Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2643

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“Good guy, it seems like you have a strong shield. Let’s see how long you could laugh, you’re such a coward.”

Luo Qinghe laughed coldly as he drew his sword and soared into the sky. The light of the sword sliced the void. He flew through a hundred miles while the light faded away above the Saint Soul Mountain. He was rushing at Jiang Chen directly.

“Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition!”

Jiang Chen roared fiercely and exerted the God Sealing Prohibition. Luo Qinghe was forced backwards. Even though he was being attacked from all directions, he was still able to remain unmoved. Jiang Chen sealed all the blade’s light successfully, even Luo Qinghe lost control of his own body for a second. Luo Qinghe’s face became gloomy as he retreated. He soared into the sky and looked at the universe arrogantly.

“I have never expected the God Sealing Prohibition to be this strong. I feel like I’ve wasted my time practising the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art for over a thousand years .”

Donghuang Zhuoqing smiled bitterly and shook his head. His skills were completely uncomparable with Jiang Chen’s Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition, there was even a huge difference between both of them. Donghuang Zhuoqing had never thought that the God Sealing Prohibition was this formidable. Even Zi Xi thought that Jiang Chen would be the one to suffer a severe injury, but their strength was neck and neck.

“This guy is quite impressive.”

Zi Xi murmured under his breath. Even the invincible genius from the God Luo Clan could do nothing to Jiang Chen at the moment.

“It seems like you really think that you’re unbeatable in the world if I don’t show you my true colors.”

Luo Qinghe snorted. Although neither of them gained the upper hand through the battle, it seemed like Luo Qinghe was defeated. Jiang Chen’s strength had not even reached the Divine King Realm while Luo Qinghe was already one of the strongest experts in the Mid Divine King Realm. Even though he was not considered as the strongest in his clan, he still deserved to be called a genius. However, he had never expected a weak Heavenly God guy could fight against him. It was totally a shame to him.

“Haha, did you just call yourself a genius of God Luo Clan? You’re nothing more than this, even inferior to a Heavenly God. It seems like this is all your strength amounts to.”

Dou Ling shrugged his shoulder, and said in disdain.

“Shut up!”

Luo Xingran said in a deep voice.

“Hey lady, I don’t mind playing with you if you still can’t accept it. But perhaps you should come to our Battle God Clan and have a baby with me. Haha.”

Dou Ling pointed his sword at Luo Xingran. Both of them were enraged  at the moment and the battle seemed to break out at any moment.

“I swear to get the scripture and I will definitely teach this guy a lesson.”

Luo Qinghe looked serious this time as the skills that Jiang Chen casted were absolutely beyond his expectation. Thus, he was bound to fight to the death.

“Is that all you got? Well, it’s my turn now.”

Jiang Chen curled up his lip slightly, full of killing intent in his eyes. It would be impossible for the people of God Luo Clan to bring God Luo’s Scripture out of here.

“Kid, a year from today will be the anniversary of your death. Since you are determined to die, I will fulfill your dream. And that giant yellow dog, I will make a stew of the dog for you.”

Luo Qinghe swept through the void and soared high in the sky. His sword swept away the earth while shedding light brightly. He was constantly intermingling together with Jiang Chen’s shadow, making each clash spark and glimmer in all directions.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword was striking out like a dragon, he did not mean to draw back. Jiang Chen was rushing forward bravely with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Each step was light and radiant. How could it be possible for a Heavenly God Realm to fight against a strong Divine King expert? He was not even at a disadvantage.

The blade and sword was mingling together while the fight between the blood and fire was intense. Jiang Chen was constrained by Luo Qinghe but he was unable to kill Jiang Chen at all. Although Jiang Chen’s strength was slightly inferior to Luo Qinghe, he proved himself with his action. Hence, it was impossible for Luo Qinghe to defeat Jiang Chen after all.

“You’re forcing me! I will show you my Luo He Thousands Cup!”

