Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2634

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“How are you going to fight me?”

Dou Ling said coldly, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Don’t be so arrogant. Battle God Clan, so what? This place is the Thunder Rush Sea and Qilian Boundary, do you really think that you can turn around here?”

Li Jingdong said with pride while fighting against Dou Ling without any fear. Their battle became more and more intense. The brothers of Li Jingdong, Feng Xingli and Bai Qi had joined hands together to completely suppress Dou Ling. Dou Ling did not have any chance to make a counterattack at all. However, Li Jingdong was really curious about what made Dou Ling so confident in the battle.

“Accept your death, Dou Ling!”

Feng Xingli pressed against Dou Ling once again. Five Mid Divine King Realm experts fought Dou Ling together. However, Dou Ling’s face remained calm and he was not nervous at all.

“Rubbish. You guys are just rubbish in my eyes. Dou Formation Technique! “

Dou Ling’s eyes were glaring at this moment.  As soon as the Dou Formation Technique was casted, the Wind Cloud Spirit Absorbing Formation that he had set beforehand started stirring up the place. The five of them were stunned as no one expected that Dou Ling, who was under their suppression, could still stir up a storm, making a turnaround. They had completely lost the chance to defend themselves now.

In the Wind Cloud Spirit Absorbing Formation, Feng Xingli and Li Jingdong’s countenance fell as their souls seemed to be sucked by an enormous strength at this moment. Their body was distorted and the pain they were suffering was indescribable. The pain was stronger than the pain one would feel when their body was torn apart.

Bai Qi was the one who found this suppression comparatively easier compared to others. However, Bai Qi who was a Formation Master also ran out of ideas to counter the Dou Formation Technique. He could only try his best to save himself.

“Luckily, I have the Spirit Suppressing Stone with me. Otherwise, my soul might

have been absorbed by the formation already.”

Fear still lingered in Bai Qi’s heart. While he was fighting against the Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation, he kept thinking how he could escape from the place. They had lost their autonomy at this moment. What brought Bai Qi into despair was not Dou Ling’s strength but his Dou Formation Technique. With the enforcement of Dou Formation Technique, the Wind Cloud Spirit Absorbing Formation had advanced to an invincible level. Bai Qi knew how to set up the Spirit Absorbing Formation. However, he would not be a match to Dou Ling who had the Dou Formation Technique to enhance his Spirit Absorbing Formation.

Although Bai Qi was really jealous of Dou Ling, he knew that it was the secret of the Dou God Clan. The dreadfulness of the Dou Formation Technique was imaginable. The Dou Formation Technique was an unparalleled existence among all kinds of formation. Bai Qi had already known about this ever since he started learning formation technique.

“Can’t I run away if I can’t defeat you?”

Bai Qi was holding the Spirit Suppressing Stone that he discovered from a place where a great master passed away. The Spirit Suppressing Stone could stabilise formation and make one not be affected by any formation. It was a rare treasure as it would not be moved by any kind of storm, including the Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation.

“Damn it. This guy is too dreadful. He had already set up this formation in the dark. We won't be able to escape misfortune.”

Feng Xingli was stunned while his voice became shaky. His face was completely distorted due to the Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation.

Li Jingdong faced the same situation and he felt that death was so near him. At this moment, despite being skillful and formidable, all of them had come to a dead end.

“Mr Bai, please save us.”

Li Jingnan said in a deep voice while his eyes showed desperation. In comparison to others, Bai Qi at least, was not yet defeated by the Absorbing Spirit Formation.


Bai Qi’s eyes blinked, however, he did not care about the others. He immediately found a way to escape from the Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation. Suddenly, he disappeared. It was already not easy to escape the formation, not to say saving the others. It was like a dream.

“Bastard, he has run away by himself.”

“No! I don’t want to die here!

“Heavenly Profound Sect will not let you live, Dou Ling!”

“You will be punished by the heavens. Killing Luo Sect will never ever reconcile with you.”

Their souls were completely drained out by the Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation. They were turned into dry corpses. Everyone took a deep breath while looking at Dou Ling.

Dou Ling carried a frown as Bai Qi managed to find a way to escape his Wind Cloud Absorbing Spirit Formation. Unfortunately, the jade box was still in his hand. He was here for the spine bone and that was the true purpose of why he came here. It was a relic from his ancestor.

Dou Ling did not waste his time to look around anymore but rushed somewhere further as he could sense that an overbearing aura was coming out from that side.

“This man of the Battle God Clan is indeed too terrifying.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing was solemn. Dou Ling had already disappeared. They were facing a sorrowful scene right now as more than ten elders were slaughtered. There were only Donghuang Zhuoqing, Long Shaotan, Shen Yingqi, Qu Tianshu and the young city lord Zi Xi here. Except for Zi Xi, the others were all badly injured. Even those elders from the other sects were all killed. The scene was extremely tragic.

Ying Chen was also at his last grasp. Long Shaotan’s eyes were full of blood as he felt that he must finish Ying Chen despite his severe injury. Under the cooperation of many experts, Ying Chen was finally defeated.

“All of you shall die! Shall die!”

Ying Chen mourned. He knew that if he continued to fight, he would definitely die. He chose to soar up to the sky and planned to leave this place. However, would Long Shaotan allow him to leave so easily? This was a good chance to avenge Xiao Yu. Even if he had to pay the price of his life, he would do so just to kill Ying Chen.

“Want to leave this place? Humph. It’s not that easy. You have to ask my permission first.”

Long Shaotan was determined. He gritted his teeth tightly, and his eyes were filled with essence light as he unleashed his killing intent. Soaring up to the sky, he wrestled with Ying Chen.

“Brother Long!”

Donghuang Zhuoqing’s heart sank as he knew that Long Shaotan had decided to die together with Ying Chen.

“You are such a lunatic. If you want to die, don’t pull me together to die with you!”

Ying Chen was terrified as Long Shaotan had already decided to die together with him. They were in an intense wrestling match. At this moment Ying Chen’s face was covered with blood and sweat.

“Killing you is the only way to avenge Xiao Yu. I, Long Shaotan, am happy to do so. Hahaha.”

Ying Chen broke through the sky yet Long Shaotan swore to kill him. In the end, Long Shaotan chose to blast himself and die together with Ying Chen. They both vanished in the ashes.

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