Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2653

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Even though Ao Guyue and the others were not weak, avoiding a fight was the best and safest strategy at this moment. Otherwise, they would surely end up with the same result even if  they’ll eventually defeat Qiu Niu. It would still be impossible for them to obtain God Luo’s Scripture and leave this place alive.

Neither friends nor rivals are everlasting, only profits. By facing the absolute profit, he had sufficient reason to persuade Qiu Niu. Moreover, Qiu Niu would realize that it would definitely be profitable to him if he would not act a fool. It was not necessary for all of them to launch a war, and it would be a happy ending.

Ao Guyue believed that Qiu Niu would be moved by his words for sure according to his thoughts and dedication at the moment. Most importantly, even though Qiu Niu wasn’t in his best state right now, he would still be able to distinguish right from wrong. He was just having a single-minded will to resurrect his wife.

Qiu Niu fell silent as there was reason in what Ao Guyue had said. If they could help each other and bury the hatchet, perhaps things would not be as complicated as what they thought.

“We should just help each other and stay out of each other’s way. It is not as easy as what you thought to kill us, and it is even more difficult to destroy you. As members of the Dragon Clan, it would be ridiculous to the outsiders if we kill each other. We should at least show some respect and trust in each other right? Both of us had already suffered a great loss previously, why should I be afraid if we fight again? But things are not as simple as what you thought. We can obtain what we need effortlessly. And we are fighting the same enemy, the young guy who has a trace of the dragon clan’s aura, but he’s not from the real Dragon Clan.”

Ao Guyue said slightly. It seemed like he was trying to persuade Qiu Niu with some sensible reasons which made Qiu Niu feel interested and moved.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and said with a snort:

“Stupid bastard, how dare you incite Qiu Niu to stir up a fight. You’re such a despicable guy from the Dragon Clan. It’s really eye-opening.”

“They want to kill you and then use my body to resurrect the dead princess of the Battle Kingdom.”

Yan Qingcheng raised her pretty eyebrow slightly and said in a low voice.

“It's an Energy Recovery Pill.”

Jiang Chen tossed her ten Energy Recovery Pills directly. Yan Qingcheng was startled, but still clenched it tightly.

“Why do you want to save me at the risk of your life? Do you think that I deserve this.”

Yan Qingcheng felt puzzled and doubted. Jiang Chen had laid down his life for her several times and he even gave up the Great Bright Lord’s Relic in the past. The Relic was within his reach but he did not even bother about it.

“Great. It’s a deal.”

Qiu Niu and Ao Guyue looked at each other and an agreement was reached eventually. Qiu Niu knew that Ao Guyue was telling him the truth, this was the best opportunity for the both of them. Besides, it would not be difficult for them to deal with Jiang Chen, a Half-step Divine King.

“Hahaha. Fine. Qiu Niu. Once I got the God Luo’s Scripture, our Dragon Clan will be grateful for your help and I will definitely reward you for your contribution when I return to my Dragon Clan. Being acknowledged by the ancestor and returning to the clan is the best thing after all.”

Ao Guyue burst into laughter and said. Jiang Chen’s glare had become extremely cold and gloomy. Ao Guyue and Qiu Niu had driven him to the edge of the wall in this battle. In this hopeless situation, how could it be possible for him to compete against these nine Reverends when he was merely a Half-step Divine King? How could he resist the son of the Dragon, Qiu Niu?

“Put down the God Luo’s Scripture and release the lady. Perhaps I might spare your life and let you leave here alive since we share the same blood. Although I am not sure whether you’re really part of the Dragon Clan, however, I also don’t want to kill a person from our Dragon Clan.”

Ao Guyue pretended to be a just and generous person.

“Haha. What a hypocrite. Do you still remember that you’re from the Dragon Clan? Will the Dragon Clan really kill thousands of innocent people in a war? How could the Dragon Clan kill the son of the Dragon by foul means? Dragon Clan just sounds dignified and awe-inspiring but they’re really not. Just kill me if you want. I will never allow anyone to judge me.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice. His eyes swept over the surroundings with a cold glare while Qiu Niu’s eyes were growing gloomy and cold.

“You’re digging your own grave. Humph. Why are you still listening to his nonsense, brother? I can’t wait now. He didn’t even show mercy to me in our fight earlier. My dragon's soul was badly damaged, thanks to him. How should I clear this matter up and confess to the ancestor of the Dragon Clan if this kid is not killed today.” Ao Guyue said with a smile.

“Great. Let’s fight if you say so. I will never bow my head even if I die. Bringing your wife back to life by sacrificing my lady, you’re just kidding yourselves. I will not regret my decision even if I die in battle today. I swear not to surrender.”

Jiang Chen soared to the sky with his sword and flew in the void. He looked extremely cool while Ao Guyue and the other dragon Elders and Qiu Niu were all well-prepared for the fight.

“Since you insist on dying, don’t blame us for not showing mercy. Our Dragon Clan is not despicable and mean, and I already gave you a chance to decide but you didn’t appreciate it.

Ao Guyue said with a slight smile. They were approaching Jiang Chen slowly.

The aura of the elders and Qiu Niu blotted out the sky, covering the sun completely. Jiang Chen and Yan Qingcheng were wrapped utterly.


Jiang Chen used his Dragon Transformation immediately. Under the transformation and solitary, the shadow of his sword pierced through the sky. However, it seemed vulnerable and harmless to the ten Hierarchs with the soul of the dragon. The shadow of the sword was destroyed in a twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen was defeated and his face was ghastly white.

“Buddha Long Xiang, appear!”

Yan Qingcheng exerted a tricky skill directly without any hesitation. Buddha Long Xiang made the sky and earth tremble, but it was still meaningless in front of the Hierarch experts. It was easily torn down and was soon devastated completely. This was the first time Jiang Chen felt so hopeless and impotent as these ten Hierarch Realm experts were just formidable and unbeatable. They were really powerful experts. The strength of these ten Hierarch Realm experts was unimaginable.

“Destroy the city!”

Jiang Chen roared wildly and looked ferocious. He tried to hold Yan Qingcheng back but she was like a kite with a broken string, falling but was thankfully caught by Jiang Chen.

“They are way too strong.”

Yan Qingcheng’s eyes looked dreadful and grieved. To describe it more precisely, her face was crumpled with despair. They seemed like a weak baby waiting to be fed in front of those ten Hierarch Realm experts.

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned gentle, and a smile was plastered on the corners of his lips.

“Don’t worry. I will never let anyone hurt you unless I am dead.”

Yan Qingcheng was startled, her eyes were filled with tears at this moment.

Jiang Chen stood up slowly. He had to fight to the death as a man and he will not give up until the last moment. However, this was probably the last card in his hand now.

“It’s time to cast the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned exceedingly cold and awe-inspiring. Ten Hierarch Realm experts in the form of dragon soul, so what?

Even if you’re invincible and unbeatable, I would never surrender! I swear to fight to the death until the last moment for the woman I love.

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