Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2666

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“Karma? Hahaha, I am your karma. But you? Trying to fight me? You’re still too green. Jiang Zhenhai, although your son is pretty heaven-defying, he’s just a loser, who left in the Linhe Boundary. Nobody knows whether he’s alive or dead. Handing you over may probably fish your stupid son out from hiding. Hahaha.” Wang Jianji sneered as he looked at Jiang Zhenhai with disdain.

“Immediately detain him to the Clear Stream Sect, we must leave a good impression towards the Clear Stream Sect. Eldest, you’ll take the lead.” Wang Yunkun looked at his eldest son, Wang Ling, and said.

He was afraid something may go wrong and ordered 8 Mid True God non-native officials of the clan to follow Wang Ling.

“Wang Yunkun, Wang Jianji, karma will find you both. I, Jiang Zhenhai, will curse you in death.” Jiang Zhenhai gritted his teeth and said.

“Hehe, it’s pointless to say anything now. However, for the sake of our relationship, I’ll take care of your beautiful young wife, hehehe.” Wang Jianji said in delight.

Jiang Zhenhai shivered and was drowned in anger, yet he couldn’t break free from their suppression.

“You bastard!”

Jiang Zhenha’s eyes were blood-red but there was nothing he could as he was taken away by Wang Ling.

Lin Ruyue waited in the bamboo forest anxiously, she was wearing an azure robe, possessing a great bust and bosom, truly one that would attract the opposite sex.

“Sister Lin, what are you doing here? Hahaha.” Wang Jianji suddenly appeared in the bamboo forest and looked at Lin Ruyue with smiling eyes.

His eyes were filled with lust as he feasted upon Lin Ruyue’s body with his eyes. He had waited for this moment for far too long, yet there wasn’t a chance for him to obtain her. Now that he had succeeded in kicking Jiang Zhenhai out of his Wang family and towards the Clear Stream Sect, his chance had finally come.

“Please, be wary of your actions and words. Wang Jianji, we’re not that close.” Lin Ruyue said coldly.

Suddenly, Lin Ruyue’s heart slumped upon thinking why was Wang Jianji here and to be this blatant? Where was Brother Zhenhai? Where did he go?

“What did you guys do to Brother Zhenhai?” Lin Ruyue suddenly looked up and said.

“Brother Zhenhai, Brother Zhenhai, I'm jealous just by listening to it. Sigh. But you’re pretty smart too, I like it. Haha. But… Do you think you could get away from me? I may treat you well if you obediently become my little lover, otherwise, hehe, things may not go well for you.” Wang Jianji said, trying to make Lin Ruyue comply. Although forcing her was indeed exciting,  it doesn’t feel great, however.

“You guys took him away? Why? He’s Wang Yunkun’s saviour, is this how you pay the grace that was given to you?”

Lin Ruyue’s expression became cold. The worst thing that could happen finally happened. This Wang Jianji was never that kind-hearted, he had long schemed to have her, now, his true intention has finally shown and Brother Zhenhai was forced to take the blame. Lin Ruyue felt immense regret.

“Your Brother Zhenhai is not as simple as you think, that demon Jiang Chen that wreaked havoc in Linhe Boundary is his son, and he is fated to be scorned by everyone. It is only reasonable for the father to repay his son’s debt. They couldn’t find Jiang Chen, and now his father shall be the one who will bear it. Now that Jiang Zhenhai has been brought to the Clear Stream Sect, it wouldn’t be long for the news to reach the world. However, Jiang Zhenhai… oh no… Jiang Zhenhai will not die, they wouldn’t let him off that easily, he’ll be used to bait Jiang Chen out.”

“And you guys… will get profit from it, the Wang family gets to suck up to the powerful and you get to lay your hands upon me. Hmph, isn’t your plan perfect…” Lin Ruyue sneered yet she was secretly worried.

As she didn’t have the strength to barge into the Clear Stream Sect.

“Such a smart girl, you still have a chance to choose now, everything will be too late once I get angry.” Wang Jianji harrumphed.

“Keep dreaming, I will remain wherever Brother Zhenhai is, if Brother Zhen is killed, then I will not remain in this world alone.”

“Oho? Aren’t you pure? I like it. Kakaka, let’s see your try getting away from me.”

Wang Jianji smirked as he pounced upon Lin Ruyue like a wild beast.

Lin Ruyue was swift as she quickly retreated.

“Not bad, to think a girl like you has such abilities. It’s a pity that you followed Jiang Zhenhai, eat my spear!” Wang Jianji stabbed Lin Ruyue with his silver spear.

The latter’s white-jade blade was better than the spear by several grades. She pushed Jianji back with the might of the jade-sword. At this moment, Jianji finally realised that he’s not her match.

“B*tch, you dare attack me?!” Wang Jianji was angered.

His spear strikes were getting slower and Lin Ruyue’s blade became faster as she pushed Jianji to his limit. Lin Ruyue slashed and blood splattered as he screamed. She didn’t sever his head but cut off his ‘little brother’.

“You… you… you…” Wang Jianji’s expression became pale and frightened.

Wang Jianji dared not to take another step after his silver spear was cut into half by Lin Ruyue.

“All looks but no substance… hmph, I won’t kill you now, you’ll die when Brother Zhenhai returns.” Lin Ruyue gave Wang Jianji a kick, the latter was rolling on the ground, crying.

That kick almost caused him to meet his maker after his ‘little brother’ was cut off.

Lin Ruyue dared not to dawdle as she quickly rushed towards the direction of the Clear Stream Sect, hoping to stop the group before they reached their destination. However, the group used a Teleportation Formation. When she managed to catch up to them, Wang Ling was already about to enter the doors of the Clear Stream Sect.

Lin Ruyue cried and blamed herself. She was forced to silently watch her Brother Zhenhai being brought into the Clear Stream Sect. Brother Zhenhai’s life would be in danger if what Wang Jianji said was right.

“It’s all because of me… I’m useless… Brother Zhenhai…”

Ten days later, there were people continuously entering the  Clear Stream Sect, Lin Ruyue saw it, yet there was nothing she could do. She was only a Peak Void God, and was not even a True God, the average disciple of Clear Stream Sect could easily trample her as the sect was the number one sect in the Linhe Boundary.

“I see you’re acting fishy over there for the past few days. Why? Are you trying to sneak into the Clear Stream Sect?”

Lin Ruyue jumped. This white-robed youth was smiling while squinting his eyes as he suddenly appeared behind Lin Ruyue.

“Why do you care? Who are you?”

“Who am I, that’s not important. Most importantly, the disciples of the Clear Stream Sect would never let you go if they saw you. What do you think?” The white-robed man said with a smile.

This youth, of course, was none other than Jiang Chen who came back from the Qilian Region.

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