I’ll handle things from here.” Jiang Chen said towards She Zhen.  

She Zhen did not speak another word, he’s not a wishy-washy man. They’ll only become a burden for Jiang Chen, they might as well leave this place as soon as possible. 

“Jiang Chen, you must live and come back.” She Xinying gritted her teeth and said as she turned and left. 

Yuan Fengchen did not stop them. Those men will certainly be pursued by the men of the Eight Lineages Silver River. He’s much more interested in Jiang Chen now.

“Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan, you should know them, right? ” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Who are you?” Yuan Fengchen’s pupils contracted and he shouted. 

“Don’t you feel it? Your two brothers are now waving towards you. They’ve left this world, so you shouldn’t be living in this world too. There’s nothing great about the Eight Lineages Silver River.”

“So, does this mean that you’ve killed my two brothers? Very well, let’s settle the new and old scores now. There’s a peaceful path for you to choose yet you chose to enter this place willingly. ” Yuan Fengchen roared furiously. 

In the icy plains, filled with icy peaks, two fellas staring down at each other. A battle was soon to explode.

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