Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2632

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“I will take the lead! There’s no life but only death in the war!”

“For the king, go!”

“The War God is invincible between the heavens and earth!”

“We will come back with victory!”

Deafening voices came out from the Gate of Warrior. Thunderstorm flashed between the illusory space while heavy rain was pouring down at the same time. The knights and warriors who held golden weapons in their hands rushed out from the Gate of Warrior.

Those warriors wore a helmet with a golden plume, and silver armour on their body. They were riding war horses while holding the halberds on their hands. Each of their glaring eyes seemed to be able to pierce through heaven and earth. Their roaring was as loud as the thunderstorm, making the entire earth shake.

The hundreds and thousands of warriors were like the long river that covered the entire ground and brought chaos to the earth.

What was hiding behind the Gate of Warrior? No one knew about it. However, this Gate of Warrior had brought everyone an unusual kind of battle scene. It was extremely bloody and high in fighting spirit.

Their amours were full of the marks left by knives and swords and some were even pierced by long spears stained with blood. The only thing that was not there was tears.

“It’s so terrifying! These are all from the Gate of Warrior.”

Li Peng took a cold breath and he was completely stunned by what he’s seeing.

“I am afraid that an incredibly powerful world is hiding behind the Gate of Warrior.”

Yin Hun’s words sounded solemn and shaky because he felt that they might soon be used as sacrifices for the Gate of Warrior.

“I have never seen such an overbearing and terrifying aura before in my whole life.”

Long Xinghua murmured and she shivered in fear.

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

The scream shocked the entire earth and even Jiang Chen and the others felt the great pressure. All of the soaring warriors rushed out the Gate of Warrior and spread across the entire place.

The first person they targeted was Murong Yun`er. Although the troops were only in the form of shadows, each of the souls possessed the combat strength of a Late Heavenly God Realm with their accumulated resentment. When the hundreds and thousands of troops rushed out the Gate of Warrior, the overbearing aura almost shattered Murong Yuner and turned her into  ashes.

“Be careful!”

Donghuang Taiji immediately appeared in front of Murong Yuner to defend her from the overbearing aura. However, the countless fighting souls still pushed Donghuang Taiji, Murong Yuner and the others away with a terrifying power. The two of them were injured severely.

“This is not Gate of Warrior. This is a world that is filled with countless fighting souls.”

Jiang Chen looked solemn and stared at the scene without blinking. Suddenly, the hundreds and thousands of fighting souls started running around the treasury room.

“Such a terrifying world of fighting souls. It’s really terrifying. I’ve never heard of a place like this.”

Hei Cha’s countenance fell because they might need to face these fighting souls.


Murong Yuner held Donghuang Taiji’s hand tightly, while Donghuang Taiji struggled as his body was pierced through by three fighting souls just now. He suffered intense pain as if his bone and flesh were being torn apart.

Murong Yuner’s tear rolled down her face and blood was all over her mouth. If Donghuang Taiji did not take action to defend her just now she might have already died. The two of them hugged each other tightly. Donghuang Taiji’s action had moved Jiang Chen as it was true love.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen threw a hundred pieces of Energy Recovery Pill to Donghuang Taiji. Donghuang Taiji was shocked as the price of these hundred pieces of Energy Recovery Pill  was invaluable. However, the most important thing was that these Energy Recovery Pills could provide him unlimited supply to recover his strength. He would be like an invincible War God.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen also threw a bottle of Energy Recovery Pill to Long Xinghua. Long Xinghua was excited and stunned as well. Her eyes were filled with affection towards Jiang Chen and gratitude.

“Do your best. These fighting souls are not that simple!”

Jiang Chen shouted. Then, more than ten fighting souls crashed into him while roaring in anger.

The Gate of Warrior was expanding and more and more fighting souls rushed out of the gate. It was really terrifying.

If there were only ten fighting souls, they might not be afraid. If there were hundreds, they might still be able to handle it. But what if there were thousands and hundreds of thousands?

Even if Jiang Chen had the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation to protect himself, it was not enough to stop the mad flood of the fighting souls.

Each of these fighting souls was as alive as a tiger, filled with an overbearing fighting spirit. Their body was as strong as a giant ape.

The Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation had already been set up, however, Jiang Chen could not stop the fighting spirit from rushing. He was only able to defend himself. The most terrifying thing was that more than half of the fighting souls were aiming at Long Xinghua. This had put her in a very difficult situation which nearly suffocated her.

Jiang Chen could not help signing and worry as most of the fighting souls had seen Long Xinghua as their target.

“Divine Dragon Defense Soul Seal!”

Long Xinghua casted the Divine Dragon Defense Soul Seal to fight with the fighting souls. Her sword was like an azure dragon sweeping in all directions.

However, those fighting souls had become even more fierce in battle. Even though Long Xinghua had been eating the Energy Recovery Pill continuously, it still seemed to be   of no use. Thousands of mad fighting souls still kept crashing into Long Xinghua and seemed like they wanted to finish the mission of killing her.  Suddenly, the azure dragon of Long Xinghua’s sword seemed to have been completely engulfed by the fighting souls.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Chen frowned. At this moment, he had no choice but to take action to save her. Donghuang Zhuoqing and Long Shaotan were very good friends while the Eastern Emperor Sect and Nine Dragon Palace had a very good relationship as well. Jiang Chen could not just stand aside and not do anything.


Jiang Chen roared in anger. He transformed into a dragon that brought shock to everyone.

“This guy is really impressive. Although he is just a Late Heavenly God, he is the most skillful one here.”

Yin Hun said coldly. He was quite exhausted from dealing with the fighting souls that kept trying to break his defences.

As soon as Jiang Chen casted his dragon transformation, all of the fighting souls turned towards him. They were like a flood trying to submerge Jiang Chen.

Those fighting souls that had attacked Donghuang Taiji, Yin Hun and Lei Peng all now turned to attack Jiang Chen. Those that aimed at Long Xinghua gave up attacking her and turned to Jiang Chen. Hundreds and thousands of troops soared and targeted Jiang Chen now.

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