Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2593

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The breeze blew by and the water rippled. In the palace, there was a white shadow floating in the void, with a spiritual and overbearing aura.

“Dao shouldn’t be finished, Qi cannot be exhausted and fortune shouldn’t be used up. However, we should not trust anyone completely in this boundless world. If he swears to be loyal, Eastern Emperor Sect will definitely be at his back. Or else, everything will become meaningless.”

“Even though my Eastern Emperor Sect has fallen into decay for many years, I believe that the strongest sect that used to obtain those glorious achievements in the Divine Region will not decay easily like this.”

Donghuang Zhenli said under his breath.

“Treat everyone with sincerity, the heroes used to be sacrificed in the ancient times. Only the brave and capable experts will be there when you’re on your beam ends and your Dao is exhausted. You shall trust him once.”

After the white-dressed shadow said it politely, it faded away and disappeared in the void.

“I learned it, master.”

Donghuang Zhenli nodded silently. The power of Eastern Emperor Sect was definitely ranked at the top three in the Qilian Boundary and even had a profound reputation and significant achievement within the Lone Dragon County. However, there was a world of difference with the past Eastern Emperor Sect.

Donghuang Zhenli looked at the figure of Jiang Chen, and disappeared completely in the void. He murmured and plunged deep into thought.

The Eastern Emperor Sect remained silent for so long so it was the time to give it a dose of medicine and pull together.

“I am Tao Qing, the guardian of Eastern Emperor Sect who was assigned by our Sect Lord to bring you to the Icy Spring and heal your injuries. But you are really lucky. Haha.”

Tao Qing giggled and looked at Jiang Chen. As the first person who conquered the Emperor Extremity Mountain, Tao Qing dared not to treat him simply. Moreover, it showed that he was truly a talented genius when the sect lord gave orders to meet him in person.

“Thank you, guardian. Can I know what exactly is the Ice Spring?”

A smile was plastered on  Jiang Chen’s face.

“The Ice Spring is also known as Milky Way Ice Spring. The water flows from the  ridge of the Emperor Extremity Mountain, even the sect lord is not able to find the headstream of the Ice Spring after climbing hundred floors of the Ladder to Heaven. Hence, it is called the  Milky Way Ice Spring. Although the water spring is bitterly cold and frozen, it is beneficial to your health. Moreover, it can bring a great advantage in cultivation practice. If you immerse yourself in the water spring for a day, it will definitely bring you some refreshment and your strength will be greatly improved as well.”

Tao Qing wondered what Jiang Chen discovered at the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain but he hesitated to utter the words. He knew that he should not say everything on his mind as it could possibly bring nothing beneficial to him.

“There is nothing on the peak of the Emperor Extremity Mountain, only extremely cold and frozen air which is unbearable. As for this Ice Spring, I have never heard about it.”

After hearing what Jiang Chen had said, Tao Qing nodded silently. This guy realized his doubts immediately which showed that he had a high EQ. Tao Qing could not look at Jiang Chen once again. Even though Jiang Chen was only at the Late Heavenly God Realm, he was someone like Donghuang Tai’A. This kind of genius was supposed to soar into the nine heavens and shine brightly. Tao Qing dared not to offend Jiang Chen.

“The Ice Spring is ahead. It is a hundred foot height of Milky Way Ice Spring, only the sect elders and outstanding disciples of our sect may enjoy this kind of privilege. But you can just immerse in the water spring for a day.” Tao Qing said with envy.

It was obvious that he did not even qualify to enjoy these benefits. As the greatest guardian of Eastern Emperor Sect, he could just watch it eagerly. There was an old man with white beard enjoying the special treatment in the water spring.

Jiang Chen knew that this sect lord was betting big on himself. He did not have a bad impression of the Eastern Emperor Sect. But what’s the reason for Sword Saint’s resentment at the Eastern Emperor Sect?

“That person is a sect elder, Qu Tianshu, tasked with making Supreme-grade Medicinal Pills. I warned you not to offend him as he is a solitary and a man of few words. Please be cautious. Since he is the only person who produces Supreme-grade Medicinal Pills in our sect, he doesn't usually show respect to the greatest sect lord. He is such a weirdo. ”

Tao Qing said in a low voice and Jiang Chen nodded. Those who were capable always had a weird personality as he believed that one’s strength was proportional to temper. That would be a reason for this kind of person being arrogant.

“Thank you for reminding me, Guardian. Please take this pill as a gift.”

Jiang Chen held a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill in his hand and showed it on his palm. He looked calm and smiled slightly.

Tao Qing held his breath for a moment, watching Jiang Chen with bulging eyes, he couldn't believe what was happening. He took a glance at the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill, it was a supreme-graded pill. How could Jiang Chen simply give it to someone? It was just impressive. Tao Qing had never seen such a great pill in the Eastern Emperor Sect after staying in the sect for so many years. The fragrance of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was too great to make him lose himself.

“This Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill could prolong your life. Ten years will be the limit but perhaps you could prolong your life for another hundred years if you absorbed it wholly.”

Jiang Chen explained while Tao Qing was looking at the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill without blinking his eyes. Although Jiang Chen was one of the strongest experts in the Heavenly God Realm, he found it impossible for him to obtain this kind of supreme-graded pill as no one would be willing to sell this kind of precious pill. He could only find some low graded pills. But the pill in front of him was light colored with great quality which broadened his outlook.

“Are you trying to reject this medicinal pill?”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter, looking at Tao Qing who was stunned and frightened. He knew that he was showing an extravagant manner as he had given a shock to the greatest guardian of the Eastern Emperor Sect. Since he would stay for a period of time in the Eastern Emperor Sect, it was harmless for him to make some new friends rather than making more enemies.

“No no no......How could I say that. I will accept it.”

Tao Qing looked serious after accepting the pill, he was showing a great admiration and respect to Jiang Chen. This young guy was not an ordinary person. Even himself who reached the Divine King Realm could not remain calm after seeing this kind of supreme-graded pill, not to mention those Late Heavenly God Realm experts. However, Jiang Chen could give it to someone calmly. He had a great verve which made him feel ashamed.

Tao Qing could not help himself but be excited. He currently was at death’s door and this Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was a precious pill which could bring a great benefit to him. Even Qu Tianshu had never given him such a supreme-graded pill.

“Great. Please lead me the way, guardian.”

“We shall meet again someday. I believe that you will soon become the strongest backbone of the Eastern Emperor Sect.”

“I hope so. Haha.”

After parting ways with Tao Qing, Jiang Chen stepped into the Galaxy Water Spring and realized that Qu Tianshu was taking a nap. He looked relaxed and enjoyed himself. Those disciples would never have a chance to enjoy this water spring but he made this place a place to sleep.

Jiang Chen shook his head while smiling. The moment he immersed himself in the Milky Way Ice Spring, the Cold Icy Throne of the Myriad Qi Cauldron was trembling. When he was trying to remove the Cold Icy Throne, a hundred foot worth of Ice Water Spring was absorbed in a twinkling of an eye. While Cold Icy Throne was extremely cold and frozen.

Jiang Chen was stunned after noticing the water of the Ice Water Spring being absorbed. Not only that, he was startled seeing Qu Tianshu who was almost naked.

How could that be the body of an old man with a beard. Jiang Chen could vaguely see his skin that looked smooth and fine through a layer of tulle.

He even had two breasts, undeniably, this sect's elder was obviously a woman.

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