Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2689

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The spring breeze was brewing across the city.

Within Bai Yu City, it was spring all year-round, pavilions could be seen everywhere.

The Yu estate covers a third of Bai Yu City. The largest estate within the city.

Within the giant Bai Yu City, the people were flustered, they sighed as they looked up in the sky, wondering when would this unstable time pass.

In the grand hall, a dozen or so Yu Clan juniors sat at the end of the room. While four elders sat calmly within the room. However, the tension within the room was something else, everyone else was in a tense mood.

There were two others beside the four elders. One was wearing an elegant white robe with a peacock sewn on it, and the other was wearing an azure robe with a lively dragon sewn on it. Both of them were emitting a domineering aura. They were both trying to be in the spotlight.

“This time, the Third Eldest, Fifth Eldest Scarlet and Jingxian managed to bring the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart back. It is certainly a great fortune for our Yu Clan. The Patriarch will certainly get through this.” The leading elder said indifferently. As if the recovery of the patriarch doesn’t matter much to him.

“The Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi said that as long as we have the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, the Patriarch will certainly awaken.” Another elder said with a serious expression.

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is extremely precious. I should take care of it temporarily. Fellow Elders, what do you think?” The white-robed youngster said indifferently.

The eldest held greater authority. Now that his father has fallen, the eldest, which was him, would naturally take control of the Yu Clan, he should be the one with power within the clan.

“Eldest Brother, you’re extremely busy handling matters of the clan every day, how could we dare trouble you? I am always the one who handles the provision within the clan. Why is brother overstepping his authority? This Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart should be my responsibility to take care of. Fellow elders, am I right? Rules cannot be broken. Plus, those rules were set by father.” The azure-robed youth said, obviously against the white-robed youth.

Everyone could see that these two guys were on each other’s throat. This situation had happened frequently within this hall.

“I am the eldest. I should be the one that’ll take hold of it. Is there anyone bigger than me in this Yu Clan?” Yu Wangnian said coldly as his eyes became colder, not giving a sh*t to anyone.

“Father is still sick in bed and you’re trying to take control of the clan? Are you disregarding our father?” Yu Wangnian’s sharp eyes stared back at him, not giving Yu Wangqing a single opportunity.

“Alright, Second Eldest, you’re getting capable, you dare go against big brother now.” Yu Wangqing said.

“I am speaking the truth. The elders are the witnesses. Is Eldest Brother implying that I’m doing something wrong? I do not wish to quarrel with you while father is still in bed. The eldest should act like the eldest of the family, isn’t it?” Yu Wangnian said as he curled his lips.

Yu Wangqing’s expression became dark. He was being played by the Second Eldest. They have been fighting against each other for a hundred years and the wobbly situation of the Yu Clan has also been happening for a hundred years now.

“Enough, brothers. Father is still lying sick on the bed. Us brothers wouldn’t want to see the eldest brothers fighting against each other for such a tiny matter. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is brought back by Little Xian, let her take a hold of it.” Yu Jingfan said with a serious expression.

As the Third Eldest, he never competed against others, even the seat of Patriarch. When they managed to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart back with great effort, they were welcomed by the disgusting competition between their two eldest brothers. He was truly saddened and disappointed by it.

“Then, Third Brother is right, I have no comment about that.” The Second Eldest, Yu Wangnian said indifferently.

“Hmph, every one of you has become the good guys, huh.” Yu Wangqing flapped his sleeve and left the hall.

“Then, it’s decided. Little Xian, you have brought the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart back, You’ll be temporarily tasked to keep it safe. Take it out to cure the patriarch when the Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi comes.” The Great Elder said.

Everyone agreed to it.

“Understood, Great Elder.” Yu Jingxian nodded with a tinge of worry between her brow.

The Saint Doctor has left the estate for several years and has not returned. She was worried as her father’s situation was getting worse every day. Nobody knew whether the doctor could cure her father, but at least there was still hope and they would never let go of that little chance they have.

There was a dark air surrounding the clan. The fight between the two eldest brothers was getting even more intense. With the threat from the outside and internal unrest within the family, the clan wasn’t as peaceful as it was. Yu Jingxian could only hope for the Saint Doctor’s quick return, and cure his father off his sickness. To reestablish the former peace and glory of the Yu Clan. The former peace and love between the siblings was now gone. Each sibling was taking their own sides, everything has changed.

Everyone scattered, leaving only Yu Huafan, Yu Jingfan and Yu Jingxian in the garden.

“With their family being that way… looks like the Eldest and Second Eldest are prepared. The outside and inside threat would explode if father truly falls.” Yu Huafan sighed bitterly.

“Hundred years have passed. The Yu Clan is still here but it has lost its former glory. The Feng Clan is eyeing on us and the Dongpo Clan is ready to strike us at any given moment. Now, with such a thing happening in our clan, this is truly worrying… if this continues… our Yu Clan will surely  fall without a doubt.” Yu Jingfan shook his head and said.

He’s the Third Brother, he couldn’t contest against the Eldest and Second Eldest. Most importantly, there was an abundance of problems within the clan. Yu Wangnian and Yu Wangqing do not wish to have their father awaken too. So that the Yu Clan would be forced to choose a new Patriarch and the two of them will fight for it.

“The current plan is to pray that the doctor returns fast. Then, father will be saved.” Yu Jingxian bit her lips and said quietly.

However, this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was taken from Jiang Chen. There was an unerasable mark on Yu Jingxian’s heart. That regret will follow her forever.

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