Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2579

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Dou Hongming’s eyes almost popped. This fella is a monster. My perfect Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, which took me a hundred years to perfect, he’s going to destroy it just like that? 

“Second blade!” 

Jiang Chen’s blade cut through the air. As the base of the formation was getting cut apart one after another, Jiang Chen was getting confident. 

“I’ve said it before, nobody could hold me down.” 

Jiang Chen looked at the sky proudly, like a divine dragon soaring through the sky. 

“You forced my hand.” Dou Hongming’s expression became dark as he gritted his teeth and said. 

His eyes became cold as if he had made a very important decision. 

Jiang Chen frowned. 

“What does he want to do?” 

This Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation will collapse as long as he continues to cut down those bases and Dou Hongming will be defeated afterwards. This formation was not under Dou Hongming’s control but was supported by the heavens and the earth’s energy. The formation will dissipate along with the destruction of the formation base. However, Dou Hongming seemed to be much more determined now. 

“By the pledge of the Battle God Clan, I shouldn't use the Battle Formation Technique, ever. But for the sake of the Great Bright Lord's Relic. Today, I shall fight until the end. Battle Formation Technique, Battle Formation Heavenly Palace!” Dou Hongming murmured as he formed seals after seals with his hands. 

A terrifying qi wave descended upon the place, the shaky Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation suddenly fortified itself. The Battle Formation Technique was like an energy hoop as it surrounded the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. The formation has just gained a massive boost. 

Jiang Chen and Yan Qingcheng were shocked by this sudden wave of qi.  

“Battle God Clan, Battle Formation Technique?” Jiang Chen questioned.

He could feel that this Battle Formation Technique was an ancient technique that could boost the power of a formation. The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation gained a massive boost after Dou Hongming used the Battle Formation Technique. As a result, Jiang Chen’s blade could not destroy the base of the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation anymore. 

“What is that technique? How can it be this powerful?”

Jiang Chen gasped as he was really shocked inside. But at the same time, he understood that this Battle Formation Technique could boost one’s formation’s power, making one’s formation impenetrable. It’s similar to his Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. 

“I’ve heard that the Battle God Clan is an extremely ancient clan, famous for their formation art. This Dou Hongming is probably one of its clan members.” Yan Qingcheng said solemnly. 

“Nobody could survive under the effect of the battle Formation Technique!” Dou Hongming shouted. 

His expression became extremely ugly after using the Battle Formation Technique, his face was pale as he staggered, trying to stand properly. The Battle Formation Technique took all of his divine energy, now he’s at his weakest state. But under the effect of the Battle Formation Technique, nobody could survive the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation anymore. 

It was akin to armageddon within the formation as countless mountains and rocks were falling upon the survivors. 

Jiang Chen then moved with haste and care, cutting through the place with his trustee blade, however, those formation bases couldn’t be destroyed anymore. He then realised that the Battle Formation Technique had surpassed his expectation. Could I reach a new height if I obtain this Battle Formation Technique?

Jiang Chen lost his greatest support after he lost the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. But he also knew that he needed to grow stronger as soon as possible, especially now that Yan Qingcheng is in the Divine Realm, he cannot dawdle anymore. When a sticky situation arises, it would be his greatest regret if he couldn't protect his loved ones. 

To cut the heavens in a single slash, for the sake of reaching the supreme realm, Jiang Chen had rid himself of all useless thought. However, his closed ones were his Achilles heel and he had to protect them. No matter if it was Yan Chenyun or Wu Ningzhu, he didn’t want them to see him in such a miserable state in the Divine World. One day, in the future, he shall stand on the peak and look down upon all mortals. 

Now, the one behind him was one of them. It doesn't matter if she had forgotten him, but he will never forget Yan Qingcheng’s love.  How could he watch her get hurt? 

“I still couldn’t unleash the No Beginning Formation. But a part of that formation should be able to withstand the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. Battle Formation Technique, I am curious about you now.” Jiang Chen thought.

Could he unleash a part of the No Beginning Formation and take on the Battle Formation Technique? 

“Are you okay?” Yan Qingcheng whispered. 

Jiang Chen shivered as his expression became heavy. How can a man say he’s not okay? Especially in front of his own woman. 

“I am absolutely fine!” 

Although Jiang Chen hasn’t understood the No Beginning Formation yet, he could still use 1% of the formation’s power. It was already powerful enough as it could steal the essence of the heavens and earth. It was still unknown whether it would work against the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, however. 

Jiang Chen still has some cards to withstand the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation even if the No Beginning Formation failed. He just didn’t want to appear miserable in front of Yan Qingcheng as he had to win her heart now.  

Jiang Chen rushed forward and the No Beginning Formation formed an impenetrable area. Although incomplete, it was able to withstand Dou Hongming’s  Battle Formation Technique, Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation.

Looks like Jiang Chen’s No Beginning Formation worked. 

On the corner of the No Beginning Formation, She Zhen and the others were shocked by what they were witnessing, much more shocked than what Jiang Chen was feeling. Because Jiang Chen couldn’t feel their despair, their despair of seeing countless corpses in the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. They didn’t know whether Jiang Chen could save them all or not. 

The despair and helplessness of the lowest class, their eyes were filled with the desire to live. 

Jiang Chen was barely hanging on while maintaining the No Beginning Formation. He was forcing himself to complete this feat. To completely unleash the formation, one needs to be at least at the Early Divine Emperor Realm. 

“Impossible, utterly impossible! What is this formation? To think it could ignore my Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, not even the Battle Formation Technique. I refuse to believe it, I cannot believe it!” 

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