Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2590

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“This fella, to think he reached the 899 flight, monster, truly monstrous. Why isn’t that me?”

“The whole Eastern Emperor Sect is watching, maybe, this marks the new age of our sect.” 

“This is exciting, look, those sect elders are paying attention to the Emperor Extremity Mountain.” 

Jiang Chen was now at the 900th stair, he felt something different here. The extreme cold energy was much fiercer, the stone on the mountain was covered with a thick ice. The cold air, however, dispersed wherever he steps upon, the Icy Cold Throne was doing its job. 

The 900th stair felt like a different world. 

“Let’s see what view is there on the peak.” 

Jiang Chen ran forward and on the 999 flight of stairs, the temperature was more than -1000degrees celsius, luckily, he had the throne to withstand that cold. Nevertheless, he was still shivering from the cold, but at least, he was able to stand on the peak now. A tablet caught his attention, it was a jade-white tablet with three characters on it: 

“Yun Shang Jiu! ” Jiang Chen frowned. Yun Shang Jiu? This place is called Yun Shang Jiu? 

Those below the Emperor Extremity Mountain were in silence. 999th step, Jiang Chen completed that grand feat, the first to ever complete it after Dounghuang Taiyi founded the Eastern Emperor Sect. 

The sect lord, Donghuang Zhenli, silently looked at the Emperor Extremity Mountain with eyes of excitement. The Eastern Emperor Sect’s strongest 7th ancestor could only reach the 923th step. At that moment, the ancestor was at the Divine Emperor Realm. He was the strongest ancestor second to Donghuang Taiyi. After that, the sect gradually declined. 

“The heavens have blessed us. The rise of the Eastern Emperor Sect shall come.”

I thought Donghuang Tai’a would bring honor to our Eastern Emperor Sect. Now, it looks like it’s probably this fella who’s the one chosen by the heavens. No matter what, my Eastern Emperor Sect must have you. Donghuang Zhenli’s eyes were filled with radiant light. 

Jiang Chen slowly touched the tablet with the word Yun Shang Jiu. He looked up towards the sky, it felt like he could easily take down a star, as if it was right in front of him. The silent cold of the place gave Jiang Chen a unique experience. 

“The heaven and earth’s spiritual qi here is extremely dense. Yun Shang Jiu, what a great Yun Shang Jiu.” 

The jade-white tablet emitted a radiant glow when Jiang Chen touched it. Then a golden figure appeared on top of the tablet, the figure was illusory, one could barely see it’s a buff oldman. That tenant soul felt like it could see through Jiang Chen. 

“Unexepected, truly unexpected. I am elated. Hahaha.” The golden figure laughed madly, his voice reached the whole Yun Shang Jiu but only Jiang Chen could hear it. 

“Who are you?” Jiang Chen asked. 

He was but a remnant soul, although his presence was strong but that’s all, he couldn’t deal any significant harm towards Jiang Chen.  

“I am Donghuang Taiyi.” The oldman’s eyes became serious and his smile was gone. But his eyes were still pretty excited when he looked at Jiang Chen.

“The owner of the Eastern Emperor Bell? Donghuang Taiyi? You’re the founder of the Eastern Emperor Sect?”

Jiang Chen felt somewhat sad as a person from the legend was in such a sorry state. 

“You’re right. It’s a pity that my descendants are this weak, but there’s no one else to blame.” Donghuang Taiyi said. 

“To think you know of me? Pretty good, those who know of my name are those ancient clans. Which clan are you from? Luo God Clan? Battle God Clan? Or the Heavenly Clan?” 

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“I’m from the mortal realm.”

“From the mortal realm, to reach my Emperor Extremity Mountain, Yun Shang Jiu, impressive.”

Donghuang Taiyi pondered for a moment as he somewhat couldn’t believe it. 

“What relationship do you have with the Destruction Ice God? Why is the Icy Cold Throne in your possession? Why, I wondered how you reached Yun Shang Jiu.” 

“I accidently found it. As for you, I knew about your existence from the records of my master. Donghuang Taiyi, the owner of the Eastern Emperor Bell. That’s all I know.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Oh? What more do you know? You look like you’re not afraid of me.”  Donghuang Taiyi looked at Jiang Chen with an interested gaze. 

“That’s all. Why should I be afraid of you? You’re from the immemorial era and you’re already dead. Even if you’re not dead, I did not act disrespectful towards you, are you trying to kill me?” Jiang Chen said. 

 Donghuang Taiyi stared at Jiang Chen with his fiery gaze. 

“I do not know whether your emergence is right or wrong.” 

“Please, tell me more.” Jiang Chen said while nodding.

“Assist me in rebuilding the Eastern Emperor Sect. Assist me in selecting the Nine Ninth Reincarnated Reverend of the Eastern Emperor Sect, I wish to be reborn!”

Donghuang Taiyi and Jiang Chen’s eyes met. The latter was shocked, although he did not express it. Isn’t this fella nuts? He wants to be reborn after dying so many years ago? To resurrect Donghuang Taiyi, the thought itself was extremely bold. Jiang Chen did not know whether the fella was joking or not. 

“What do I get from this?” Jiang Chen suppressed his inner shock and said calmly. 

This Donghuang Taiyi will certainly not ask him to do it for free, plus, there were no others who could reach this place other than him. 

“The Eastern Emperor Bell.”

Jiang Chen’s ears felt like it was ringing from Donghuang Taiyi’s words. The Eastern Emperor Bell was a true Chaos Saint Tool, there were only ten Chaos Saint Tools in existence in the whole wide world.  It was born from chaos, not forged by anybody. These ten peerless treasures were born when chaos first emerged. Jiang Chen knew this through the records left behind by the Craftsman God, who’s life desire was to forge a Chaos Saint Tool. But he knew that it was impossible. Only those who had gone through the great battles of the immemorial times could understand the might of a Chaos Saint Tool. 

The Eastern Emperor Bell was the most outstanding. One could easily imagine how powerful the Eastern Emperor Bell was. The Eastern Emperor Bell was a Chaos Saint Tool with both attacking and defensive properties. The Xuanyuan Sword had the strongest attacking attribute and the Shennong Cauldron had the strongest defensive attribute. Therefore, these three Chaos Saint Tools were the strongest treasures in the ancient times. 

Jiang Chen yearned for the Eastern Emperor Bell. But he estimated that things wouldn’t be that easy. Could the Eastern Emperor Bell be that easy to obtain? 

“Can you really resurrect yourself?” 

Jiang Chen was worried about this. He did not know what were the consequences of reviving an ancient god. 

“You’re probably stronger than a God Emperor, right? It shouldn’t be that easy to resurrect you.”

“God Emperor? Hehe.” Donghuang Taiyi chuckled as he shook his head. 

Then, Donghuang Taiyi pointed at the sky. The greyish sky rippled and spread open. 

“Look at the sky, there’s a hole on it.” 

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