Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2587

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Such an expert was definitely powerful. To think he could challenge experts who  were stronger than him in terms of cultivation, and to be that swift and precise to boot. Hundreds of others had challenged those three seniors before but failed. Only a dozen of them managed to succeed, however, only eight of them managed to get through the second trial. 

“You pass.” The three seniors said solemnly. 

Jiang Chen was the first to completely overpower them. 

Ruan Xiao watched Jiang Chen with a parched throat. He’ll definitely give me hell if he becomes my senior. 

“Now, tell me what’s the second trial.” 

Jiang Chen jumped and landed beside Ruan Xiao. The latter’s smile became awkward, after all one’s strength equates to authority, this was the rule of the world. One would be respected when one possessed strength. Jiang Chen had thoroughly conquered them. 

“The second trial is in the Emperor Extremity Mountain, you’ll become a disciple of the Eastern Emperor Sect once you reach the halfway of the mountain. The Emperor Extremity Mountain is used when the sect opens up its door to outsiders. There are 999 flights of stairs on the Emperor Extremity Mountain. One will be qualified to become a member of the sect if one was able to pass through 100 flights of stairs. But it’s different now, one must pass through 500 flights to become a member of the sect. It’s not hard but it’s also not easy.” Ruan Xiao said, daring not to leave any information out, fearing that Jiang Chen may harbor ill feelings to his previous act. 


Ruan Xiao continued:

“Because the Emperor Extremity Mountain is over 90,000 metres tall, piercing through the sky and clouds. The 999 flights of stairs, each one of them has a distance of a hundred meter between them. The Emperor Extremity Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Qilian Region. It’s naturally cold when it’s high up in the sky, it is extremely cold after the 600th stair. Only those above the Half-Step Divine King Realm could withstand that cold. It is precisely that reason the Emperor Extremity Mountain became a restricted area of the Eastern Emperor Sect. There was a Half-Step Divine King disciple who reached the 700th step once and froze to death over there. Therefore, one is already talented if one could reach the 600th step. Even our Sect Lord could only reach the 800th stair.” Ruan Xiao did not speak any further as if there were some secrets. 

“The most important thing was, this Emperor Extremity Mountain was said to be carved by the late founding ancestor, the Eastern Emperor, created from seizing the fortune of the Heavens and Earth, the reincarnation cycle of the five elements, sacred and inviolable. If an evil cultivator ascended the mountain, they could never reach the 500 flight. 

“Then, this Emperor Extremity Mountain is an extremely tall place.” Jiang Chen looked up. 

The whole Eastern Emperor Sect encompassed ten thousand Li of the mountain range, one couldn’t even see the end of it. But the Emperor Extremity Mountain stood tall towards the sky, piercing through the clouds, as if it was a giant palm. A sight to behold. 

“This Eastern Emperor Sect is truly extraordinary.” Jiang Chen thought.

However, this 2nd trial wasn’t too hard for him. 

“From the past until now, the strongest disciple is our Great Brother, he was able  to reach the 792nd step. His talent and strength is truly peerless. The next is the Second Senior Brother, Donghuang Taiji, who has reached the 708th step. The first two slots will surely be given to these two seniors. As for the slot to enter the Nine County Competition, the strongest one should be Ling Guang, who was able to reach the 682nd step, he’s a Half-Step Divine King Realm. The Emperor Extremity Mountain is hard to ascend because of the pressure it emitted. It’s hard to reach the top, I could only reach around 300+ steps. ” Ruan Xiao gave an awkward smile and said. 

“Then, I would like to give it a try.” 

Jiang Chen then moved towards the Emperor Extremity Mountain. Below the Emperor Extremity Mountain, there were two Half-Step Divine King old men, guarding the mountain. This place was only opened once a year, to allow the disciples to enter and improve one's strength. 

“Fellow elders.” Ruan Xiao greeted the two elders and led Jiang Chen into the Emperor Extremity Mountain. 

Jiang Chen silently felt shocked. This was the power of a true mighty sect. Half-Step Divine Kings were tasked to guard a mountain. 

“That is a psychic tablet, it will show how many steps you have ascended.”  Ruan Xiao pointed at the hundred Zhang giant jade-white tablet and said. 

“Thank you.” Jiang Chen said as he ascended the mountain with great speed. 

Ruan Xiao breathed out a sigh of relief. This fella did not think ill of me. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up as he leapt up, racing towards the clouds. 

Over 90,000 metres tall mountain that pierced through the clouds. It was Jiang Chen's first time witnessing such magnificence. 

“How far do you guys think that fella could reach?” 

“Let’s not be too quick to judge, since he managed to defeat three strong experts with a single punch. He’s monstrously strong. Those who don't show their real strength are the scary ones.” 

“You’re right, his cultivation realm is still too low, no matter how powerful he is, he would still lose against a Half-Step Divine King.” 

“Hmm… I don’t think so, I think he couldn’t reach Ling Guang’s record, however.” 

Countless disciples were curious as they observed the psychic tablet. Jiang Chen’s figure instantly disappeared into the foot of the Emperor Extremity Mountain.

The moment Jiang Chen entered the Emperor Extremity Mountain, he felt a dignified and auspicious energy enveloping the whole mountain. The higher he went, the more certain he felt that the energy was cruising across his body. 

Jiang Chen’s steps were firm as he went up the stairs, he reached the 500th step in a short amount of time. At that moment, a number of people were shocked as Jiang Chen had succeeded in the second trial, the Emperor Extremity Mountain Heavenly Stairs. 

“Is this the 500th? Let’s see what the end looks like.”   Jiang Chen said calmly. 

His heart was burning to win, to not lose, pushing him forward, to reach towards the sky. 

“Emperor Extremity Mountain, Eastern Emperor Sect, this sect’s power and resources is certainly not something that those other great sects could compare.” Jiang Chen thought.

There was another reason why he chose the Eastern Emperor Sect, it was the mystery of the sect. 

Jiang Chen kept running upwards, countless people gasped as he reached the 600th step. The numbers on the tablet kept changing, Jiang Chen didn’t feel pressured, the pressure that Ruan Xiao said, he couldn’t feel it. He didn’t stop advancing after reaching that height, when he reached the 683rd step, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect was in an uproar. He had surpassed Ling Guang, a Half-Step Divine King expert. 

“Oh my god, isn’t he too fast? Will he be able to surpass Second Brother Donghuang Taiji?” 

“I am itching to see, Hahaha.”

“Sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t!”

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