Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2667

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“Are you from the Clear Stream Sect?” Lin Ruyue instinctively took two steps back as she was wary of Jiang Chen.

“You haven’t answered my question, are you trying to sneak into that sect?” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

He has been observing her for quite some time, wondering why she’s cautiously squatting around the outer area of the Clear Stream Sect. She couldn’t have been a sentry of the sect with her strength, lest a scout. Hence, this has made Jiang Chen pretty curious.

“Since you’re not from the Clear Stream Sect, who are you to ask my identity?” Lin Ruyue said with a stern expression.

Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head, he was just curious. Since she’s not from the Clear Stream Sect, then, his worry was unnecessary.

“I’m here to seek trouble with the Clear Stream Sect.” Jiang Chen said with a calm demeanour with his hands crossed.

“You? Although you’re pretty strong and I may not beat you. But do you know how big and powerful the Clear Stream Sect is? The strongest of the Linhe Boundary, who do you think you are? What do you have to go against them? This is hilarious, hmph.” Lin Ruyue glared at Jiang Chen with disdain. She knew she couldn’t beat this youngster and quickly retreated.

“Such an interesting woman.” Jiang Chen scratched his nose.

Unexpectedly, he was ridiculed by a woman who wasn’t even a True God. However, he was not one to petty. Lin Ruyue carefully left the grounds of Clear Stream Sect and he flew straight into it.

Prior to that, Jiang Chen had already destroyed over 20 sects in days. Those were sects that had ruthlessly attacked him before and those that would bully others. Everyone felt threatened other than the top ten sects of Linhe Boundary.

In the reception hall of Clear Stream Sect, six Divine King experts gathered.  Not even Half-Step Divine King experts were qualified to be there.

Cold, murderous, gloomy, and terrifying aura filled the air of the hall, the six of them were wearing a solemn expression.

“I thank everyone for gathering in my Clear Stream Sect to discuss this matter, you have given this Xuanyuan Zhong respect. More than twenty sects, disciples and elders above Heavenly God Realm were massacred, totalling over 3000 men. Only those weak and powerless disciples survived. It is an unfortunate event.” An azure-robed old man silently shook his head as he sighed. It was the Clear Stream Sect’s Lord, Xuanyuan Zhong.

He’s the lord of the sect, and he’s also elected by the ten great sects, except for the Heavenly Star Sect, as Linhe Boundary’s temporary chief.

“This Jiang Chen is too much! We let him go back then and now he’s back again. Now, he wants our Linhe Boundary to bow down before him, this is preposterous.” Li Batian said with a livid expression.

Ghost Eye Sect suffered great casualties. Never did they expect Jiang Chen to return back to Linhe Boundary, to settle the score.

“To consecutively destroy more than 20 sects, big and small. Jiang Chen, this fella, dares to send us a letter of challenge. Doesn’t that mean that all of our sects are afraid of him if we don’t accept it? We cannot let this matter go! He was just able to get away back then because of  the surrounding great sects supporting him. I refuse to believe that he could still do the same. This time, we have the experts gathered here from the ten great sects, not even the Nine Hierarch Lord could save him.” Dan Feng said with a cold expression.

The Divine Pill Sect also suffered a great loss while they were hunting Jiang Chen. Now that he’s back and obviously picking a fight with them, how could they face the world if they do not strike back?

“Jiang Chen must have his own plans now that he’s back in the Linhe Boundary, looks like he’s confident enough to face against our ten great sects and win. Then, we might as well give him that fight and see who’ll laugh in the end.” Li Xie said with disdain.

No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he’s just an insect in the perspective of these Divine Kings.

“Rumours have it that Jiang Chen has reached the Half-Step Divine King realm,  those powerful sects without Divine Kings were destroyed by him. This boy’s growth is too fast, we cannot underestimate him. We must strike him down this time.” Di Longhuai said.

“Half-Step Divine King Realm? Haha, is there a Half-Step Divine King amongst us? I’ll be the first to slay him if he comes, I’m just afraid that he doesn’t have the balls to take a step into this mountain.” Li Xie said proudly, absolutely not afraid of Jiang Chen coming back stronger.

“Rumours are always exaggerated. Elder Di, why laud the spirit of the enemy and belittle that of our own?” Dan Feng said with a pale smile, confident.

Di Longhuai could only silently nod as he smiled bitterly.

“Since Jiang Chen dares to come back again, we must ensure that he’ll stay here forever, otherwise, who will acknowledge our great sects in the Linhe Boundary? Now that many sects are in danger, we must uphold the law, Sect Lord Xuanyuan, what says you?” Li Batian said.

Everyone on-site hated Jiang Chen to the core. Now that Jiang Chen dares to come back to Linhe Boundary and cause havoc, it feels like he’s seeking to die.

“Killing Jiang Chen must be done. I have a trump card, not even the God amongst the Gods could save him.” Xuanyuan Zhong smiled.

“Oh? Looks like Sect Lord Xuanyuan came prepared, doesn’t that mean that we’re all worried for nothing? haha.” Dan Feng’s eyes shone, his eyes finally opened wide.

“Please elaborate.”

The others were looking forward to it too.

“Jiang Chen’s father is in my hands. This time, even if he does not come, I will still call all of you to discuss this matter. To use his father as a hostage, could he do anything no matter how powerful he is? Unless he’s a crazed beast.”

Xuanyuan Zhong said confidently while caressing his long beard.

“Wouldn’t that be despicable?” Dan Feng was stunned.

“Despicable? Heh, he killed many of ours and many innocent lives. Nothing is despicable as long he’s dead. Everything is feasible. ” Di Longhuai said in disdain, he’s not letting go of any chance or opportunity that’s presented.

However, they’ve forgotten who was the one that pushed Jiang Chen towards the edge.

“Hahaha, then, aren’t we all set? Killing Jiang Chen must be done. Haha.”

“You’re right, with that plan of yours and our firepower, killing Jiang Chen will be simple.”

“This time, I will use his corpse to pay tribute to my disciples.”

Everyone smiled as if they could see Jiang Chen’s dying face.

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