Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2610

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Jiang Chen was incredibly sensitive. He already knew that someone was on his tail, but he didn’t expose it. He didn’t know who the youngster was but there’s definitely a motive for tailing him.

Jiang Chen intentionally moved towards a remote place.

“Come out.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

“To think you’re able to sense me, young man, not bad.” The youngster said with a tone of an old-man.

However, the youngster was but a 10yr old child, Jiang Chen was sure of it.

“How did you find me, what do you want?” Jiang Chen frowned.

He couldn’t guess what this child wanted.

“I, too, am an alchemist.” The child said.

“So?” Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“I’m guessing that you’re also an alchemist.” The youngster said calmly.

Jiang Chen felt somewhat pressured by this fella, looks like he’s not here just to chat.

“I have no ill will, I just want to know what did you use to get the Peak Immortal Grade pill recipe.”

“You knew about that too?” Jiang Chen looked at the youngster weirdly.

Both of them stared at each other, Jiang Chen could see his eyes was one of clear conscience, it surely didn’t look like he’s one of those despicable villains.

“I could feel the traces of pills from your body and the aura of the flame element. Plus, it’s also unique, and although not powerful, with that kind of aura, you’re certainly an alchemist.”

“Meaning, you want that recipe, right?” Jiang Chen shook his head and sighed.

“Yes and no.” The youngster paused and said.

“Let’s compete, I’ll give you something if I lose, however, you must hand over the recipe for the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill if I win.”

“Are you certain that the pill recipe is with me? Hehe.” Jiang Chen smiled while shaking his head.

He wondered where this confident boy came from, he couldn’t wrap his head about this situation.

“Seems fair, tell me more.”

“Saint Spirit Pill. It can temporarily boost a person's cultivation realm to the maximum. Effective to those below the Hierarch Realm. An ace-in-the-hole pill. A Mid Immortal Grade Pill.” The youngster said.

Jiang Chen’s eyes slightly squinted, he was honestly somewhat moved. Although it’s not exactly a heavenly-defying pill, it could temporarily boost one’s combat strength. The divine origin energy that the Saint Spirit Pill holds must be vast.

Some pills are definitely heavenly-defying but it’s extremely hard to push one’s abilities to the max. It could help you evade and get out from a sticky situation. It’s certainly a priceless pill.

“Not enough, it’s still not enough. You should know that my wager is the recipe for a Peak Immortal Grade Pill, and you’re waging a mid Immortal Grade Pill. It’s not comparable.”

Jiang Chen knew that this fella really wanted the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill. It would be great if the wager became more valuable as he may be interested to play.

“Don’t be greedy, the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill may be high ranked but let's talk about you, not even a Hierarch could concoct that pill. It’s useless for you. The value of the Saint Spirit Pill is definitely higher than you think, it can save you if you are put in a sticky situation, a life-saving pill.” The youngster’s expression became gloomy.

“Alright, then, I’ll step back a little. I want the recipe for the Saint Spirit Pill, isn’t that alright? If not, let’s call this off. ” Jiang Chen shrugged.

“Don’t think that I’m giving you a chance, boy, I can easily kill you, don’t be rude. I don’t like to use force against alchemists.” The youngster stared at Jiang Chen.

“Bah, we’ll walk our separate ways.” Jiang Chen turned and left without hesitation.

“You should know that the Saint Spirit Pill cannot be excessively taken, a person’s potential and life would be extinguished if one were to consume three Saint Spirit Pills. It’s not good to forcefully boost one’s strength. I am telling you this for your own good.”

“Don’t need it!”

“You… alright, I promise you. The recipe of the Saint Spirit Pill. I, Zang Tianming, do not lie.” Zang Tianming said while gritting his teeth.

Now, his request was granted as he could compete with Jiang Chen.

“Let’s concoct an Immortal Grade Pill, let’s see who can finish in the shortest time and with the best result, that shouldn’t be hard, right?” Zang Tianming said proudly, as if he’s already bound to win.

“Alright.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Here, with the sky as the lid and the earth as the furnace!”

Zang Tianming took out his divine cauldron with nine dragons on its body, the carvings were exquisite and lively.

“This cauldron is the Heaven Shocking Cauldron, made by the blood of nine demonic beasts with dragon attributes. Refined by Samadhi True Flame for 49 years. A cauldron that could steal the fortune of the heavens and earth. It’s able to shorten the completion time of the pill and could even add a tinge of dragon qi into the pill, it’s effect is without words.” Zang Tianming smilingly said as he’s proud of his cauldron.

“Let’s start.”

Jiang Chen was calm as he lightly nodded towards Zang Tianming.

The instant they turned their bodies, Jiang Chen’s palm was engulfed with the Five Elemental True Fire. Tianming immediately felt the suffocating flame, the instant he turned his back towards Jiang Chen, the latter already had a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill with a fragrant pill scent blooming. At this moment, Zang Tiangming looked at Jiang Chen blankly and turned his gaze towards the pill in Jiang Chen’s palm.

“You… you’re done?”

Zang Tianming was only starting to open the lid to prepare concocting. When he felt the terrifying heat, Jiang Chen had already finished concocting the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill and was already looking at him calmly.

“You should know better whether this pill was just made.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid that this fella might accuse him of preparing the pill beforehand. An Immortal Grade Pill was definitely complicated to make. But the moment an Immortal Grade Pill was done, a Dao of Pill would linger around the pill, which the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill had at the moment. No matter how much disbelief Tianming was in, he couldn’t help but accept reality with shock.

“This, how can this be?” Zang Tianming said with pure disbelief.

However, the fact was already in his face, he cannot refute it. Plus, as an alchemist, he cannot deny that Jiang Chen really concocted the pill.

“If you can’t do it doesn’t mean others can’t, remember, there are always people stronger than you out there.” Jiang Chen silently looked at Zang Tianming with the tone of a senior.

This was their difference in ability. Jiang Chen had mastered the ways to concoct the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill, plus, he already got stronger, it’s not hard to immediately concoct a single pill.

Zang Tianming had witnessed this feat before, to instantly complete a pill and hide away the pill lightning. He’s knowledgeable in this art, no matter whether it was in terms of speed, or precision, or the control of flame, all of them were at its peak, only one could complete such a feat, and he had only seen two people do such a feat before.

“I’ve lost.”

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