Luo Qinghe flew high into the sky and soared rapidly while holding a golden saint grail in his hand. Jiang Chen looked cold and startled as it was absolutely a real Origin Divine Tool.

“The water of the Luo River flows from heaven, running to the sea with no return!”

The sword’s light of Luo Qinghe was boundless which made Jiang Chen take a few steps backward. Water flew out unstoppably from the Luo He Thousands Cups. Jiang Chen was completely constrained in the surging waves of the river.

“Isn’t it the Heavy Water of the God Luo Clan? I heard that there is nothing that could compare with the Heavy Water of the God Luo Clan in the universe. In the Three Origins of Heavy Water, no one would be able to remain intact even if you’re a monster with the body of Buddha. Once the Heavy Water appears, the universe will be shattered to pieces.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing said under his breath, fright and fear filled his eyes. He heaved a cold breath.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. The water of Luo River flows from heaven, it’s a formidable Heavy Water. Even a hundred miles tall mountain could never resist the huge amount of Three Origins of Heavy Water.

Jiang Chen was soon drowned in the Heavy Water in the Luo He Thousands Cups with remarkable speed. The entire Saint Soul Mountain was submerged by the water and it was crunching. Even the Saint Soul Mountain was going to be smashed to pieces.

“It is just terrifying.”

Zi Xi murmured. At the moment, he was about to strike out and save Jiang Chen from danger. However, the Three Origin of Heavy Water was truly terrifying. The water of Luo River flows from heaven, it was irresistible. He was being thrown out by the Three Origins of Heavy Water directly and he was nearly drawn into the Three Origins of Heavy Water.

“Hahaha. You’re still too young to fight me. Even if you’re a Late Divine King, you will never be able to stay alive in the Three Origins of Heavy Water and Luo He Thousands Cups. You’re destined to be smashed to pieces.”

Luo Qinghe’s voice sounded extremely cruel and he looked delighted. The water of the Luo River had covered the entire Saint Soul Mountain. Even Jiang Chen was utterly suppressed at the bottom, there was a very slim chance for him to stay alive.

“Jiang Chen is at death’s door now......”

Donghuang Zhupqing sighed and looked helpless. But they would never be the opponent of this Luo Qinghe. At the moment, what they shall do is to leave there as soon as possible.

“Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen......”

Long Xinghua said in a low voice. She could never believe that Jiang Chen was simply suppressed under the Three Origin of Heavy Water and collapsed eventually.

“It seems like we are wrong from the beginning. It’s Jiang Chen's fate to die a glorious death as a hero.”

Donghuang Taiji looked silently at the flowing water of the Luo River that flooded the entire Saint Soul Mountain. He was helpless and sorrowful.

Jiang Chen was completely suppressed in the Three Origins of Heavy Water and it was impossible for him to survive. Even the thousand miles of mountain was utterly destroyed and laid flat.

“Even if you are strong enough, how could you get away from my control? You’re in way over your head. Humph.”

Luo Qinghe said coldly.

“It seems like it is not suitable to stay here now. We should leave here as soon as possible.”

Zi Xi said in a low voice. Perhaps all of them would not be able to survive if they stayed there.

The moment that they turned back, everyone sighed in vain.

“Are you trying to constrain me with this Three Origins of Heavy Water? Hahaha. You’re just kidding yourself.”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed through the void. There were twelve flames surrounding him and he broke through the Three Origins of Heavy Water. It was like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, Jiang Chen was protected at the center. It was Jiang Chen’s Twelve Fire God Guards!

The flames leap to the sky. The strength of the Twelve Fire God Guards had reached the Half-step Divine King Realm and they were constantly enhanced with the strength of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was shielded by the Twelve Fire God Guards, so the Three Origins of Heavy Water could do nothing to him.

Long Xinghua and Donhuang Taiji turned around their body immediately. The moment that they opened their eyes once again, Jiang Chen was soaring in the sky like a Monarch. They were all astonished.

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