Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2665

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“Brother Zhen, let’s leave this place. I don’t like the feeling of living under others’ fences. I like to live by ourselves even if it is a simple and peaceful life. I would like to live  by mountains and sea. That’s my ideal life.” Lin Ruyue smiled and said.

The moment they lived here, Wang Jianji had been disturbing her quite a lot and made her feel very uncomfortable. However, they were living under others’ fences and she did not want to cause trouble to Brother Zhen. That was why she had been thinking of leaving this place. She liked Jiang Zhenhai, she liked his free and easy character. He was a real man who did not pursue power and money. He was a good man. In her eyes, Jiang Zhenhai was not a decadent man but had seen through the secular world. She admired the man’s pure personality.

“Alright. I wouldn’t want to be bonded by this city too. Wandering around the world might suit us more.”

Jiang Zhenhai smiled and replied. The reason he still stayed here was mainly because  of Wang Yunkun. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wanted to stay here. Anyhow, he didn’t like the feeling of living under the other’s fence. Moreover, how could not he know Wang Jianji’s evil intentions to Lin Ruyue? He just did not want to speak it out.

“Since you have already decided, I will suggest this to Brother Wang tomorrow. Let’s tidy up a bit today.”


Lin Ruyue’s smile was as beautiful as a flower. This was the man whom she loved. What Jiang Zhenhai told her a few days ago really moved her deeply. Jiang Zhenhai only had one purpose, to ascend to the Divine World, and see his son once again.

“A day in Divine World is equivalent to a year in Immortal World. In a blink of an eye, more than a thousand years have passed.”

Jiang Zhenhai looked at the bamboo forest from the window with a lot of emotion inside his heart. Lin Ruyue understood Jiang Zhenhai’s worry. She hugged his back quietly.

The next day, Jiang Zhenhai was ready to bid goodbye with Wang Yunkun.

“Brother Jiang, morning. I have something to talk to you about.”

“Just tell me now. I need to hurry to Brother Wang and inform him about something important.”

Jiang Zhenhai said impatiently.

“What a coincidence. I am going to invite you back to our house as our master would like to invite you to our battle hall. He hasn’t seen you display your strength and skills for a while, so he would like me to invite you back to our hall and learn from each other by exchanging skills.”

“Lead the way.”

Jiang Zhenhai said in a deep voice, while having some bad feelings in his heart. However, he did not suspect anything and followed Wang Jianji, heading to the hall.

In the battle hall, there were more than ten guests and some elders. The atmosphere was full of killing intent and each of their faces looked strict and fierce. Is this really about exchanging skills? Jiang Zhenhai murmured in his heart.

“Hahaha, Brother Jiang, I haven’t seen you in days, you look great in spirit. Both of us are cultivating our realm, I am thinking of seeing if your strength has improved much today.”

Wang Yunkun laughed loudly and said.

“I am here today to inform you of something important. Brother Wang, I am going to leave here with my woman today. I am sorry if I have disturbed you and brought you any inconveniences. I am thankful for your hospitality all this time.”

Jiang Zhenhai said while holding his fist together.

“Owh? Brother Jiang,  you’re leaving? Is there anything I didn't do well? Brother Jiang showed our Wang Family great kindness before, and I always want to repay your kindness. However, you never see us as your own brother, it’s quite disappointing.”

Wang Yunkun heaved a sigh. He shivered in his heart, Does this guy know that I am going to take action against him? But it’s too late to leave now.

“Brother Wang, you have worried too much. I am very thankful to you. How would I have such thoughts? Hehe. However, my woman prefers to live freely. It’s quite disturbing to stay in the same place for too long.”

Jiang Zhenhai shook his head and said.

“Then I feel better. Don’t say so much. Brother Jiang, how about we exchange our skill first? Haha.”

Jiang Zhenhai had no choice under Wang Yunkun’s insistence. Since he had been receiving Wang Yunkun’s hospitality, he had to fulfill his wish before leaving the place.

“Cui Shihui, you go play with Brother Jiang.”

Wang Yunkun said with a smile.

Jiang Zhenhai looked slightly solemn because that guy was an Early True God. He might not be a match to that guy even if his strength reached the Half-step True God Realm. He guessed that he would most probably lose to Cui Shihui.

“Brother Cui, spare me some mercy.”

Humph Humph. For sure.”

Cui Shihui sneered coldly. He took action with his thunderous strikes and left no chance for Jiang Zhenhai to counterattack.

Jiang Zhenhai could only use all that he got since each of Cui Shihui’s strikes was aimed to kill him. Jiang Zhenhai was stunned at this moment as he finally knew there must be something wrong. At that moment, Wang Yunkun threw a cup on the floor. As the cup shattered, all of the experts came to besiege Jiang Zhenhai. They all took turns to take action against him who did not have a chance to defend at all. Immediately, he was defeated.

Four people pressed against Jiang Zhenhai who was now kneeling down under Wang Yunkun’s feet.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Jiang Zhenhai said in a deep voice.

“What do I mean? Hehe. You still have the face to say so. Answer me, is Jiang Chen your son?” Wang Jianji said with a cold smile.

“How did you know?”

“Why didn’t you tell me honestly? Don’t you know the sin Jiang Chen has committed in Linhe Boundary? He is a criminal to the entire Linhe Boundary. Everyone wants to kill him. He was not killed in the battle of the hundred sects and managed to get away. If other sects know that Jiang Chen’s father is hiding in my family, wouldn’t my family become their enemy? Do you know that any of those sects could easily destroy my family anytime? You’re still acting innocent now? You deserve this punishment. If I don’t hand you out to those major sects, how will I be forgiven?”

Wang Jianji was pressuring, making Jiang Zhenhai speechless. At this moment, he finally knew why Wang Yunkun took action against him. It’s because of the villain’s slander and because of his identity as Jiang Chen’s father. He just entered Divine World not too long, but now his life was under great threat. Jiang Zhenhai looked extremely gloomy.

“It’s regretful. I, Jiang Zhenhai, have been herotic my whole life and I never did anything wrong. But now, I am framed by a villain. It’s so ridiculous and amusing. Hahaha.”

Jiang Zhenhai said while laughing out loud. His eyes carried a sense of melancholy. He could not give Ruyue a good life, and even put her in a great danger.

“Wang Yunkun, you have forgotten my kindness. How can you treat me this way after I saved your son. I can only blame myself for being blind.”

Jiang Zhenhai gritted and said. He regretted it.

“This is the consequence of your own action. Jiang Zhenhai, since you have admitted he is your son, what can you say anymore? Hahaha, send him to Clear Stream Sect. I want to let everyone know that Jiang Chen’s father is caught by my family.”

Wang Yunkun’s eyes gave off radiance. As soon as Jiang Zhenhai was sent to Clear Stream Sect, he would definitely receive great rewards. At  that time, his Wang Family would not be a small family anymore. With Clear Stream Sect’s support, they would develop prosperously.

“You guys will suffer from karma.”

Jiang Zhenhai was outraged and blood filled his eyes. He never expected to be framed by these bastards.

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