Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2657

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“Pagoda, come!”  Jiang Chen’s voice reverberated through the skies.

“Not even the greatest god himself could save you even if he comes.” Qiu Niu said in disdain as he threw a punch.

Jiang Chen shifted his gaze and stood up with difficulty even though he was heavily injured.

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda shakes all! All shall kneel!” Jiang Chen shouted as a golden pagoda gigantified itself, unleashing a golden brilliance and dragon qi.

As if it had covered the whole Warrior’s Gate.

“This… this… what is this treasure?” Fifth Brother’s expression was pale.

This terrifying prestige caused him to feel that his soul was getting crumpled, a binding and shock that comes from deep within their soul.


The ten Great Hierarchs were all suppressed and forced to kneel on the ground. It was a suppression that comes from deep within their soul that they had never imagined.

“Is it a great senior from the Dragon Clan?” Ao Guyue gasped and felt the aura from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, feeling both sad and happy.

“This pagoda, is this from our Dragon Clan?”

“Such a powerful dragon aura, not even our Patriarch from the past has such terrifying aura.”

“I can feel my soul being shackled down. It must be a great senior from our Dragon Clan, who is this fella?”

Ao Guyue and the others didn’t know whether they should feel happy or sad, as they who were the Emperors and Elders of the  Dragon Clan got suppressed by another dragon, not being able to lift up a finger.

Jiang Chen controlled the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, like a peerless battle god, with might that couldn’t be stopped.

“Fath… it’s him? Impossible, this is impossible!”

Qiu Niu’s body shivered, he refused to believe the situation. After all, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor should’ve died in the battle in the past. How could he have survived? Nevertheless, it was his father's aura, he would never have mistaken it.

Qiu Niu couldn’t have imagined seeing his own father in his lifetime. Although he did not know what divine treasure that was, he could definitely feel his father’s, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s aura.

“Suppress them!” Jiang Chen roared as he wielded the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

The ten Hierarchs were suppressed by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, their aura weakened and their face paled.

“Show mercy!”

Jiang Chen frowned and his anger slowly subsided as he wielded the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The ten of them were pushed to the brink of death by Jiang Chen.

“Bunch of bastards, the honor of the dragon clan has been tarnished by all of you.”

The illusory form of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor appeared. The nine dragon elders and Qiu Niu looked at the Ancestral Dragon Emperor.

“It’s really you…”  Qiu Niu murmured in disbelief, however he finally saw him, that unqualified father.

“You’re… Lord Ancestral Dragon Emperor?” Ao Guyue had seen the statue of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor in the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan, the figure in front of them was the same as the one on the statue.

“And you call yourself a part of the Divine Dragons, I am truly disappointed.”

Ancestral Dragon Emperor sighed, as he did not feel anything positive towards Ao Guyue and the others.

“Lord  Ancestral Dragon Emperor, you must save us, you’re our saviour. Lord Ancestral Dragon Emperor, the fate of the Dragon Clan is in your hands. ” Ao Guyue said with extreme excitement.

From his point of view, they would be alright now that the Ancestral Dragon Emperor had appeared. The other elders were also excited. The Ancestral Dragon Emperor was the head of the immemorial Dragon Clan. Not even the Great Elder that was on the upper-echelon of the late Immemorial age had once seen the Ancestral Dragon Emperor. Yet they managed to bump into him here.

At this moment, no one dared to cause any trouble as the Ancestral Dragon Emperor was their Dragon Clan’s most supreme existence. The Ancestral Dragon Emperor was still alive, if this news were to be sent back to the Dragon Clan, the whole Divine World would surely change.

However, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor turned his gaze towards Qiu Niu. Since, no matter how bad he was, he’s still his child.


“To think you still have a slither of soul remaining.”

Qiu Niu’s eyes were cold. Looks like their relationship wasn’t great. Since, none of the nine sons of the dragon were like their father. Each and every one of them were great evils. Although Qiu Niu was considered to be one that never disputed with others, he too was considered to be one of the nine great evil beasts by countless others.

“It’s all my fault. Jiang Chen, can you forgive him for my sake?”

Ancestral Dragon Emperor felt like he got older by a great margin as he looked at Jiang Chen with slight pleading eyes.

Jiang Chen became silent. He had to admit that it was all thanks to the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda that he could reach such height, the Dragon Transformation Art played a great part too and the Ancestral Dragon Emperor saved him before. Jiang Chen couldn’t ignore the Ancestral Dragon Emperor as he’s one to repay kindness, otherwise he couldn’t regard himself as a human anymore.

“However, they killed my beloved wife.” Jiang Chen said with murderous intent.

“I do not need your pity. Why should I need a father that never once cared for me? Hahaha, keep that fake act of yours, Lord Ancestral Dragon Emperor.”

At this moment, a white figure slowly moved towards them from the mountain. A person that was as beautiful as Yan Qingcheng.

“Bingying…” Qiu Niu’s eyes were filled with tears as he cried like a baby.

“I can save your wife, I hope you’ll forgive my husband.” Princess Bingying looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen, startled.

“Can you really save my beloved wife?”

Princess Bingying smiled and slightly nodded. She then turned towards Ancestral Dragon Emperor and said:

“Lord Father.”

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor silently nodded.

“Bingying, you…” Qiu Niu looked at her in disbelief.

He never expected her to be this tender towards him.

“I’m already done through it. I understood your meaning when I chose to die alone. However, my citizens of the Battle Kingdom were driven to death by injustice. How can I, the princess of the Battle Kingdom, be safe from it all? The one that caused their deaths were the nine bastard dragons, not you, you’re but a piece in their plan. You can live but I won’t be able to face my citizens anymore. Now, my tattered soul can save her life, it should be able to earn some good karma for this,” Princess Bingying murmured.

At this moment, the nine dragon elders exhibited an awkward expression. Because they could feel the anger of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor and the hatred of Princess Bingying.

“No, you’ll never be able to reincarnate.” Qiu Niu’s expression changed.

All of this was too sudden, his happiness felt like it had never left. To think that all those years he was blindly guessing. Princess Bingying had already forgiven him long ago.

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