Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2662

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“The Gate of Warrior is not ordinary but its function is still unknown to me so far.”

Jiang Chen stopped thinking about it and kept the Warrior’s Gate. From then on, he got another treasure and life insurance. He was just too lazy to explore how big the world of the Gate of Warrior was at the moment, at least he had obtained another true ultimate weapon apart from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. However, he would never tell anyone about this secret.

Jiang Chen opened the square jade box, and there was a white-jade thumb ring inside. Even though there were some flaws in the jade, it was a delicately exquisite treasure. Even Jiang Chen, who was not easily affected by external temptations, was slightly moved after seeing it.

Jiang Chen wore the thumb ring on his thumb, without feeling strange. However, it brought him a sense of clear refreshment.

“Uh, there are words written on it?”

Jiang Chen fixed his eyes on the white-jaded thumb ring. He realized that there were four words written on it, The Lord of Battle Kingdom!

Wasn’t this something that belonged to the Lord of Battle Kingdom? Jiang Chen kept it in good conscience. Since the Battle Kingdom did not exist anymore, it seemed like this ring had lost its master.

Meanwhile, the Divine Origin Strength of the spine was utterly drained by Dou Ling when it was used to protect himself from the explosion during the Fusion of Lighting. But it was still the bone of the Emperor Realm after all, which could be hardly found and was necessary in refining the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill.

Only the Dragon Balls could enhance the power of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to another level. Besides that, Jiang Chen even obtained the Rushing Thunder Chart and the God Luo Scripture. It can be said that he had gotten fruitful results. However, it was truly an extremely dangerous journey which he could not simply share.

“Did you know the individual who was engulfed by the dark shadow?”

Jiang Chen looked at the shore in the distance and asked in a low voice.

Yan Qingcheng shook her head and Jiang Chen knew that she was telling the truth. However, that person was coming for her. The eighth disciple of the Buddha Long Xiang, Jiang Chen would like to pursue this further. Yan Qingcheng had shown that the Buddha Long Xiang was her ultimate trick, which made Jiang Chen feel confused and doubtful.

“Just take the God Luo Scripture, I have to leave now.” Yan Qingcheng said.

She realized that they would need to fight each other in the future, and she might not get stronger if she stuck with him. It made no difference and was meaningless for her even if she stayed there.

Jiang Chen tried to hold Yan Qingcheng back but realized that he could not find a reason. She would tell him the truth even if he did not ask about it. Jiang Chen was full of doubt and suspicion but he still  chose to remain silent.

Yan Qingcheng transformed into a beam of light and leap to the sky, sweeping through the waves which were thousands of feet high.

Everything had been settled. However, the dark shadow would remain a mystery forever in Jiang Chen’s heart.

The Wind and Thunder Canyon was swallowed and struck by the curling waves, and disappeared at the end of the shore once again. Above the sea, the wind was sweeping over the dark cloud wildly while the sky above the sea was overcast with dark clouds. The seabirds spread their wings and flew away slowly.

There were waves which were three feet high, surging high and roaring wildly. Jiang Chen’s eyes glimmered with some beams of light.

“Let’s make the thunderstorm rage in all its fury.”

Jiang Chen turned, surging forward and stepped on the waves. He leaped high in the sky and was then embraced by the furious huge waves.

Jiang Chen had made a breakthrough to the Half-step Divine King Realm at this moment. However, he was destined to experience a life and death battle. Since he had a weak foundation of skills, he decided to cultivate his abilities and enhance his strength in the enormous waves.

God Luo Clan, above the Luo River.

Clear water was flowing through the mountains and moving to the sea.

The red maple leaves in the forest had fallen apart while the flowers were in full bloom. In the South, there was a bright sun and the weather was just like spring most of the year while in the frozen North, there was whirling snow within thousands of miles. Although they were divided by just a river, it showed thousands of different phenomena.

A thin young man who looked cold was standing alone on the headwater of the Luo River. He folded his arms behind his back and his cold eyes glimmered with light, looking arrogant and overbearing.

The young guy was good-looking with red lips and white teeth. He has  unique bright and clear eyes as well. Even a wonderful pretty lady would feel ashamed and inferior to him. It was truly impressive to see a guy who was born to be good-looking, which could even be called as one of the wonders of the world.

“Luo Qinghe died, even the elder made a misjudgment this time.”

A soft voice resounded in the young guy’s ears. A beautiful lady dressed in white was standing at his side and said lightly.

“I expected this long ago.”

The young guy remained calm and shook his head with a slight smile.

“Luo Qinghe is over-confident and arrogant. He used to be eager in achieving quick success by cutting corners. I would’ve been more curious about it if he could make an achievement.”

“Do you know why the elders did not allow you to join the journey?”

The lady said in a low voice and moved her red lips slightly. There was a shade of anxiety in her eyes.


“Because the person is him. Since you’re the one chosen by the God Luo Clan, you cannot leave now.”

“Who could hold me back if I decided to leave?”

The young guy smiled coldly. He took a glance at the endless Luo River in disdain.

The lady curled up her lips slightly and a touch of red suffused her face. She was Goddess Luo.

“I believe that you will make everyone feel astonished and impressed.”

“Let me show you the invincible skills that I have been practising recently.”

The young guy said with a straight face and dived into the Luo River. He transformed into a huge yellow dog instantly.

“Thirty Six Forms of Dog Strike! Luo Qinghe is a bastard. Damn it! Hahaha. The people are just too happy today.”

It drove Goddess Luo nuts after watching Big Yellow transform into a giant yellow dog and roared continuously in the Luo River.

Ling Jue City, the city lord palace.

Zi Qingtian was dressed in purple clothes, folded his arms and stood in front of the stones. He looked in the direction of the Thunder Rush Sea and heaved a deep sigh.

“I have never expected this. Even the God Luo Clan and the Battle God Clan joined the battle. The decay of the ten greatest sects is definitely not a good sign for Qilian Boundary. It is a pity. Even though I appreciate Jiang Chen’s talent, it is just a dream as he is not the one who I am looking for.”

Zi Qingtian knew clearly that Jiang Chen was full of potential and talent. Most importantly, he owned the strength that was even comparable with Zi Xi’s but he was merely a Late Divine King. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen’s death was not what he could control.

Zi Xi looked solemn and heaved a sigh. The death of Jiang Chen made the ten greatest sects feel aggrieved. It was miserable as there were only a few of them from the Eastern Emperor Sect and Long Xinghua from Nine Dragon Palace survived. They would not be able to return safely if the God Luo Clan was not afraid to offend the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries in Qilian Boundary, Zi Qingtian.

“Fortunately, you came back safely this time. I hope that the God Luo Clan and the Battle God Clan won’t intervene in the upcoming battle, and I wish that they will not bring the Qilian Boundary into trouble, no matter which side wins.”

Zi Qingtian said in a deep voice. As the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, he has  tremendous responsibilities and obligations.

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