Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2616

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“Reporting to Young Lord, the scouts that returned from the Five Elements Sect, it has been destroyed, all the Formation Masters have been killed, no survivors.” A man clad in black stood behind Zi Xi and said quietly.

“Five Elements Sect?” Jiang Chen slightly frowned.

“One of the top 20 sects in the Qilian Region that specialize in formation got destroyed, massacred.”  Zi Xi sighed.

This was surely a deliberate plan, the moment they attempted to destroy the teleportation formation, they'd already thought of all the possibilities. The Five Elements Sect that specializes in formation getting massacred was a clear sign that the things that are happening here are not simple. A storm was bound to hit Ling Jue City.

“What? The Five Elements Sect was exterminated? To think such a terrifying thing had happened?!”

“The Five Elements Sect, the rank 13th sect of the Qilian Region, a powerful sect, their formations might even be compared against the top 10 sects.”

“This is obviously planned, the destruction of the Five Elements Sect meant that this Formation Demon had planned all of these.”

“Looks like our trip to the Thunder Rush Sea is not going to go through.”

The people were getting anxious, and Zi Xi could do nothing to stop it. The most important thing now was to fend off the Formation Demon, otherwise, the situation may get worse.

“Fellow guest, please return. The teleportation formation is destroyed and our city lord’s mansion is deeply saddened by it. However, there’s nothing we could do now that the situation has come to this. I shall return and discuss this matter with my father.” Zi Xi said.

Although the people were unwilling to accept it, they still chose to leave nonetheless. There’s nothing they could do even if they stayed.

“Friend, my father left me a message. I hope that you could follow me back to the City Lord Mansion.” Zi Xi looked at Jiang Chen and said quietly.

“The City Lord’s Mansion?” Jiang Chen smiled. He wanted to lay-low but now it looks like it would be impossible.

Looks like the City Lord is not a good position. I’m guessing that the city is not in a stable state too.


Jiang Chen said his goodbyes to his group and followed Zi Xi to the mansion.

The City Lord’s Mansion wasn’t grand nor big. It was situated below a tiny mountain.

The words ‘simple and crude’ were just the right words to describe the mansion.

The mansion was surrounded by over a hundred guards, almost all of them were Half-Step Divine Kings, a dozen of them were even Divine Kings, it was a mighty force to be reckoned with.

They all bowed after seeing Zi Xi.

Jiang Chen and Zi Xi entered the mansion and a buff middle-aged man stood in the middle of the hall. Although Jiang Chen wasn’t sure, he guessed that the one he met was the city lord. However, his aura felt familiar.

“I, Jiang Chen, greet the City Lord.” Jiang Chen said.

“You broke the Formation Demon Bai Qi’s Fabrication Formation, stopping his evil deeds, you’ve made quite a contribution towards my Ling Jue City.” The middle-aged man said vigorously.

Jiang Chen couldn’t get his head behind this. This man was the true master of the Qilian Region, the master of Ling Jue City, the Venerable Lord of the Nine Regions. He should’ve gone beyond the Divine King Realm. Jiang Chen was wary of this point, those who were able to reach the Hierarch Realm were no simple fools.

“I thank the City Lord for praising me, it’s just a simple act, it doesn’t need to be spoken of.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Hehe, young man, to be this humble, good mental disposition. Tell me, do you think that the teleportation formation could be reactivated?” The middle-aged man slowly turned and looked at Jiang Chen with his sharp pair of eyes, filled with cold dominance.

However, it was also kind at the same time, a pair of eyes like those of the stars.

“I can try.” Jiang Chen said.

“What? You can reactivate the transportation formation and repair it?” Zi Xi looked at Jiang Chen with shock.

Although Jiang Chen was able to break Bai Qi’s formation, that didn’t mean that he could repair the formation. That formation was built by a Divine Emperor with great effort. It’s not something that could be imitated by anyone, not even six Divine King Formation Masters could repair it.

“I dare not guarantee it but it’s not hopeless.” Jiang Chen said.

“Good lad, you’re interesting. I’ll reward you greatly if you manage to reactivate the formation.”

Zi Qingtian stared at Jiang Chen, and Zi Xi’s expression was filled with disbelief. However, Jiang Chen breaking Bai Qi’s formation was definitely blood-boiling.

“I shall do my best to repair the teleportation formation.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Also, what do you think about the massacre of the Five Elements Sect?”

Zi Qingtian wanted to hear Jiang Chen’s thought about this.

“It should be the Formation Demon’s handiwork, or, the ones behind him. Somebody wanted to stop the top 10 sects from reaching the Thunder Rush Sea, the plan is perfect. However, I think it’s too much to massacre the Five Elements Sect just for the sake of the Thunder Rush Sea.”

“Oh? You think that there’s a great scheme moving behind all of these?”  Zi Qingtian looked at Jiang Chen with eyes filled with  amusement.

“The Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect did not send anyone, this meant that something must be going on in those two sects. I believe that is what the City Lord is worried about. Both of those sects are super-sects, both of them combined would be unstoppable in this Qilian Region. I suspect that there’s more to this, but this is just my guess.” Jiang Chen said without holding back.

Because he believed that the lord would not act against someone as weak as him. Although the Formation Demon must have a reason for doing so, the lord must’ve some clues about it too.

“Reasonable, but some things may not be as simple as you think.”  Zi Qingtian shook his head and gently smiled.

Although he holds a high position, he’s not arrogant. This was Jiang Chen's first time meeting such a character. Although the helplessness he exhibited was one that was bound to be experienced as the lord of the city.

“Father…” Zi Xi wanted to say something but was cut-off by Zi Qingtian.

“Time is of the essence, all the great sects are waiting, the trip to the Thunder Rush Sea is near. I will surely reward you greatly if you manage to do it.”

Zi Qingtian stared at Jiang Chen.

“I hope I won’t disappoint the lord’s wishes.” Jiang Chen nodded and left the City Lord’s Mansion immediately.

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