Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2564

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“You are the first one who dared to behave so wildly at my Eight Lineages Silver River.” Xue Jia said coldly.

“Father, you must kill this idiot. I want him to die in a terrible way.”

Xue Ying gritted his teeth, hating Jiang Chen to the core. Unfortunately,  he lacked the capability to defeat Jiang Chen.

“Shut up! You’re useless and you should get back home to reflect on yourself,” Xue Jia said in a low voice. 

Xue Ying looked extremely embarrassed and he could only keep his head low helplessly. His father’s strict reprimand had become the most ironic words the young master had ever heard.

The people of Eight Lineages Silver River were no idiots. Since Xue Ying was defeated badly by Jiang Chen, it’s impossible for him to just leave the battlefield as if nothing had happened.

Xue Jia touched the Silver Snowflake Spear in his hand. It was his favourite weapon in the past, and it was like a brother to him. If he did not worry about his son, he would never bring out the weapon here. However, his son did not gain him honour and had instead put him to shame. The Silver Snowflake Spear which used to startle the entire Tian Qi Mountain Range was defeated now. It was even defeated by a Mid Heavenly God brat. It’s really irritating to him.

“Your previous glory was ruined in my son’s hand. Today, we are going to join hands again to bring you the glory you used to have.”

Xue Jia held the Silver Snowflake Spear tightly and said gloomily. An oppressive aura was released, and everyone who was on the scene were stunned. 

“No matter how strong Jiang Chen is, it is impossible for him to be a match to a Divine King expert. What could he do now?”

She Xinying said as she was worried. Unfortunately, she could not do anything as well. Jiang Chen seemed quite reckless since Eight Lineages Silver River was not any ordinary place. Right now, even the lord has arrived which made Jiang Chen’s arrogance look like a joke. 

“Yea, why isn’t Jiang Chen running away? Or is the bride really his wife? Didn’t we say that we would leave this place after saving the others? I am afraid it’s too late for us to leave now as the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver River is already here.”

Li Lei said in a soft voice filled with worry. The current situation was completely different from what he had expected. Not only did Jiang Chen not leave immediately, he even seized someone’s bride. The situation really made the Li brothers perplexed. 

“Jiang Chen is really a straightforward man. I like it. What’s wrong in meeting someone you really like? Even though he might lose his life, he would still leave his heroic name in the world. Hahaha.”

Li Peng squinted his eyes and scrunitized Jiang Chen. His eyes showed great admiration. 

“I believe that he would not do something he is not confident with.” She Zhen softly said. 

From his understanding, Jiang Chen would not do something reckless and leave no way out for himself. It did not match his personality. Although Jiang Chen was conceited, he actually had a hidden side that showed his maturity. A true expert would make decisions according to the situation and that’s the only way to be a true king at the end.

Jiang Chen stared at Xue Jia. At this moment, the old toad was hiding somewhere. As soon as Jiang Chen made a command, he would not let Xue Jia go easily.

“Young lad, it’s time for you to die!”

Xue Jia said in a deep voice, and his voice echoed in the mountain range. 

“Master, if you don’t take action now, then when? We must take revenge today!”

Jiang Chen raised up his head and looked at the void. A black ray of light broke through the void when Xue Jia was about to move.

The Old Toad was in a set of black clothes, and his eyes were filled with anger. Whoever killed his son could not be forgiven. How terrible it was for him to endure the pain of losing his son? It was all done by the Eight Lineages Silver River, how would the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad not be outraged?

“What an overbearing aura. It seems like a Mid Divine King expert.”

Xue Jia squinted his eyes. This guy’s cultivation realm overtook his realm.

“Old Toad, is it you?”

Xue Jia recognised the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad immediately. Although the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad just made a breakthrough, the birth of a new Divine King Realm could turn the influence of power around Tian Qi Mountain Range easily. Of course, Xue Jia would not neglect a newly ascended Divine King. 

“It’s me. It’s rare that the lord of  Eight Lineages Silver River who is so busy was able to recognise me.” The Old Toad said with a smile.

“Brother Toad, why did you say so? You have just made a breakthrough, and I haven’t had the chance to send my congratulations yet. And you have even come here to visit today. Hahaha.”

Xue Jia didn’t want to offend a Divine King expert for sure. However, he was confused about the reason why the Old Toad came all the way here today. Was he here together with Jiang Chen?”

“Send me congratulations? Hahaha. Do you actually wish to kill me so that you can continue to be the only king in the Tian Qi Mountain Range? What have I done for  Brother Xue to remember me so well?”

The Old Toad said in a strange tone, not even bothering to show Xue Jia any respect.

“Brother Toad, if you are here to share the joy of my son’s wedding, I definitely welcome you. However, if you’re here to make a mess, don’t blame me for going against you despite our long friendship.”

Xue Jia said proudly, wondering how the Old Toad was going to fight him as he just ascended the Divine King Realm. Although the Old Toad made a big leap in his cultivation realm, he was still not his match yet. 

“You’re right. I am here today to make a mess, to mess up your son’s wedding.”

The Old Toad’s eyes looked ruthless and cold.

“I have no grudges with you, do we?”

Xue Jia frowned his forehead. He would be extremely embarrassed if the Old Toad really wanted to interfere with the mess that was already caused by Jiang Chen.

“Then you should ask your son. Brother Toad and I were close brothers in the past. Your shameful son was defeated in our hands, but he was unresigned and sent out his guardians to put Brother Toad in death in the dark. He even took my wife away. It’s an unacceptable grudge! Today, Master Toad and I are here to seek justice.”

Jiang Chen spoke out these righteous words that made everyone stunned. It’s out of their expectation that the people of Eight Lineages Silver River were this despicable.

However, they would not question if all these evil things were really done by Xue Ying because Xue Ying was indeed an arrogant and reckless man. If he didn’t have a father who had a powerful name in the Tian Qi Mountain Range, he would have been killed by someone long ago. 

“I never expected that this young master would be such a evil man.”

“This young man is really a passionate man. Finally, he told her the truth and stood for justice. It’s reasonable for him to take revenge as his wife was taken away.”

People started discussing and all of them sided with Jiang Chen and the Old Toad. Xue Ying had never been a man of righteousness, who was going to stand by him at this moment? Why would a beauty like Yan Qingcheng fall in love with such a despicable man? It seemed impossible. 

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