Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2654

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Up until now, Yan Qingcheng had only seen Jiang Chen’s gentleness and kindness. But at this moment, Jiang Chen turned and drew out his sword, he was ready to fight to the death.

The only thing Jiang Chen could do at the moment was to cast the Little Ashura Sword Formation after a series of great transformations.

Due to the lack of strength, his previous Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formations could only be called the Little Ashura Sword Formation. But this time, he formed the real Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation using one hundred and eight Heavenly Divine Tools. Even Jiang Chen himself wondered how strong the formation was.

Before they started the battle, Jiang Chen was making hay while the sun shines. He had already laid the great formation in the entire Saint Soul Mountain and even Dou Ling was not aware of it. The main purpose that Jiang Chen prepared and hid the greatest formation was as a safe bet. But at the moment, he was not sure if he could defeat all of those ten Hierarch strong experts even though he was full of confidence to compete against them. However, he had burnt his bridges behind him and he got no choice at the moment. Jiang Chen could only bite the bullet and fight till the last moment. Only the warrior was a  hero!

The ten Hierarch experts took a step forward. The universe was shattered and fell apart while the void was torn up to pieces. Jiang Chen dared not to treat them easily and took the ball before the bound. The Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was immediately spread out and the entire Saint Soul Mountain was completely covered. The one third of Jiang Chen’s Divine Origin Strength was drained in a blink of an eye, making him look gloomy. This was truly terrifying. The Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was consuming a huge amount of his strength. Even taking Energy Recovery Pills constantly and recovering his strength with Wood Spirit’s recovery capability, his energy was still drained rapidly. He could hardly maintain a perfect condition.

Launch the greatest formation and rise the wind!

The place was fully covered with dust and sand. One hundred and eight Heavenly Divine Tools were towering the sky like hundred and eight comets surging into heaven. Even Jiang Chen was completely astonished to watch this happen. The sword formation was formed and the Heavenly Dragon Sword was like an ancient Azure Dragon sweeping through the ages and engulfing the universe. The Ashura Sword Formation was launched, thousands of swords were flying high above and piercing through the heaven.

“This sword formation was too terrifying, but I cannot feel that the crisis is approaching.”

“You’re right. This sword formation is truly terrifying. It is really impressive to see this perfect, magnificent formation that was formed by a hundred and eight Heavenly Divine Tools.”

“I could have destroyed it with a finger in the past.”

“But we should not take this lightly now. The sword formation is not ordinary and I believe that sword that is filled with the dragon’s aura is definitely a Primal Origin Treasure.”

The Sect Elders of the Dragon Clan were all well-prepared for the fight. At the moment, Jiang Chen’s Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was not inferior to all of them.

“It sounds quite interesting. Killing you now will give me a sense of accomplishment.”

Qiu Niu said it coldly. He could only see Yan Qingcheng in his eyes now as she was his only target. Jiang Chen’s life was totally meaningless to him.

“It is useless, you’re way over your head.”

Qiu Niu soared into the sky once again and swore to break this sword formation.

“Just give it a try. I wonder if you guys could break through my formation.”

Jiang Chen roared fiercely. He was determined to kill these ten Hierarch experts. Their dignity of the Sovereign remained the same even though they had been dead for over hundred thousands years. An ordinary Divine King or even a Hierarch would have surrendered earlier, but Jiang Chen would never bow his head.

Yan Qingcheng watched all of these silently. It was impossible to remain unmoved. This guy made a forcible entry into her heart and it was getting harder to kick him out.

“A hundred and eight Heavenly Divine Tools, you’re truly impressive. Who could imagine a Half-step Divine King to own such a great amount of formidable weapons. Even a Hierarch expert or the greatest sect will not put such a great effort.”

Yan Qingcheng looked solemn. However, it would drain Jiang Chen’s energy by controlling such a formation. All of his Divine Origin Strength and Qi essence would be exhausted. In order to resist the ten enemies, what he needed to do was not merely exerting a formation but he had to be drawn up for the battle. Otherwise, he would not be able to show his actual strength and mightiness even if the formation was strong enough.

Jiang Chen looked calm and unmoved. He was slightly relieved at the moment as he could rely on the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation now. The shadows of the swords which were irresistibly strong had run through the Ashura Sword Formation. Even Jiang Chen himself was shocked, it was definitely impossible for anyone in the Hierarch realm or below to survive in the formation. Even a Half-step Hierarch Realm expert would be immediately torn out and chopped into the meat mud.

At the moment, Jiang Chen held the whip. The mightiness of the Ashura Sword Formation had made the Sect Elders and Qiu Niu realize what a real formidable skill was once again. He was merely a Half-step Divine King Realm kid but he managed to fight against ten Hierarch experts until now by just a sword formation. They could not help to feel astonished.

A gleaming cold line had become the main color of the entire Saint Soul Mountain. The cold gleam and swords’ shadows were devastating, piercing through the mountain which made enemies pale. Nevertheless, they were still the Hierarch experts after all, but Jiang Chen dared not to underestimate the ten greatest Hierarch Realm experts. Even one of them could suppress him with strength alone. However, Jiang Chen was the one and only king in this formation.

The shadow of the sword was blurred and the cold gleams of light appeared. There were countless shadows remaining in the void. The speed and power of the ten greatest Hierarch experts were resisting the Ashura Sword Formation intensely. Jiang Chen looked extremely serious. The sword formation changed constantly, which made it irresistible and unbeatable. The mountains and rivers within three thousands miles were destroyed and the universe was torn apart. The Ashura Sword Formation was devastating the world with countless of sword’s shadows.

“It is way too strong. Even though the sword’s shadow cannot kill us immediately, it is basically impossible for us to resist them since they’re rapidly increasing. This guy is absolutely despicable and annoying.”

“Shut up. It’s not the time to fool around, we must hit with all our strength. Or else, none of us could save you.”

“The only chance to win is to unite and try to destroy the formation together.”

“I agree with that. Even if his formation is strong enough, the one who is controlling the formation is merely a rubbish of the Half-step Divine King Realm. If all of us join hands and attack at the same point, we can definitely make him lose control of the formation.”

Everyone nodded their heads. At that moment, Qiu Niu was nodding his head silently and joined them.

The ten Hierarch experts were striking out wildly and Jiang Chen was aware of it. Ten Hierarch experts joined hands and struck out, surging toward the formation directly. Although Jiang Chen was well-prepared for this, he was forced backwards for eight hundreds feet away after resisting the strong impact. He was spurting blood insanely and his face was ghastly pale.

Jiang Chen wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and soared into the sky once again. He controlled the formation and turned the formation. Even though the formation was hit and trembled immensely, it did not collapse after the strong impact.

“Myriad Swords Return Art! Destroy the sky!”

There were countless swords raining toward the ten of them. They dared not to act arrogantly but focused on dealing with it. None of them was letting their guard down.

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