Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2613

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“If those great sects unite, they would be irresistible in the entire Qilian Boundary. However, the Heavenly Profound Sect used to be a representative of decency and respect while the Killing Luo Sect always acts strange and treacherous. Logically, there will never be an intersection between these two sects.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing wore a worried frown. However this was merely their guess, the truth may never be known.

“There is never a forever friend or a forever enemy. Everything could happen if there are benefits.”

Shen Yingqi took on a ghastly expression, but what he said might be unexpectedly true. Everything is possible if they are driven by their own interest. There is no smoke without fire.

“Could you explain why those two great sects remained silent and did not take any action?”

Long Shaotan didn’t believe what was happening but the current situation pointed to the two great sects. Their journey to the Thunder Rush Sea was going to crash and burn soon.

“Greetings to young sect lord.”

When countless peoples were in an atmosphere of uncertainty and distrust, a good-looking man appeared and soared into the sky. His eyes swept through the void with an overbearing aura. Everyone felt a strong pressure at this moment.

The white-clothed man was holding an azure sword in his hand, looking calm and relaxed. His aura and appearance was unparalleled which could even be called as one of the true beauties in the world. He was even more handsome than Big Yellow in Jiang Chen’s memory.

There was a piece of violet silk ribbon around his waist, and he’s wearing a white jade pendant. A gentleman with purple eyes with an awe-inspiring appearance, a matchless beauty in the world.

There were more than hundreds of Half-step Divine King experts surrounding and guarding the white-clothed man. His dragon’s aura trembled and made everyone withdraw in all directions.

“Everyone, I am the young city lord of Ling Jue City, Zi Xi. My dad is very upset and furious to see the Teleportation Formation being destroyed, even the six formation masters are out of their hands now. I am terribly sorry for this trouble.”

Zi Xi said lightly and looked at the void arrogantly.

“Young city lord, we didn’t mean to land you in trouble. But if the Teleportation Formation is not completely restored, I am afraid that we will return without any achievement in this journey to Thunder Rush Sea. I refuse to do so.”

“Yes, I am unwilling to accept that. We have come all the way here just for the Thunder Rush Sea. It is a golden opportunity that only appears once every thousand years and it will be a pity if we end up like this.”

“Young city lord, we are wondering why the Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect are not in Ling Jue City. Did they send someone to destroy this Teleportation Formation?”

“Young city lord, please do us justice.”

A lot of people on the scene were from the eight great sects. Some of them even wished to leave Ling Jue City as soon as possible. Without the Teleportation Formation, they would be temporarily trapped in Ling Jue City. How could it be possible for them to remain calm and stand still at this moment?”

Jiang Chen stared at the white-clothed gentleman, Zi Xi. His strength was truly impressive and formidable. Jiang Chen believed that his strength might have already reached the Late Divine King Realm, or even the peak since everyone was trembling in fear.

Zi Xi looked into the void and remained silent. Suddenly, he struck out the sword and pierced through the sky. The green shadow of the sword was like a beam of light, breaking the sky with cracks.

“Little kid, not bad. You have sharp senses, I think you’re about to surpass your father.

“Hahaha, son of b*tch. How dare you try to break my Soul Eclipse Formation? You’re over your head.”

An arrogant voice echoed through the void. He dodged the strike easily and skillfully.

The voice made everyone feel startled. Someone had planned to destroy the Teleportation Formation, as they had expected.

“Who are you?”

Zi Xi pointed his sword in the void. The entire Ling Jue City was wrapped in a kind of dark mist, like a devil approaching. Everyone held their breath. The Divine Kings were confronting a great enemy. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen fixed his gaze on the dark mist, he could hardly see the appearance of the person.

“Don’t you know who I am? Hahaha. It seems like Zi Qingyun, that old codger has never mentioned me before. I am the Formation Devil Bai Qi, the only formation devil in Lone Dragon County. Couldn’t you guys guess that the Teleportation Formation will eventually collapse under my formation?”

When the Formation Devil declared his name, everyone was frightened. Formation Devil was a terrifying existence in the entire Lone Dragon County as he was born in the Heavenly Star Boundary, and his formation was invincible. However, he went astray and eventually became obsessed with formations. That was the reason he was known as the Formation Devil who was obsessed with formations and no one could ever beat him.

“The Formation Devil.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing looked solemn and worried.

“Master, who is this Formation Devil?”

Donghuang Taiji looked at his master.

“He is the one who could kill hundreds of experts at once with his formation. The emergence of the Formation Devil made the whole Heavenly Star Boundary and the Nine Heavens trembled with fear. He is known as the most violent and bloodthirsty man, so everyone wanted to put him to death.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said slowly. Apparently, the name of the Formation Devil had terrified the world, and most of them knew him by his bad reputation.

“Who could ever imagine that the Formation Devil will interfere in our matters this time since we have no rancor against him in the past. Ling Jue City is the main city of the Qilian Boundary. Even though this guy is so arrogant, I guess he would not dare to offend the dignity of our City Lord.”

Long Shaotan was confused and wondered. In fact, the Formation Devil had already declared to fight against Ling Jue City. After all, destroying the Teleportation Formation was not what an ordinary person could simply do.

Jiang Chen recalled what Shen Yingqi had said. Everything was possible if it was related to their own interests. This was the same for the Formation Devil. Since the Formation Devil had never held a grudge againstLing Jue City, his interest had surely driven him to do so.

“This guy has never shown up in Lone Dragon County for over hundred years and now he suddenly appeared in Qilian Boundary once again. It will definitely arouse a great storm. He called himself the greatest Formation Master in the world which indicates that he is not ordinary at all. It seems like our journey to the Thunder Rush Sea has come to an end.”

Long Shaotan said with a sense of great sadness and depression. No matter what the intention of this Formation Devil, it was still impossible to restore the Teleportation Formation at this moment.

“Those six are just good-for-nothing. How dare they call themself as formation masters? It’s  too hilarious. Hahaha.”

The dark mist arose, transforming into a dark furious dragon, and soared into the sky. Zi Xi was about to chase after the dragon but he was forced to step backward. In the twinkling of an eye,the six formation masters were defeated,  while the Teleportation Formation that they had been restoring received great damage.

The six of them had suffered severe injuries. At this moment, everyone fell into despair, realizing that their journey to the Thunder Rush Sea turned into a dream and imagination.

“What a Formation Devil. Everyone, this guy made us come here for nothing. We will disgrace our sects if we didn’t teach him a lesson today.”

“You’re right, it will be a cinch for all of us to defeat the Formation Devil.”

“He is merely a formation master. How could he be so arrogant? He dares to fight against Ling Jue City which indicates that he is going to start a war with the sects in the entire Qilian Boundary. We could not just stay still.”

“Killing the Formation Devil is the way to vent my hatred and grief.”

The voice to kill the Formation Devil was getting louder but the Formation Devil did not care about it.

“I will kill him by myself.”

Zi Xi soared up into the sky, tore the stars apart and rushed straight through the dark mist.

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