Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2589

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“Interesting, to reach the 792nd step. ” 

A black-robed youth said, his arms crossed on his chest, standing in the crowd, emitting an arrogant and cold aura, completely different from the others. The wild and overbearing gaze in his eyes caused the other disciples to dare not meet his eyes. 

The youth’s expression was gloomy as he watched the numbers on the tablet, his eyes were filled with fighting intent. 

“Nobody else in the Eastern Emperor Sect can go beyond me, except for that monster.” The youth said coldly. 

He was the Second Brother of the Eastern Emperor Sect, the man before Donghuang Tai’a, Donghuang Taiji. He and Tai’a were of the same generation but the latter’s brilliance was too bright, overshadowing him completely the moment he was born. 

Donghuang Taiji did not feel bad about it. Because Tai’a was his big brother, Taiji knew how much he’s worth. Since he couldn’t become the world’s number one, it’s not bad to become number two. 

Ling Guang was able to reach the 700th step but couldn’t take more than ten strikes from Taiji, although he’s also a Half-Step Divine King. Taiji could now fight on-par against other Eastern Emperor Sect Divine King experts. It was the pride of a prodigy. 

Now that Jiang Chen has appeared, Donghuang Taiji was itching to know how powerful this rookie was, who has shocked so many people with his accomplishment. 

Jiang Chen gazed at the four characters. He felt that those four characters were like an insurmountable and tall mountain. However, he was one of those that would fight back when faced with an obstacle, when it was impossible. He’s that stubborn of a guy. Plus, he believed that he could surpass Donghuang Tai’a. 

“Surpassing you is not my goal, my goal is to surpass myself, to surpass all others, to surpass all powerful beings!”

Jiang Chen looked at the name who was respected by countless others indifferently and smiled as he continued to move forward, towards the 793rd step. 

“Is this real? Did he surpass Great Brother?” 

“It should be real, this psychic tablet is not your average treasure. It’s an ancient treasure, it shouldn’t be wrong.”

“This lad is extraordinary!” 

“I am getting excited to know how far he’ll reach, as if all the miracles in the world would happen on his body.”

“Jiang Chen, is it? His name shall reach across the whole Eastern Emperor Sect, even the whole Qilian Region.” 

Many more people gathered below the Emperor Extremity Mountain with eyes of worship, awe, and shock.  Jiang Chen was like a powerful war god that never retreats. 

The moment Jiang Chen reached the 799th step, the extreme cold started to coarse through his whole body. He then felt an extreme cold that he had never experienced before, seeping into his blood, his bone marrows, even his every cell. 

“It is extremely cold in tall places, this is true.” Jiang Chen looked back at the clouds beneath his feet. 

He has reached the height where the clouds resided on the Emperor Extremity Mountain. The cold felt like it came from deep within his heart and from the world. Those who are weak would surely become an icicle by now. 

The 800th flight! 

When Jiang Chen reached the 800 flight of stairs, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect was in an uproar. Because that was where the Sect Lord had reached. 

“This fella, is he that heaven-defying?” Donghuang Zuoqing said with a pale smile while rubbing his nose. 

Now, the Sect Lord himself has to personally see this. This lad’s talent is out of the charts, is he really that powerful? 800 steps, how can he withstand the pressure of the extreme cold, and he’s not a Divine King to boot. 

“Probably, he’s truly talented, much more so than anyone. Even our sect’s prodigy, Donghuang Tai’a was surpassed. I’m not surprised anymore now that he has reached the Sect Lord’s record.” Tao Qing said with a pale smile but he was also pretty shocked inside.  

Jiang Chen had overthrown everything they knew. The Emperor Extremity Mountain was the most mysterious place of the Eastern Emperor Sect. No one was able to reach the peak of that mountain before. 

“I hope so, if he could really reach the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain. Then, our Eastern Emperor Sect shall come an age of true revolution and change.” Donghuang Zuoqing murmured. 

He had read through the ancestor’s record of the Eastern Emperor Sect. In the past, over several tens of thousand years ago, the Eastern Emperor Sect was the number one sect of the whole Qilian Region, one that could even be compared against the Luo God Clan. However, the sect had declined after all those years of change. 

“Looks like I have to use the Five Elemental True Fire.” 

Jiang Chen unleashed the Five Elemental True Fire and enveloped his whole body. But even the Five Elemental True Fire felt extremely weak, it only managed to help him a little. 

“Is the Five Elemental True Fire not able to withstand the extreme cold of the Emperor Extremity Mountain?” Jiang Chen frowned. 

He was only able to climb another 20+ flights of stairs before feeling an unbearable pressure coming from the skies, combining with the piercing cold energy. Jiang Chen gritted his teeth as he moved forward with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Although he managed to move forward, the terrifying cold caused his soul to tremble, as if it was going to freeze. 

“Red Lotus could probably help me a little if she’s here, however, she still lays asleep in her deep slumber.” Jiang Chen sighed internally. 

He wondered when Red Lotus would wake up. At least, he wouldn’t be this miserable if she’s here. 

Jiang Chen moved forward with sheer will. At this moment, he found himself moving forward with extreme difficulty. But his blood did not freeze under this cold temperature. The Five Elemental True Fire managed to at least preserve his normal temperature. One must reach the top if one starts climbing, otherwise, one would miss out the beauty of the mountain top. 

Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something that could help him, the Cold Icy Throne of the Destruction Ice God!

Jiang Chen grabbed the Cold Icy Throne. At this moment, the surrounding chilly energy was sucked into the throne, the cold pressure was gone, the terrifying cold energy became nothing in the face of the throne. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. 

“This Cold Icy Throne is truly a great treasure.” He thought. 

Although the Cold Icy Throne may not be some weapon, it possessed divine might nonetheless, it managed to absorb the energy of the extreme cold and ensured that Jiang Chen could move forward. No matter what story this throne had, at least it serves a purpose now. 

Jiang Chen moved forward as if he was running on top of a track, even faster compared to his earlier speed. 

In the depths of the sect, a gaze suddenly shot out from within, shaking the Emperor Extremity Mountain. It came deep from within the Eastern Emperor Sect Lord’s Manor. 

Jiang Chen then suddenly looked down. Now, he had surpassed everyone, even if he stopped here, he had already created a new history, a new record. 

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