Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2569

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“Fine, let’s see what’s special about your formations. But I will still definitely break these three formations.”

“Launch it, Interlock Formation!”

Dou Hongming roared in a deep voice. The three formations started rotating rapidly, every formation was linked with one another closely and moved slowly. Jiang Chen was trapped in the formation as a terrifying mighty force rushed towards him. Jiang Chen looked dignified and serious as Dou Hongming showed him the mightiness of the formation.

“Attack, defence and reinforcement. It’s such a complicated and tricky formation. It will not be easy to break the defensive line while its defence is being enhanced. I have to settle the defensive line first before breaking the attack line. And the reinforcement part will be the most difficult and tricky part. It seems like I have benefitted much from these three formations today.”

The smile on Jiang Chen's face disappeared. The analysis of the No Beginning Formation kept coming into his mind. These three formations were not invincible, especially the defence line. Moreover, he owned the strongest formation in the world, there were a hundred and eighty thousand formations in total. Who would be capable of fighting him? After the analysis of the No Beginning Formation, it was definitely not an issue for him to break through the defence formation.

On the other side, Xue Jia and the Old Toad were also busy with their own battle.

“Hahaha. You’re the silliest person that I have even seen. How dare you come into a formation on your own accord and get trapped inside.”

Xue Jia mocked Jiang Chen with some sarcastic remarks, even the Old Toad agreed that Jiang Chen was digging his own grave. Even he himself could not ensure that he could leave there alive if he was trapped in those  formations, let alone Jiang Chen.

“Don't count your chickens before they hatched. Just worry about yourself.”

The Old Toad snorted, looking grave. He puffed some poisonous fog into the void and made Xue Jia retreat. However, Xue Jia refused to surrender. He was holding The Silver Snowflake Spear like icing on the cake, he had become stronger than he was before.

The spear was wielded continuously in heaven and earth, the world withered and snow fell on the glacier. The freezing rain was falling, like fairies showering flower petals. The Old Toad was up on a tree. The glacier was torn apart in a hundred miles. Even though the Old Toad was forced to draw a few steps back in great dismay, he was getting stronger at the moment and he could never retreat.

Both of their concerns were different. Xue Jia was struggling to maintain the dignity of his Eight Lineages Silver River while the Old Toad wanted to take a grand revenge for his son, and he was fearless even if he had to fight to the death at this moment. Jiang Chen’s Azure Spirit Pill could not be wasted as it boosted his strength by leaps and bounds, creating an opportunity for him to fight against Xue Jia. Otherwise, how could he be capable of resisting Xue Jia after just breaking through?

Jiang Chen looked serious as he struck out a blow. The mountains and rivers were shattered but the whole formation remained unmoved. There were countless grayish brown inscriptions coming into his mind, roaring like a black dragon and howling in the void like a long-horned beetle. The golden light shield was roaring up in the sky, it formed a thick strong city wall and Jiang Chen was sealed off inside the formation.

Jiang Chen struck out constantly and the terrifyingly strong breeze was deafening. Even after using the Dragon Transformation, he was still unable to break the formation. He got his finger burnt in this Heavenly Profound Guard Formation.

Jiang Chen wore a frown on his face but still looked calm. However, he realized that Dou Hongming was smiling confidently, remaining completely calm as he believed that Jiang Chen would never be able to break the formation that he had set up.

The golden light shone and penetrated through the void like shining spears and armored horses in battle. Being trapped inside the three formations, Jiang Chen was confronting a dilemma. Those golden shields were like terrifying weapons roaring over his ears.

Each step of his was dreadful. While the second formation, Thousand Killing Blades Formation, was full of killing intent and it was about to burst out at him, blocking his way out completely. If he wanted to survive, he had to break this formation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the edges of the swords were moving around him wildly, thousands of swords were drawn out and rushed at him.

Thousand Killing Blades Formation was a supreme-grade formation. There were similarities between the Thousand Killing Blades Formation and Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation. However, the Little Ashura Sword Formation was constantly changing as it was produced by the Divine Tools and Heavenly Divine Tool at that so it was even more devastating than the Thousand Killing Blades Formation. However, the Thousand Killing Blades Formation was reinforced with Divine Origin Strength, and it could even transform into frightening formidable weapons that could sweep through the formation. Jiang Chen had completely sunk into difficulty at this moment. There were several scratches and wounds on his arms in just a twinkle of an eye, his blood was splashing out.

A smile touched the corners of Dou Hongming’s lips. Jiang Chen could not even resist the first attack. Once the third formation was launched and transformed tremendously, then that would be the time for Jiang Chen to die.

“The changes of the formation all depended on the changes of foundation of the formation, and he had used his Divine Origin Strength as the base of formation. He is still too young, even a Divine King expert will never exhaust their strength to make the formation. He is just looking down on me.”

Jiang Chen wore a slight smile. Although he was wounded, it was only because he tried to examine whether this formation was as powerful as what he had been told.

“In order to break the first formation, only the sharpest spear can be used to pierce through the strongest shield.”

Jiang Chen had a sudden enlightenment. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was surging forward, a black dragon soaring into the sky. Even though he had lost the soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword, it was still unbeatable and extraordinarily strong, glimmering with its sword’s light.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword gathered its power, the sword Qi spread through eight hundred miles. The Man and Sword merged into one, breaking through the void like devouring a hundred thousand miles of glaciers with overbearing and terrifying momentum.

The Sword Qi was exceedingly horrifying, and its sharpness had made Dou Hongmingfeel anxious. He could feel that Jiang Chen was like a wild beast which was going to break through the prison soon. It seemed like the first formation could not constrain him any more.

Dou Hongming looked coldly. The Cyan Light Arhat Formation was launched and moving rapidly at this moment. The third formation was closely linked with the previous two formations, there was another formation hiding inside those formations.

The Cyan Light Arhat Formation was sparkling with green light and a gleam of purple light surged forward. Beams of terrifying divine lights were flowing into the formation, making the Heavenly Profound Guard Formation become even more firm, even managing to remain unmoved eventually.

However, the Sword Qi of Jiang Chen was strong as well, especially the mightiness of the Heavenly Dragon Sword; its invincibility could even devour the entire universe.

The golden shield collapsed under the merging of Sword Qi of Jiang Chen. In the end, some cracks could be seen appearing in the first formation.

“Is it called Heavenly Profound Guard Formation? It’s nothing more than this.”

Jiang Chen gave a scornful smile.

“You really have some balls.”

Dou Hongming thought. For an instant, the Sword Qi of Jiang Chen ignored the reinforcement of the Cyan Light Arhat Formation, piercing through the sky and penetrating the first formation. He had successfully broken through the first formation perfectly. However, the second formation was not as easy as what he had thought.

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