Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2690

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Yu Jingxian gazed afar, but she couldn't see hope. The children of the clan were fighting for power, disregarding the well-being of their father. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart itself was much too tempting to boot, everyone wanted it for themselves. Although the clan hasn’t been torn down, it’s slowly breaking down from within. As the sole woman within the clan, she didn’t have any authority. The eldest and second eldest were Divine King experts and she had just reached the Heavenly God realm.

“It is said that the Saint Doctor has been travelling outside for several years to break through. Who knows when he will come back? Haih. You don’t need to blame yourself. I know you’re still thinking about Jiang Chen. We’re all in the wrong but we’re also forced to do so. I too shall forever remember the benevolence of Brother Jiang Chen.” Yu Jingfan said as sadness revealed in his eyes.

Nobody wanted to speak further of this matter, especially Yu Jingxian.

“I understand, Third Brother.” Yu Jingxian bit her lips and left.

Yu Jingfan saw that desolate, lonely back of her, he felt saddened by it. This sentimental little sister… when has she been this sad? If it wasn’t for this trip… that cheerful girl wouldn’t become this heartbroken…

Haih, what is love? Is it only death that could make us apart? But now that the person is gone, everything is different.” Yu Jingfan shook his head as he fell into deep thought.

Dongshan City, Dongpo Clan.

The city was filled with rocks, mountains and statues of wolves and tigers, making it gallant and powerful. In the middle of the city, there’s a conspicuous hundred Zhang statue. It was a long-bearded man that was wielding a long blade, its eyes were powerful and fierce. It was the Old Ancestor of the Dongpo Clan, Dongpo Linjia. It is told that he once killed off countless demonic beasts in the Gui Yan Mountain and the people built his statue for his deeds.

“Brother Wang, everything depends on you.” An old man said while clasping his fist. His eyes were filled with scheme, plots and trickery.

“Haha, Brother Dongpo. There’s no need for such pleasantries between us. Leave this matter to me.”

The old man waved his hand and said while smiling.

“Brother Lingzhi, our Dongpo Clan has shown our utmost sincerity. I hope you’ll be careful.” Another black-robed youngster said with a smile.

“Rest assured, I can’t cure him but is there anything stopping me letting him die? The Yu Clan is not peaceful now too, their situation is extremely unstable, I only need to give one little push and the whole Yu Clan shall be ours.” Wang Lingzhi said confidently.

“The dragon vein is large. Why give the Yu Clan the right to monopolize 40% of it and my Dongpo Clan and Feng Clan could only take 30% each. Now that the Yu Clan has lost its former glory, what gives them the right to still have that monopoly?” Dongpo Tianlan glanced at the Patriarch and the latter smiled without saying a word.

“The Dongpo Clan has been patiently waiting for all these years. You have suffered, Brother Tianchi. This northern region shall be ours after this plan succeeds.” Wang Lingzhi slightly nodded.

Dongpo Tianlan’s expression became serious as he shook hands with Wang Lingzhi.

“Alright, Brother Wang, I shall await your good news. I shall immediately lead my men towards the Bai Yu City once Yu Huagan falls. At that moment, this region shall be ours. Hahaha.”

Wang Lingzhi turned and left. Dongpo Tianlan’s eyes became cold. He can finally show his worth after being suppressed by the Yu Clan for thousands of years. This time, as long Wang Lingzhi manages to ensure Wang Huagan’s death… then there shall be no leader within the Yu Clan. That is our perfect moment to strike and 40% of the dragon vein shall be ours.

“Wang Lingzhi being regarded as the Saint Doctor… looks like it’s just something that was created by others.” Dongpo Tianlan sneered disdainfully towards Wang Lingzhi.

“Greed is the biggest weakness of humans. Nobody could stay true to themselves when there’s absolute gain placed in front of them. Wang Lingzhi is the same too. Although it’s just 20% of the dragon vein, the wealth that he could amass is great. Wang Lingzhi is no fool, he knew what are the pros and cons in this. The Yu Clan is bound to fall with their internal struggle. We’re just following the will of the Heaven to move it further. Everything depends on Wang Lingzhi now.”

Dongpo Tianlan put his arms behind his back and laughed. He has been waiting for this for a thousand years.

Yellow sands were hovering in the air and a desert could be seen towards the horizon, the air was scorching hot since the sun was still high up in the sky.

Jiang Chen passed through that giant desert. He found out about the location of the Yu Clan through the Red-clothed Thirteen House. It was at the Qilian Region’s Northern Border, it was an extremely faraway place.

“Such a violent beast. It’s probably a Mid Divine King.”

Jiang Chen looked afar. There was a Mid Divine King demonic beast wreaking havoc in a small city. It was hell on earth over there as countless people died.

Jiang Chen flew up to the sky and unleashed the Great Void Technique and arrived at the castle wall of the city in a matter of seconds. Corpses were found littering on the ground. The strongest individual was the city lord, but he was just a Half-Step Divine King. Jiang Chen was too late as half of the citizens of the city were massacred by the beast. It was a hundred zhang tall wolf-shaped beast.

A red-armoured beautiful middle-aged woman with her head covered with a white cloth clashed with that beast. She lost every time they clashed and her injuries worsened. However, she did not back down and there was no fear in her eyes. It was like she’s saying that ‘I vow to protect the city with my life!’.

“Even in death, I will never allow you to harm those innocent citizens.” The woman shouted with determination in her eyes.

Phew… ” Jiang Chen was pretty impressed.

It was not a matter of strength, it was that strong sense of righteousness. These people were not necessarily stupid but maybe another form of life and death fated by the Heavens.

“Fire Qilin, I’ll leave that to you.” Jiang Chen said.

“Alrighty, it's just a wolf cub, I’ll gulp it down in a single bite.” Fire Qilin smiled.

Although they were on the same level, the wolf beast immediately kneeled and begged for mercy after Fire Qilin unleashed his divine prestige. Qilin immediately leapt towards the sky, although he was several zhang big and was small compared to the wolf beast, the latter was pressured. The wolf’s prestige was suppressed and it was gasping for air.

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