Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2692

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Jiang Chen nodded his head. Although he had solved everything here effortlessly, to the entire Bai Mo City and the widow of the city lord who was raising a child alone, confronting the beasts requires great effort.

“Sir, I relinquished all control over the city to my son Bai Zhe now. I am willing to follow you and accompany you all the way to Liaobei.”

Bai Yumo said firmly and without any hesitation.

“I think you have an axe to grind. Are you planning to go home? After all, you haven't gone home for more than hundreds of years.”

A smile was plastered on Jiang Chen’s face.

“To be honest, that is what I thought, and I wish you could fulfill my desire this time. Bai Mo City is totally fine and it will be alright to give my son a free reign over the city. Since I’m going back to Liaobei, I can lead the way for you as well.”


Jiang Chen said as he nodded his head. Since she was from the Yu Family, she had the right to enter the Yu Family. Moreover, the journey would be easier by having someone leading him the way.

There were steep and rough mountains, and twisting and narrow roads in the Dragon Gate Ridge. This is where the dragon vein is located in the Liaobei Region.

It was an enormous mountain that was full of Divine Origin Stones. The entire Dragon Gate Ridge belonged to the three great families. The Divine Origin Stones within the mountain range stretched for hundreds of miles and it was divided into three parts. The starting point of these three ranges was the main entrance of the three great families. They were guarded by the respective families. Each part of the range would be divided in advance before mining. Thirty percent of the mountain range belonged to the Feng family and the other thirty percent belonged to the Dongbo Family. Lastly, the Yu Family exclusively owned forty percent since they were the one who discovered the treasure trove a few years ago. Moreover, Yu family had cleaned the place of the beasts living there and several elders of the family were sacrificed in the process. That was the reason they owned forty percent of the mine.

Even though it was a border area and the land in Liaobei was barren, the citizens in this place were not poor as the three great families produced a great amount of Divine Origin Stones.

At the moment, the center region of the Dragon Gate Ridge, which was the entrance of the Yu family’s veins, more than thousands of people were extracting the stones. They were working around the clock.

“They died. Someone died. Everyone is dead......”

“It's a devil, it must be a devil. I saw it, it is full of blood......”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!”

“I don’t want it now. I don’t want anything.”

There were dozens of people fleeing to all directions from the mine. They looked frightened and shocked at the same time. It seemed like each of them had experienced death once, their eyes looked dreadful and terrified. They were escaping from the mine desperately, rolling and crawling breathlessly. They’re losing their minds, and their bodies were completely stained with blood.

“What is going on? Why are you guys coming out from the mine? Where did the hundreds of people go?”

Yu Huafan caught someone who escaped and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to die......”

The one who crawled from the mine looked scared to death. He struggled to get rid of Yu Huafan and ran away desperately.

Yu Huafan’s countenance fell, wondering what had happened in the mine.

“They are dead, all of them are dead. There are devils inside the mine.”

The leader burst into tears and looked at Yu Huafan. He wished to flee immediately from this place.

“Devil? What actually happened inside the mine?”

Yu Huafan looked confused while everyone was struggling to scatter in all directions. More than a thousand  people had been working day and night, it was extremely terrifying to see half of the workers dying and suffering severe injuries in the mine. Most importantly, the situation did not make any sense.

“So hundreds of people are gone?”

Yu Huafan murmured under his breath. There was a shade of anxiety between his eyebrows.

“No, this is a serious affair. I have to inform the family as soon as possible.”

After finding out the ins and outs of the matter, Yu Huafan returned to his family swiftly.

At the same time, not only the Yu Family, the same thing happened to the Feng Family and Dongbo Family. Only a few people escaped from the mine and each of them looked frightened, and their tongues were swollen with terror. No one knew what had happened inside the mine. The three great families were devoured by anxiety after that strange situation, but they were trying to keep  this matter a secret.

Everyone assembled in Yu Family’s meeting hall. After realizing that hundreds of people had lost their lives inside the mine, no one dared to find out what had happened in the mine at the moment.

“All of this happened unexpectedly, is it true that something is hiding inside the mine? Could it be the devil who did this? ”

“Devil? Humph. What do you mean by devil? I think someone is hiding ulterior motives.”

Yu Wangnian said in disdain and sneered.

“It is not the time to argue about this. Brothers, this is just unusual. We have to take this matter seriously.”

After witnessing what had happened in the mine, Yu Huafan noticed that everyone looked miserable and full of shock. It sounded unbelievable but it was true that each of the people who had escaped the mine had lost their souls and were now filled with horror even if they got out.

“Haha. Brother, you shouldn’t say that. Do you really think that the elders had never thought of this? Humph.”

Yu Wangnian sneered while Yu Huafan was ghastly pale,  remaining silent. The position of his eldest brother and second eldest brother in the family was obviously predominant. So he could only hold back his anger and respond with a sneer.

“Just leave Jingfan to sort this problem out, it should be thoroughly investigated without missing a single detail. It is necessary to make the whole thing clear and the families of those who died about the facts. We must keep them silent. Otherwise, just kill them without mercy!”

The great elder was leaning on a crutch, looking dignified and magnificent.

“Yes. My great elder.”

Yu Jingfan answered sternly, without hesitation.

Humph. There is no good thing that happens to us. It seems like we are destined to clean up the mess, third elder brother. It is just too annoying.”

Yu Huafan murmured under his breath.

“Shut up, fifth brother. Be aware that the misfortune comes from your mouth.”

Yu Jingxian said in a low voice. She curled up her lips and stared at Yu Huafan.

“My third brother, please investigate this thoroughly and find out the truth as soon as possible.”

Yu Wangqing said with a smile.

“You’re right. Please don’t let our great elder down.”

Yu Wangnian agreed. Since it was not an easy task, it was normal for them to choose to hide at the back. They were unwilling to do such dirty work.

“Our great elder,  good news! Good news! ”

The housekeeper of Yu Family said it with excitement.

“What is happening, just tell me slowly.”

The greatest elder said lightly, looking calm and leisurely.

“The genius doctor Mr.Wang Lingzhi has just returned from the Immortal World and he is waiting outside the gates of Bai Yu City.”

Yu Wangqing, Yu Wangnian and several elders were startled. But there was a trace of a smile appearing at the corner of Yu Jingxian’s lips.

“He’s back. Finally he is back.”

Yu Jingxian was full of excitement. She was the first one who rushed out of the meeting hall.

“Hurry up, let’s welcome our genius Doctor Wang at the gate.”

The great elder looked dignified. Finally, a major affair of Yu Family was going to be settled soon.

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