Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2615

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“What? Do you mean that this is just his clone?”

“Even his clone is so strong, I can’t imagine how strong his true body is.”

“You’re right. This Formation Devil is invincible and unparalleled. It seems like our journey to the Thunder Rush Sea has now become a pipe dream. Moreover, all of the Formation Masters have suffered severe injuries at the moment which also indicates that we are destined to not travel.”

“At this rate, what is the point of staying here? Perhaps we will all be eventually killed by the Formation Devil. Ling Jue City is confronting a crisis at the moment. So, I wonder if the city lord is able to protect the city against the danger.”

The crowd surrounding them were in the midst of a heated discussion, fear spread through the city. Everyone was worried about their safety as they had fallen into despair due to the failure of the Thunder Rush Sea Journey. The Teleportation Formation in the Ling Jue City was destroyed by Formation Devil Bai Qi and no one knew when it would be restored. Moreover, they were confronting the danger of becoming the target of the Formation Devil at any time.

“Even though it is just a clone, killing you will be as easy as killing a chicken.”

The dark mist kept soaring into the sky and circled over Jiang Chen. It seemed like it would swallow Jiang Chen at any moment.

“Leave now.”

Zi Xi leapt up to the sky and made Jiang Chen stay behind him. He drew his sword and struck out but the Formation Devil disappeared with no trace.

“This guy is just acting too reckless, he is digging his own grave now. Humph.”

Shen Yingqi said coldly. He was dying to see Jiang Chen get killed by the Formation Devil so that he could vent his hatred.

“Yes, he’s being too arrogant and overbearing. It is the time to pay a price for it.”

Shen Fanghe said ferociously.

“Jiang Chen is just overconfident. How is it possible for him to face the Formation Devil with his own strength?”

Long Shaotan shook his head and heaved a deep sigh. But he was not supposed to comment much about it since Jiang Chen was not from the Nine Dragon Palace after all.

Meanwhile, Donghuang Zhuoqing was watching Jiang Chen silently. He believed that Jiang Chen was not someone who would show off in front of the crowd. Nevertheless, they were now in a critical situation and Jiang Chen had found a way to defeat the Formation Devil, so he would never stay still for sure.

“Hey kid, do you want to die?”

Formation Devil Bai Qi asked coldly but Jiang Chen did not turn a hair.

Jiang Chen murmured some words under his breath and casted the art technique. He struck out aggressively with a series of formations to break through.

Jiang Chen protected himself with the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire Formation. He could break through Divine Kings but not Formation Devil Bai Qi’s clone. Jiang Chen believed deeply that the clone could not be shattered. When everyone thought Jiang Chen was at his death door, Formation Devil Bai Qi stopped and was stunned though.

“I have never thought that you are a formation expert as well. It seems like I underestimated you.”

Formation Devil Bai Qi said coldly. But the moment that he wanted to strike out again, a Seven Stars Eight Trigram fell out from the sky which wrapped him up completely. The dark mist was covered by the Eight Trigram Formation and Formation Devil Bai Qi was completely wrong-footed. He had never expected that there was a formidable formation genius in the Ling Jue City.

Jiang Chen was casting the art techniques in one hand, while the other hand was controlling the Seven Stars Eight Trigram Formation well. It seemed simple but it was effective. The dark mist could not escape any more.

“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, just fade away!”

Jiang Chen repressed and struck out a strong blow from the sky. The dark mist that was wrapped by the Seven Stars Eight Trigram Formation was dispersing across the sky and faded away at this moment.

“Kid, you’re my mortal enemy now. I will never let you off even if I overturned the entire Qilian Boundary.”

The Formation Devil’s voice became weaker, full of grudges and hatred. The terrible resentment made everyone feel dread and frightened.

“How could you be so confident when you are on the eve of death? You’re right. I cannot badly injure you by destroying your clone, but you will not get any advantage at all. Seven Stars and Eight Trigrams devouring the heavens, revealing the devils and demons!”

Jiang Chen reached out his hand and held it high in the sky, his eyes were full of overbearing aura. He was like a huge palm scattering the dark mist utterly, making Formation Devil lose his fighting force completely. A kind of black ashes were left, transformed into a shadow and fell on the ground.


Jiang Chen said it coldly. Perhaps he would feel slightly frightened if his true body was here. But it was just an invincible clone of the Formation Devil. It was just ridiculous to make everyone bow their head to it. Nevertheless, six of the formation masters were destined to nurse a grievance without Jiang Chen.

“The clone of the Formation Devil has been destroyed.”

Jiang Chen took a glance at Zi Xi and nodded slightly.

Zi Xi stared at Jiang Chen in astonishment, so were the crowd. No one expected Jiang Chen to have such a devastating and mighty strength which could even defeat the Formation Devil. It would be an unbelievable story for them without witnessing it for themselves.

“Wow. Is it true? How could this guy manage to defeat Formation Devil Bai Qi? Even Divine Kings failed to do so.”

“Seeing is believing. I could not have believed it if I didn’t see it, but this is the truth.”

“Even the young city lord is incapable of doing so but he succeeded. He will definitely achieve a great reputation in the entire Ling Jue City.”

“Haven’t you heard of it? It is merely a clone, which is not strong at all. Why should we celebrate when it is not a matter for great rejoicing?”

Someone said it, full of jealousy. Jiang Chen did not even reach the Divine King Realm while those Divine King Realm experts were helpless. He did not deserve this. How could he gain the attention of the crowd? What he did was just defeat a clone. Shen Ying Sect was mean and despicable but they failed to convince all of them. Most of them were on Jiang Chen’s side and he won the cheers from them.

Donghuang Zhuoqing was the one who felt most delighted as Jiang Chen had brought a profound honour to their Eastern Emperor Sect. Even the young city lord felt helpless but he handled it at ease. He was just invincible for having such a remarkable strength.

“It is just a clone of the Formation Devil.”

Zi Xi looked disappointed and heaved a deep sigh. He could not even fight against a clone of the Formation Devil, it sounded too ironic and ridiculous. In fact, he would not be able to accomplish the mission of protecting Ling Jue City without the help of Jiang Chen, a kid who did not even reach the Divine King Realm.

“That’s right. It is true that the Formation Devil is extraordinarily strong, but only limited to the formation skills. He will not constrain your strength since his ultimate purpose is to hold us back. Destroying the Teleportation Formation intentionally is not a challenging task for them as they can do it effortlessly.

Jiang Chen said.

“Do you mean that it is premeditated by Formation Devil Bai Qi?”

Zi Xi looked dignified.

“He is most probably planning to make us trapped here and the Thunder Rush Sea is their ultimate target.”

Jiang Chen went on.

“Unfortunately, we could not do anything about it.”

Zi Xi said it lightly. He agreed with what Jiang Chen had said, the Formation Devil attained his mission. At the moment, the Teleportation Formation was damaged and it would not be easy for them to find Formation Masters to restore the formation within a short period of time.

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