Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2633

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Jiang Chen managed to protect Long Xinghua with his power. If he didn’t take action on time, Long Xinghua would have already been killed. However, she was still severely injured and her pretty face had become completely pale. Even under Jiang Chen’s protection, her breath was still very weak. A Divine King expert had become so weak, unable to withstand the attacks of the fighting souls.

No one knew that these fighting souls would have such an incredibly strong aura.

“Haha. Interesting. Unexpectedly, all of these fighting spirits have now come to attack Jiang Chen. Amazing!”

Yin Hun said in a cunning way. At this moment, he finally heaved a sigh of relief as Jiang Chen became the target of all of the fighting souls. All of the fighting souls were taking action against Jiang Chen.

“Motherf*cker, it was too risky. I almost had to say goodbye to the world.”

Hei Cha said with fear lingering in his heart. If Jiang Chen did not become the target, they wouldn’t have been able to take things as easy now.

“Sh*t. If things continue like this, Jiang Chen will definitely die!”

Donghuang Taiji was very anxious, but Jiang Chen was already drowned in the hundreds and thousands of fighting souls. They could not see his figure at all. Even a Divine King expert would be crushed easily by these fighting souls.

Long Xinghua never expected that she and Jiang Chen would stand at the same level. He even saved her at the cost of his life. Although Long Xinghua was cold-hearted, she was unable to stay calm at this moment. Jiang Chen’s figure had remarkably been etched on her mind. Although she was the most talented genius of the Nine Dragon Palace, she had depended on someone to save her just in order to stay alive. She actually felt very bitter about this. Who knew that the world of fighting souls would give them such a lesson.

Thunder Rush Sea was definitely not a nice place.

“What the hell. All of you have come to attack me now?” Jiang Chen gritted his teeth tightly, however, it still wouldn’t help improve his  situation.

Facing the countless number of fighting souls, Jiang Chen was neither happy nor sad. However, it was also difficult for his Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation to block out all of the attacks by the fighting souls. He was in big trouble now.

“Finally… Hehe. This kid deserves this as this is what he has been looking for. The world of fighting souls will become his graveyard.”

Li Peng laughed coldly as Jiang Chen was being devoured by the fighting souls now. Even if he was a Hierarch expert, he might not be able to escape this challenge because the collective strength of these Late Heavenly God souls was strong enough to crush everything.

“This is called karma. Hahaha. The consequence of trying to be a hero will be arriving to a dead end. You have never measured your own strength before acting a hero to save the beauty.”

Hei Cha did not forget to tease Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen was being flooded by the fighting souls.

“Why can’t good people stay alive longer.”

Murong Yuner gritted her teeth tightly while holding Donghuang Taiji’s hand. Right now, they could not see Jiang Chen’s body at all. That man who had rescued them was not here anymore. Murong Yuner suddenly felt that life really is full of unpredictability.

“Jiang Chen!”

Long Xinghua was full of rage and she almost broke her throat from roaring. In front of herself, Jiang Chen was devoured by the countless fighting souls, eventually disappearing.

“Divine Golden Bell!”

Jiang Chen used the Eastern Emperor Bell as the foundation to set the Divine Golden Bell. This is the first time he used it.

As he expected, although he was not able to fully display the Eastern Emperor Bell’s dreadfulness, the Divine Golden Bell provided him with perfect protection. The hundreds and thousands of fighting souls kept on crashing towards the Divine Golden Bell, yet they still failed to break the protection. It was because of the protection of the Divine Golden Bell which was based on the Eastern Emperor Bell. It was a real existence instead of a formation that was casted by Donghuang Wuji at that time.

Jiang Chen’s Divine Golden Bell was completely incomparable to the Divine Golden Bell set by those people of the Eastern Emperor Sect.

“Successful. This Divine Golden Bell is indeed powerful and it might be able to withstand the strike of a Hierarch expert.”

Jiang Chen was sure that the surrounding fighting souls had decided to kill him, however, he had no idea why he became their target. Why must they go against him? Even those souls that attacked Donghuang Taiji and Lei Peng came to target him.

Jiang Chen did not understand, but there must be something strange behind.

Although Jiang Chen was able to block those fighting souls outside of the Divine Golden Bell, it was still extremely difficult for him to break through them.

“Damn it!”

Jiang Chen could not help shaking his head.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen had an idea as he recalled the Great Yu Soul Forming Light that he had. Although he had not finished repairing the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, half of it had already been actually repaired. Why not try taking out the Great Yu Soul Forming Light to suppress these fighting souls?

Jiang Chen took out the Great Yu Soul Forming Light from the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Suddenly, all of the fighting souls were stunned. Jiang Chen could feel that it was the suppression of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“Great one. Hahaha. This Great Yu Soul Forming Light is interesting.

“Keep them!”

The Great Yu Soul Forming Light suddenly gave off a bright radiance and thousands of rays shot out from the light. Whenever the rays passed by, they managed to absorb all of the fighting souls. All of the fighting souls were now frightened. Although the Great Yu Soul Forming Light could not absorb the souls in high speed, Jiang Chen knew that the Forming Light could overcome all of these souls. He also could see that the Great Yu Soul Forming Light has become brighter and brighter now.

“Great. Show me how powerful you are. My effort in fixing the Great Yu Soul Forming Light has not been wasted.”

Jiang Chen smiled confidently as all of the fighting souls were absorbed into the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

At this moment, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light became extremely bright. Jiang Chen was thrilled as it had finally become a dreadful Origin Divine Tool. Moreover, it was not fully repaired yet. Under the nourishment of Myriad Qi Cauldron and these fighting souls, Jiang Chen believed that the Great Yu Soul Forming Light would become even more powerful.

As long as the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was not fully repaired, Bai Yunfei’s soul would not be reborn. However, Jiang Chen believed that the day was not far away anymore.

Jiang Chen swept across the entire universe. He was invincible despite facing hundreds and thousands of fighting souls.

“What can these fighting souls do to me?”

Jiang Chen looked at the sky while holding the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. His eyes were like torches scanning through the sky. At this moment, everyone was dumbstruck and their facial expression changed. Yin Hun, Lei Peng and the others all trembled in fear.

At this moment, the scream and shout that came from the warzone became softer and softer in the Gate of Warrior. The enormous shadow on top of the Gate of Warrior was becoming smaller……

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