Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2668

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The sky above the Clear Stream Sect was clear and bright.

Jiang Chen stood on top of the Clear Stream Sect’s sky. The sect was gigantic, it’s defensive formation was also powerful, as powerful as the Ashura Formation, hence, he needed to be careful.

At this moment, he felt restless, an immense pressure in his heart, yet he didn’t know why. Probably because he’s shouldering much more for this battle, as lives were at stake.

“Jiang Chen is here, old dog of the  Clear Stream Sect, quickly come out and die.” Jiang Chen said, his voice reverberated in the entire Clear Stream Sect, shaking the whole sect.

There have been many who were hunted down by the sect but never once had they experienced someone challenging them, the main pillar of Linhe Boundary, one of the most powerful sects.

“What? It’s Jiang Chen?! Looks like the rumours are true, this fella came back to Linhe Boundary and it’s probably true that he had decimated over twenty sects.”

“I’ve heard that he ran away from Linhe Boundary several years ago, is he trying to die now after these few years? Hmph. That fella has done many evil deeds, today shall be the day he dies.”

“Who the f*ck do you think you are? To act unruly in our Clear Stream Sect! Our  sect is Linhe Boundary’s number one sect! Do you think we’re afraid of you kid? Pui!

“Nowadays, people are getting cocky, does he think he is some kinda god? Today will be the day he dies.”

The people of Clear Stream Sect all came out after hearing his voice. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was akin to seeking his own death. No matter how strong he was… could he face the whole Linhe Boundary? What does he have? Plus, the ten great sects have already gathered in the Clear Stream Sect, obviously discussing how to face him, the people of the Clear Stream Sect weren't flustered and were ready for what’s to come.

“What must happen has finally come.” Di Longhuai sneered as he gazed towards the direction of the sect.

“Hahaha, great, the ten great sects have gathered here in the Clear Stream Sect and he dares to be this unruly. Today, I, Dan Feng, will make sure that he won’t get away.”  Dan Feng said proudly.

“Let me have a go with him, he ran away like a dog in the past, but now he has the guts to come barking against us.”

Li Batian was the first to fly out from the sect.

The six of them stood on the sky of Clear Stream Sect, six Divine Kings, every single one of them, immensely powerful.

“Wow, such a great gathering, Divine Pill Sect and Ghost Eye Sect, both of them have become dogs of Clear Stream Sect? Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said arrogantly, facing them without a shred of fear.

They were all familiar faces, there was nothing for him to be afraid of. Me being a Half-Step Divine King makes it easier to face these Divine Kings now, these powerful experts in the past are nothing to me now.

“Bullsh*t! Son of a b*tch, you dare come back to Linhe Boundary? It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to take your life back then!” Li Batian shouted.

“You guys wanted my life back then, but failed. There’s no way you can do it now, as you’ve lost your chance.” Jiang Chen chuckled confidently.

The six great Divine Kings silently snorted. This fella thinks too highly of himself.  Does he really think that a Half-Step Divine King could win against the whole Linhe Boundary? Keep dreaming.

“Today will be  your death anniversary, Jiang Chen, surrender. Since you’re here, don’t think about escaping so easily.” Xuanyuan Zhong said indifferently, like he was bound to win, like everything was under his control.

With Jiang Chen’s father in his palm, this brat will certainly surrender. Then, the people will know who has the final laugh.

“It makes no difference even if you guys group up together, there’s only one goal for me here today, and that is to trample your Clear Stream Sect!’ Jiang Chen said with extreme confidence.

“Hahaha, this is hilarious, to say such grand words before your death, Jiang Chen, you’re still as cocky as before even after disappearing for a while. Let me show you what it means to be a real expert. I did not want to show my hands as you’re a junior. But you truly disgust me, that damned mouth of yours… I will tear it to pieces for the sake of Linhe Boundary, to pay for your sins.” Li Batian taunted.

Jiang Chen was just a Half-Step Divine King, what gives him the confidence to fight against these people who have already reached the Divine King Realm thousands of years ago?

“Only you? It’s not enough.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“You talk big ain’t ya? You’ll have to get through me first if you want to trample Clear Stream Sect.” Li Batian released his domineering aura and flew straight towards Jiang Chen.

“And you said you’re not the dogs of  Clear Stream Sect? To fervently exhibit that loyalty, I am impressed. It is truly sad for the Ghost Eye Sect to have someone like you. Haha.”Jiang Chen said, deliberately taunting Li Batian.

The latter’s eyes became cold as he was called as one of the dogs of Clear Stream Sect, his murderous intent became thicker as he closed in onto Jiang Chen.

“What do you guys think? How long will Jiang Chen  last in the hands of Brother Li?” Dan Feng said with a smile, totally not worried for Li Batian.

Although Jiang Chen became more powerful and was extremely talented, he’s still nothing in the eyes of these seniors. His growth meant nothing in the face of a true Divine King senior.

“I bet that he won’t last more than 10 strikes.” Di Longhuai said with a smile.

“I say… in three strikes!”

Li Xie was extremely confident in Li Batian. As Jiang Chen’s level was far below them. Li Batian’s victory was already set the moment he acted. Jiang Chen will certainly lose.

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