Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2585

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Within this month, Jiang Chen had taken thirty recovery pills. Otherwise, he would not be able to look fine after practising his sword skills without rest or sleep. Not only the Supreme-grade Medicinal Pill, the Wooden Spirit had also helped him recover fast. However, it was an extremely terrifying practice for Sword Saint.

In this month, Jiang Chen’s sword skill had improved tremendously. Although he did not achieve the Heart and Sword merging into one,  his technique was way stronger than before. In terms of sword skill, Jiang Chen could not help but express his profound admiration and respect for Sword Saint. Sword Saint had been practising and delving into the sword skills but had lost himself in practising, making him end up like this. However, he was not a failure as his sword skills were just invincibly strong and unbeatable. Sword Saint was definitely a name he was worthy of.

When the sword struck out, even a Divine King would feel frightened. Thousands of swords soared in the sky without shattering the earth and heaven, that was the highest level of the sword skills. Heart and Sword merging into one was what he had been pursuing all his life. Sword Saint was obsessed with the sword, addicted to the sword and Jiang Chen believed that he would definitely make a name for himself eventually. If his invincible talent was discovered by those great sects, he would become a terrifying existence which could shock the entire Qilian Boundary. His stunning talent would frighten the universe.

Jiang Chen had learned much from Sword Saint and the debt of gratitude that he owed him could not be repaid with a sword. This was just his intention of making Sword Saint accept his sword in return comfortably.

After one month, Sword Saint accepted Jiang Chen’s divine sword gladly. Even though Sword Saint had a ghastly and miserable life, his obsession and dedication to the sword was extremely strong. Otherwise, he would not be attracted to the divine sword that Jiang Chen gave.

During this month, Sword Saint did not talk much but focused on practising sword skill with Jiang Chen with profound attention. Jiang Chen’s understanding of sword skills was something that he had never heard of. Although Jiang Chen’s sword skills were slightly inferior to him, he still learned a lot from Jiang Chen.

“Just tell me if you need my help.”

Jiang Chen glanced at Sword Saint and said before departing.

“Thank you. I used to live alone and I will never be able to repay the gratitude of this sword. I hope that we could meet again someday.”  

Jiang Chen was showing his empathy and pity for Sword Saint. An incredible strong  swordsman like him would definitely make the swordsmen all around the world bow in worship before him.

The sword meant the world to Sword Saint. He was absolutely obsessed with it and his dedication to the sword would never change. Practising the sword wholeheartedly and his determination was the strongest in the world. But Jiang Chen knew that Sword Saint’s heart was full of sorrow and grief. Perhaps the weight of sorrow would become a kind of motivation to make him move forward. Or else, it would make him indulge in failure forever.

After separating with Sword Saint, Jiang Chen returned to the west region of Ling Jue City. There were three great sects in the west region, a region which had the most sects in Ling Jue City. The Eastern Emperor Sect was the most impressive sect among those sects. The other regions only had a single great sect. Among the ten greatest sects in Qilian Boundary, five of them were located in Ling Jue City. This showed that Ling Jue City was definitely a rich land where treasures and outstanding people gathered.

The reason that Ling Jue City attracted talented people to build their great sect here was because it was a great place where the essence of heaven and earth gathered. Moreover, it was also the center of the entire Qilian Boundary. The East, West, South and North regions were located ten thousand miles away from the Ling Jue City, which showed that the vastness of the Qilian Boundary’s land was impressive and spectacular.

There was a strong spiritual aura within Ling Jue City. Hence, those who wished to stay in the city would need to spend a large amount of Divine Origin Stones. Apart from the true noble families and the elites of the sects, basically there was no one who could afford the price of staying here. The rest were those powerful experts. In short, those who were able to stay in Ling Jue City were definitely the real talented elites. However, it was meaningless for Jiang Chen to enter Ling Jue City. What he needed to do first was to obtain qualifications to join the world battle. Only the truly strong experts from each of those sects had an opportunity to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace. He should at least enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace to get the chance of meeting Yan Qingcheng again.

In the west region, the Eastern Emperor Sect was the most powerful sect. That was the reason Jiang Chen chose the Eastern Emperor Sect.

The hundreds of miles of Dong Huang Mountain looked like a dragon sleeping and laying flat on its back, looking overwhelming and magnificent which could conquer the mountains and rivers.

Jiang Chen intended to seize an opportunity to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace by joining the Eastern Emperor Sect. Or else, he would not be able to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Have you heard the news that our senior brother just finished his seclusion? I am not sure when I will be able to look down upon the living things by standing at the peak of the Eastern Emperor Sect like him. Hahaha.”

“Hey, just stop daydreaming! Our senior brother is known as a talented genius who is rarely seen once in a thousand years. He wouldn’t have ended his seclusion if he didn’t plan to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace. It has been a hundred years since he had secluded himself.”

“You’re right. Haha. Our Eastern Emperor Sect will definitely cast a bright light this time. Even in the ten greatest sects, I believe that there is no one who is superior to our senior brother.”

“Don’t celebrate too early. Our lives are full of uncertainty and unexpected situations. It’s hard to say that there is no one stronger than our senior brother. Even if our senior brother is invincible and entitled to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace, you can’t say for sure that there won’t be another genius who would suddenly appear at the most critical moment.”

“You’re probably right. Our Eastern Emperor Sect has three reserved slots to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Except for our senior brother, let’s see who could make it.”

It was widely discussed by countless people who gathered on Dong Huang Mountain, even though there were still three years remaining before the battle of Profound Connection Divine Palace. However, countless sects were already bustling with excitement and wanted to give it a try after the news was released by the Profound Connection Divine Palace. But those who were entitled to join the battle were few. There were only twenty sects which were qualified in the entire Qilian Boundary, three slots for the ten greatest sects and one slot for the remaining sects.

Under the Dong Huang Mountain, Jiang Chen was heading towards the entrance, and most of the disciples were startled. Jiang Chen’s strength was unbeatable compared to those disciples from the Eastern Emperor Sect. There were disciples from one of the greatest sects, hundreds of Heavenly God Realm experts were assembled in front of the battle arena,  watching the intense match.

This Eastern Emperor Sect was truly a rich land where treasures and outstanding people assembled. It was way stronger than the Profound Wind Sect.

“Who are you? This is a restricted area of Eastern Emperor Sect. I warn you to leave here within ten seconds. Or else, I will kill you immediately.”

A tall and strong young man looked at Jiang Chen coldly, he’s holding a long spear in his hand as he soared into the void. He realized that Jiang Chen’s strength was not at an ordinary level—Late Heavenly God Realm. He did not dare to offend him as he was merely a Mid Heavenly God.

“I would like to enter the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

Jiang Chen said with a slight smile.

“Do you mean to join the Eastern Emperor Sect at this moment? Haha. I guess you’re here to seize one of the slots to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace.This is a fact that everyone already knows. First, you have to be capable of beating all of us but I think you will never be able to do so as joining our Eastern Emperor Sect is not as easy as you thought. Our lord announced that it is possible for an outsider to grab one of the slots if you could fight our disciples. But you must first be a Late Heavenly God to join.”

The young man gazed at Jiang Chen in disdain and laughed coldly.

“Unfortunately, you are still too weak.”

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