Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2599

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“Great, enter. The books in this place can be read and meditated but cannot be taken out. Those who violate this rule will be killed on the spot! Since you’re specially approved by the Sect Lord, you may access the three floors of the pavilion.”

Jiang Chen entered the library. The three floors of the pavilion were around a hundred Zhang tall, it was magnificent. However, it was built right beside a gigantic mountain, making it small in comparison. Jiang Chen could see that there’s a formation covering the library. Even he couldn’t completely break through this formation. It must’ve been set up by a formation master.

Jiang Chen browsed through the books on the first floor and found nothing that was worth his time. He then moved up to the second floor, it was much more spacious. The disciples of the sect had already imprinted the techniques and memorized it in their heart, there’s no need for them to come and visit every day, hence there wasn’t anyone on the first floor.

On the second floor, Jiang Chen saw someone, Elder Qu Tianshu.

Grey-white hair, a pair of sharp eyes. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. They’ve met each other once but the memory of it was still fresh. However, Jiang Chen did not know what Qu Tianshu looked like as he could only recall the sexy figure of hers.

“Elder Qu, how are you?”

“You again, hmph.” Qu Tianshu sneered and gave Jiang Chen a stare.

Obviously, she didn’t want to see Jiang Chen as he had something that could be used against her.

Jiang Chen was unfazed and just shrugged as he turned and started looking for books on the other side.

“What are you looking for?” Qu Tianshu asked.

“Eastern Emperor Limitless Art.” Jiang Chen said.

“Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, to practice and reach its maximum efficiency, one must be of the bloodline of the Donghuang Clan. Do you think you can do it? Chet.” Qu Tianshu was somewhat disdainful.

“I just wanna have a look, that’s all. The Eastern Emperor Limitless Art is worthless to me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Arrogant fella, do you think you’re invincible? You dare speak with such tone towards me, how many lives have  you taken away?” Qu Tianshu’s tone became colder.

“You’re intentionally going against me, can I assume that you’ve taken a liking on me because I’ve seen your naked body? Trying to pester me? ” Jiang Chen said in a mysterious tone.

“You… You’re shameless.” Qu Tianshu said angrily.

Jiang Chen knew that under that old skin, a lady was hiding beneath it.

“That appearance of yours is but a disguise. Everyone knows that I’m here in the sect but you’re different. I advise that you better not push my buttons, otherwise, that alchemist elder position of yours will be gone.”

“You dare threaten me?”

“So what? Reading such a trashy alchemy book, I fear that your position is just for show. Hehe.” Jiang Chen said.

Qu Tianshu was fuming with anger. This boy dare question me, he’s too cocky.

“You, child, are truly supercilious, this old one… You’re probably still sucking on your mother’s tits when I started concocting pills. A boy dares to discuss the ways of pill concoction? Shameless. Or could it be that you’re also an alchemist?” Qu Tianshu said sarcastically.

“I, too, am an alchemist. Although not too great, but at least slightly better than you.” Jiang Chen said proudly.

“Come and brag at me when you can concoct a Supreme Grade pill.” Qu Tianshu said.

Jiang  Chen smiled bitterly, Qu Tianshu’s smirk became greater. Not able to even concoct a Supreme Grade Pill, hmph, he’s probably just all-talk and no bite.

Jiang Chen sighed. Supreme Grade Pills, how long has it been since I’ve last made one? It’s not that I couldn’t make it… It’s too low of a level for me to make it. Jiang Chen didn’t want to continue his banter with Qu Tianshu anymore. Qu Tianshu was truly a despicable woman.

“I knew that you’re a coward with only talk and no bite.“ Qu Tianshu shook her head, not wanting to debate any further.

She felt that Jiang Chen did not have the qualification to do so. It’s best for both of them to not meddle with each other.

Jiang Chen browsed through the second floor and did not find the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art. However, he found a dusty broken book in the corner, the name on top of that book was one that shook his soul greatly, the ‘Sword of Solitude’.

“This is…”

When Jiang Chen flipped open the book ‘Sword of Solitude’, he saw the 4th, 5th, and 6th sword technique. His heart started to tremble.

“So, the ‘Sword of Solitude’ has more than three techniques.” Jiang Chen’s heart was shaken.

After going through that one month of learning and practicing, his sword art and techniques had improved greatly. Now, he was confident that he could unleash the third blade, Solitary. The might of that technique is certainly incomparable against the first and second technique. He originally thought that the ‘Sword of Solitude’ had only three techniques, but it looked like he was wrong, extremely wrong.

“This must be a forgotten peerless sword technique. In the eyes of others, the fourth blade is not great without the first three techniques. Looks like the first three blades were just the basics of the ‘Sword of Solitude’.”

Jiang Chen was in-awe.

“The fourth blade, Freezing Three Thousand Li.”

“The fifth blade, the Light of Stars”

“The sixth blade, Each Side of the Heavens.”

“I wonder if it has a seventh, eighth or ninth blade…”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brighter. However, he couldn’t unleash these three techniques without reaching the Divine King Realm. The fourth blade requires the first three blades as the base to unleash a domineering qi tofreez three thousand li. Whereby, the current him could barely unleash the third blade. And he couldn’t have attained it if it wasn’t for the Sword Saint.

Although he couldn’t practice the techniques now, he knew how powerful the ‘Sword of Solitude’ was. He couldn’t even imagine the might of the third blade, the fourth must be much more terrifying.

“Thanks to Tao Qing, otherwise, I would’ve missed the ‘Sword of Solitude’.”

When Jiang Chen flipped to the last page, a single line was written: I wish to ride the wind and return, to massacre billions of immortals in a single blade!

Jiang Chen could feel the might, the vigor and killing intent from those words, however, it also had a hint of sadness from it. Are these words left behind by the creator of the sword technique?

Jiang Chen did not know, but that aura affected him. He still couldn’t understand the essence of this sword art. He may probably understand it after he had become one with the technique. This ‘Sword of Solitude’ was truly scary.

Jiang Chen quickly kept the ‘Sword of Solitude’ away as if he found a treasure. Although it wasn’t permitted, he kept the book into the Myriad Qi Cauldron to isolate all connections with the outside world. No one will know that he took the book. Plus, this dusty old book was not practiced by anyone, who would notice it’s absence?

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