Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2646

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“Really? Since you’re not letting that casket go, we’ll have to resort to arms. Xingran, get ready, kill without mercy!”

Luo Qinghe and Luo Xingran pointed their blades towards Dou Ling.

“You think you’re invincible after killing a trash? Why don’t both of you try whether you can break through my Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation?”

Dou Ling then instantly summoned his formation with heaven and earth as the base and the five elements and eight trigrams as support. He planted it before the battle, which threatened Luo Qinghe and Luo Xingran.

“To think you’ve planted this formation earlier, calculative. However, let’s see whether you can stop me.” Luo Qinghe rushed and ignored the Chaotic Eight Trigrams Formation.

The formation was like a spiderweb and suppressed Qinghe. Xingran gasped and her expression slightly changed. However, Qinghe wasn’t harmed by the formation and tried, again and again, to break through the formation but to no avail. Their expressions finally became ugly.

“Huh, this is nothing to be proud of, to use a formation to defeat the enemy! I refuse to believe that you can stall me forever!” Luo Qinghe sneered but Dou Ling ignored him.

“Why do you think you can best me? When you can’t even break through my formation.”

Dou Ling’s arrogance was on par with Luo Qinghe.

“The water from the Luo River comes from heaven!” Luo Qinghe once again tried to break through the formation.

However, at this moment, Dou Ling moved and took control of the Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation, forming a world within the formation, sealing off all the energy from the outside world. The duo was then pushed back again.

“Take my blade!” Luo Qinghe knew that it’s pointless to hesitate anymore, it’s time to unleash his full strength.

The Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation that was under Dou Ling’s control managed to suppress the duo. However, he suffered an injury as he had to protect the formation and took the powerful blow upon himself.

“Let’s see how long you’ll last, I refuse to believe that this formation is without a weakness.”

Luo Qinghe couldn’t break through the formation on one go so he focused his attacks on one of the bases of the formation relentlessly. Dou Ling was frustrated by his action as he may not be able to take control of the situation if he doesn’t defend it.

“Damned fella, halt! Battle Formation Technique, Change!”

Dou Ling once again used the Battle Formation Technique and countless origin energy windblades formed within the formation. Xingran wasn’t able to evade them and was severely injured.

“Xingran, be careful!” Luo Qinghe roared.

However, he couldn’t stop Luo Xingran from dying as she fell from the Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation.

“No….” Luo Qinghe roared in pain.

He rammed on the formation as he was filled with anger and pain, blood could be seen flowing down from Dou Ling’s lips. Both of them would suffer if this goes on.

Luo Qinghe rammed on the Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation like a mad bull, disregarding his injuries, trying to break through the formation no matter what, for the sake of killing Dou Ling.

“I will kill you, I will kill you. Dou Ling!”

Luo Xingran was his lover, they were together for a hundred years. Luo Qinghe was utterly angered by Luo Xingran’s death. Nobody could stop him now as he was like a violent beast, trying to break through his cage.


Dou Ling frowned from Luo Qinghe’s roar.

Not even the Chaotic Eight Trigram Formation could kill Qinghe and the latter managed to break through the formation and went into a melee with Dou Ling, both of them fought against each other without holding back.

“Do you think you’re the only one with a trump card? Let me show you mine.” Dou Ling sneered, as he gasped for air. His sleeves were dyed red with his blood. He seemed somewhat demonic, accompanied by his deep blue eyes, he gave off a true demonic feel.

“Spirit Transferring Body!” Dou Ling roared as his aura filled the air, the land below the Saint Soul Mountain began to quake.

“Let’s see who’s stronger!”

Luo Qinghe did not have anything holding him back anymore. Both of them were Half-Step Hierarch, the energy they released could easily destroy the Warrior’s Gate.

“F*ck off!”

A powerful sword strike split the land apart.

Dou Ling and Luo Qinghe were both severely injured after countless clashes, both of them gasping as their expression became pale.

Injuring the opponent while also harming oneself. It was a true bloody battle!

“Hand over the God Luo's Scripture, otherwise I’ll really kill you.”

Luo Qinghe’s eyes were filled with rage, it felt like he was prepared to unleash a kamikaze rush.

“Do you think I’ll hand it over to you? The God Luo's Scripture? Haha, Don’t think that if there’s the word God Luo in it that it’s yours to take. Hilarious. Hahaha.” Dou Ling was never afraid of Luo Qinghe.

Both of them were similar in strength, it doesn’t look like any of them will fall if this continues.

“Kakaka, this is amusing, amusing! I don’t even feel like coming out when you guys are fighting this delightfully. Kakaka.” A powerful figure appeared in the sky.

Both of them looked up in surprise.

“You? To think you’re back to die, hmph.” Dou Ling harumphed.

That person was the Formation Demon, Bai Qi, who ran away earlier.

“That was just one of my clones. This is my true body. I say… what’s so precious that it even attracted the Battle God Clan and God Luo Clan. Looks like I’ve made the right decision to come back. Now, you guys should be worried about your safety and not me.”

Bai Qi stood with his arms crossed as he looked down proudly. Dou Ling and Luo Qinghe were incredibly weakened, there’s nothing for him to be afraid of. Moreover, he’s a Peak Late Divine King, not even if they joined hands could they defeat him.

“This God Luo's Scripture shall be mine, Formation Demon Bai Qi, to take.”

“Really? Let’s see whether I agree to it or not.” Jiang Chen smirked as he patted away the dust on his body.

He stood up from the wreckages with his eyes filled with murderous intent!

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