Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2648

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“Jiang Chen, let’s sit down and talk, don’t do stupid stuff!” Luo Qinghe said, shivering.

He couldn’t take it anymore if Jiang Chen really fused the third lightning. Nobody could survive the blast radius of the three lightning fusion, at least, in 10,000 li radius, all life would be vanquished.

Luo Qinghe never expected Jiang Chen to have such a card. He did not expect Jiang Chen to have the capability to fuse three Heavenly Lightnings, he had never heard of this method, even as a joke.

“Jiang Chen, you’re mad!” Dou Ling roared as his heart trembled.

Formation Demon Bai Qi too looked at Jiang Chen, praying. Their expression became pale. The destructive force of the fusion was unimaginable. Jiang Chen stood in the sky like the lord of all being, with three lightnings in his hand.

“I don’t want this jade box anymore, Jiang Chen, I’ll give it to you. Don’t do anything stupid.” Formation Demon Bai Qi almost cried.

He never planned to have his true body to come here but for the Ice Sea Divine Dragon Palace to appear in the Thunder Rush Sea, great treasures must be within the place, he then decided to come after contemplating the risk and reward, to gain some of the treasures that were in the palace. However, he did not expect that the most negligible Heavenly God fella would be able to put him so close to death, and to almost make these experts piss themselves.

“This fella is truly talented… monstrous… to fuse Heavenly Lightnings, I’ve never heard of it…” The Kraken murmured as he retreated far away from Jiang Chen, shivering.

A Heavenly God fella unleashing such a powerful technique, this would certainly shock countless Divine Kings and Half-Step Hierarchs.

“Everything should end.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

No one below the Hierarch Realm would be able to withstand this fusion of three Heavenly Lightnings. Even Hierarch experts would suffer a heavy injury if they take it head-on. No matter how powerful these guys were, Jiang Chen was confident that he could eliminate them all here and then.

The Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and One Drought Heavenly Lightning! The moment those three fused, Jiang Chen felt a devastating, destructive energy within his hands, not even he could control it once it was unleashed.

“Death is your only choice.” Jiang Chen said coldly and calmly.

He then released the Heavenly Lightning from his palm, like a deathly blossoming lotus flower, nine-coloured petals bloomed, the Heavenly Lightning flower blossomed and burst towards its surroundings.

The trio gasped as their expression became pale. The most cowardly one, Formation Demon Bai Qi, thought that he could use his trump card and become the final winner. But he wasn’t able to do anything and was locked away by Jiang Chen, not allowing him to run away.

Formation Demon Bai Qi used everything he had, trying to get away with countless formations buffing him. However, all of those formations became nothing the instant that lightning exploded. Those formations were like paper, being shredded apart and Bai Qi shattered into nothingness.

Luo Qinghe even unleashed the Spirit Transferring Body, however, his almost Hierarch Realm strength couldn’t withstand the terrifying explosive lightning energy. It immediately engulfed the trio and he too fell without him able to do anything against it.


The surrounding area of the Saint Soul Mountain was levelled into a flat land.

Jiang Chen could feel the dragon marks within his body growing exponentially. His strength also had reached the Half-Step Divine King Realm. He had gained quite a lot in this battle. He’s one to save up in the time of need and it was only reasonable for him to gain such an exponential leap.

Jiang Chen’s expression was pale, as the fusion of three lightnings was too much for him. The divine origin energy within his body was almost spent. He then grabbed Formation Demon Bai Qi’s spatial ring and the jade box was in his palm.

“Finally, I’ve found you.” Jiang Chen smiled.

He didn’t know what’s in the jade box. It’s surely important if an expert would grab it tightly in his hand even after death.

As the dust settled, Jiang Chen saw a person. It was Dou Ling that was covered with blood and his appearance in tatters.

“Jiang Chen, I have to admit that you’re pretty mad. However, I can still easily beat you down.” Dou Ling gritted his teeth and said.

He almost died earlier, however, that spine suddenly unleashed a powerful energy into his body, the bone of his ancestor helped him withstood that attack. In addition to the 9 layers of formation protecting his body, he managed to live through it. Dou Ling still suffered tremendous damage, much more than Jiang Chen. He too was at the end of his road.

“You’re still not dead from that? Hmph, you’re pretty lucky.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Now, let’s see whether you can withstand my attack next.”

Dou Ling and Jiang Chen stared at each other, only the two of them were left in this Warrior’s Gate.

“I won’t die but you may not survive.” Jiang Chen smiled confidently.

“He’s right, you must die.”

A white figure appeared behind Dou Ling, her eyes were cold and beautiful.

“Who are you?”

Dou Ling’s pupil contracted as he turned back immediately. A beautiful woman appeared before his eyes.

“There’s no need for you to know who I am. Give me the God Luo’s Scripture, otherwise, you’ll die a much more pitiful death.” The woman said.

This person was Yan Qingcheng who was with Jiang Chen in the Tian Qi Mountain Range. However, she still doesn’t recognise Jiang Chen and was cold as usual. But it doesn’t look like she’s aiming for him.

“Your reinforcement is too weak. A woman, you think you’re a saviour? haha.” Dou Ling said proudly as he looked down upon Yan Qingcheng.

Yan Qingcheng did not speak another word. She has already reached the Mid Divine King Realm. Jiang Chen did not expect her to progress this fast. Plus, he felt somewhat threatened by Yan Qingcheng.

“Noisy.” Yan Qingcheng said coldly with her beautiful lips.

“Buddha’s Palm!” She launched a palm strike.

Dou Ling’s expression instantly changed, he couldn’t evade it. Not even aLate Divine King could take it head-on. Jiang Chen came from behind and cut Dou Ling with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. The spine and God Luo’s Scripture then fell into his hands.

Dou Ling finally died.

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