Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2597

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“Eastern Emperor Spirit Severing Bell!”

The surrounding divine origin energy gathered onto Donghuang Taiji’s body. Then, a giant golden divine bell magically formed; the golden illusory bell possessed a terrifying pressure. Jiang Chen was moved. It’s probably a technique that’s derived  from the Eastern Emperor Bell.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen clashed with the divine bell with his palm. Both of them were thrown backwards. Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. This Donghuang Taiji did not disappoint him. At least he was stronger than Ling Guang by a hundred times. Jiang Chen did not step back. He instead formed a seal in his hand and struck out the Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal towards the enemy. He who had the help of the Dragon Transformation was too powerful, he could easily defeat Half-Step Divine Kings and fight on-par with a genuine Divine King.

“Unparalleled Divine Bell!”

Donghuang Taiji moved the golden divine bell with his divine origin energy. But this time, it was weaker than before. Because Taiji was already injured from that blow before. He couldn’t withstand Jiang Chen’s power which was on-par with those Divine Kings.

Jiang Chen rushed forward once again, Donghuang Taiji was forced to face him with his full might. Even then, the Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal still shattered his golden divine bell and violent force qi spread across the field. Donghuang Taiji kept getting pushed back; he staggered and coughed out blood with an ugly expression.

“Is this real? Not even Second Brother is his match?”

“This fella is terrifying, Second Brother looks like he’s losing momentum.”

“Second Brother will certainly lose to him if this continues.”

Donghuang Zuoqing’s expression slightly changed, but he didn’t say anything. Donghuang Taiji was too impatient, thus giving Jiang Chen a chance. The current Tiaji was already getting controlled by Jiang Chen.

“Lad, you forced me.”

Donghuang Taiji slowly stood straight with a cold expression. His eyes were extremely violent.

“Eastern Emperor Bell, rise. Heaven and Earth, limitless! Fusion!”

Donghuang Taiji fused with the bell as he rushed towards Jiang Chen with peerless might.

“Not bad, but you’re still not my match in the end.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

He then unsheathed the Heavenly Dragon Sword, Donghuang Taiji’s fusion with the bell was cut apart by Jiang Chen with a single draw. Tiaji felt the threat of death for the first time as the terrifying sword qi cut across the air. Jiang Chen’s blade was much faster, fiercer and dominating than before.

Jiang Chen’s sword intent has reached another level after one month of training. Although not as powerful as Sword Saint, he's still stronger compared to before. With a single slash, Donghuang Taiji’s momentum was cut apart and blown back. At that moment, Taiji who had changed into the divine bell was shattered, the whole Eastern Emperor Sect was shocked by the result. Including Donghuang Zuoqing, he doesn’t feel good naturally as his disciple got beaten.

Donghuang Taiji who was mighty, who claims that he’s invincible below the Divine King Realm. Yet he was defeated by Jiang Chen, someone who has just entered the Eastern Emperor Sect in less than a day. One who had beaten two great experts. Taiji’s position and fame within the Eastern Emperor Sect was a given and Jiang Chen defeated him in front of all the disciples.

Honestly, Jiang Chen had become an extremely powerful presence within the Eastern Emperor Sect, one that was below Great Brother Donghuang Tai’a.

“I’ve lost.” Donghuang Taiji sneered, his eyes were filled with boundless sadness and loneliness.

He knew that he would certainly die if Jiang Chen really wanted to kill him. His initial sarcasm and arrogance had now become a joke. He had become a joke to the whole Eastern Emperor Sect.

At this moment, a beautiful and graceful azure-robed girl came and stood in front of Duanghuang Taiji, to protect him.

“Yun’er, I lost, I lost, thoroughly.” Donghuang Taiji suddenly smiled brightly but the sadness deep within his heart was known by nobody.

Yun’er smiled with grace and her gentle eyes made Donghuang Taiji’s heart calmed a little.

“I believe, I believe that you’re stronger than anyone.” Yun’er said.

Donghuang Taiji calmed down after Yun’er’s words.

“But I still lost, I lost to my big brother and lost to this person. Perhaps, one day, I will still lose.”

Yun’er grabbed Donghuang Taiji’s arm tightly and gave him a gentle kiss.

Then, Yun’er looked at Jiang Chen and silently nodded:

“Thank you, although my man has lost. But there will be a time when he wins. Failure should not be feared, what should be feared is to not stand up again after losing. I believe he’s not such a man.”

Jiang Chen was stunned by the lady’s statement. He smiled and nodded. He never planned to kill Donghuang Taiji because although he’s arrogant, he’s not as bad as Ling Guang, that loathful man. Plus, it would be impossible for him to kill Taiji.

Someone else would certainly help him if he really wanted to kill him. Then, he’ll certainly be put on a difficult path.

“If you don’t even have the courage of a woman, then the person I defeated today was no expert but a coward. I am very disappointed.” Jiang Chen turned back and left, and glanced at Yun’er.

Her gaze was filled with despair and anticipation. Weird…

At that moment, Donghuang Taiji silently stared at Jiang Chen. His heart forgives himself for failing. But the one he should thank was probably Yun’er.

“You’re the only hero in this world in my point of view.” Yun’er said quietly, making countless disciples of the Eastern Emperor Sect be envious.

Donghuang Taiji shook his head and smiled bitterly. What do I have to let you regard me that highly?

“It’s not shameful to lose against Big Brother, Donghuang Tai’a is not just a name, it’s a legend. Whereas the person I love is the real Donghuang Taiji, I shall always be right behind you, no matter how glorious you’ll get or how lonely you’ll fall.”

Donghuang Taiji slowly understood that although it was hard for him to swallow his failure, there are others who understood his greatness.

“I think today’s failure may not be a bad thing for Taiji, that boy.” Tao Qing looked at Donghuang Zuoqing and said.

“You’re right. It’s not a good thing for him to be overconfident, if he cannot stand up again after losing to Jiang Chen, then he would've lost thoroughly. But if he could absorb this experience, then he might probably reach the Divine King Realm sooner than he expected. Moreover, the Thunder Rush Sea will also make him understand that he’s not invincible amongst his peers. There are always people more powerful out there. This Jiang Chen will probably help him move further.

Donghuang Zuoqing smiled lightly as he turned and left.

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