Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2693

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There were three hundred armored warriors standing in front of the Bai Yu City’s gate. The welcome gifts were all ready. The streets were decorated with lanterns and festoons, and the place reverberated with deafening gongs and drums. Everything was well-prepared to greet the genius Saint Doctor, Wang Lingzhi.

“Hahaha. I haven’t seen you for more than ten years, senior. You became more attractive than ever.”

Yu Wangqing said smilingly. In front of the genius and skillful doctor, he could only consider himself as a junior.

Wang Lingzhi touched his beard and said with a slight smile.

“Thanks. More than ten years have passed since I left. I believe the Yu Family have done all the preparations, right?”

“Sure, everything has fallen into place. Senior, please come in. We have already prepared some food and drink for you. We will give a welcome dinner once it’s all ready.”

Yu Wangnian was courteous and attentive to Wang Lingzhi. He went out of his way to welcome the guest.”

“Would you kindly treat my father? His condition is rapidly deteriorating and it is getting hard and excruciating for him.”

Yu Jingxian said in a deep voice, saying with great respect with both hands folded.

“Little Xian, please back off. It’s not your turn to speak. Saint Doctor must be exhausted from a long journey, he should have a good rest for now. Besides, our father’s condition could not be improved in a short time. Stop talking nonsense here.”

Yu Wangqing bawled her out harshly, with an unpleasant glance. Yu Wangnian was standing by his side and gave Yu Jingxian a dirty look.

“Little Xian, please think about the big picture and stand down from this. After having a good rest, I believe the Saint Doctor will treat our father later.”

Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian wished that the king, their father, would die soon so that they would get the full authority to control the entire family. By then, the one who could gain the upper hand would be able to sit on the throne of the Yu Family and become the Lord. Thus, they did not wish their father to come back to life at this moment. Compared to the authority and desire, family affection looked impotent and vulnerable.


Even though Yu Jingxian’s anger was welling up within her, she was unable to bear the continuous bombardment of his eldest brothers. Meanwhile, since her third brother, Yu Jingfan, was investigating the Dragon Gate Ridge’s mine event, there was no one who dared to stand against both of her elder brothers. Yu Jingxian looked dull and gloomy but she couldn’t change anything.

“I don’t care what you are trying to say. End of discussion.”

Yu Wangqing sneered and followed Wang Lingzhi into Bai Yu City slowly.

“Oh, looking at the big ceremony. Did the Yu Family expect me to come back today and welcome me purposely with this?”

Bai Yumo burst into laughter. A precious bright smile was plastered all over her face. She had mixed feelings like people travelling overseas who returned home after a long time.

However, the gate closed silently after she finished her words.

Bai Yumo smiled awkwardly, and Jiang Chen smiled back at the same time. She was half-right. It was true that the Yu Family was welcoming someone, but she was not the person they were waiting for.

“It seems like you’re just thinking too much about it. Haha.”

Jiang Chen said. However, Bai Yumo did not feel embarrassed as she was just joking around. No one had heard the news of her returning after all.

Bai Yumo crouched down slowly and heaved a deep breath. She twiddled the sand on the ground, all sorts of feeling welled up in her mind.

“The sand in my hometown is way more precious than thousands of golds in a strange country.

Perhaps this kind of emotion was so-called homesickness.

“May I know what brings you here......”

“Sorry, I’m afraid that I can’t tell you.”

Jiang Chen sternly declared, looking completely serious. Bai Yumo dared not to speak recklessly again as she was clear about Jiang Chen’s strength. He could arouse a storm in Bai Yu City and make the world go up in flames just by summoning the Fire Qilin. Jiang Chen was not an ordinary person.

However, Bai Yumo knew that Jiang Chen was kind and good-natured. Otherwise, he would never waste his energy to cast a Great City Guardian Formation in the Bai Mo City.

“Please forgive me, sir. I’m just being too rude.”

Bai Yumo hastened to explain about it. She was in awe of Jiang Chen after all.

Jiang Chen nodded. Both of them then headed to Bai Yu City.

It was a flourishing city where the citizens could live and work peacefully. Their faces were filled with great satisfaction and happiness.

The moment Bai Yumo stood in front of the gate of her house, she was intercepted by the young gatekeepers.

“How dare you enter Yu’s house without permission? Get out of here. Or else, don't blame us for being impolite.”

The leading gatekeeper shouted harshly at Jiang Chen and Bai Yumo.

“How dare you?”

Bai Yumo wore a frown, sneered and warned the guards sternly. Everyone looked gloomy. Jiang Chen watched this silently as this was her family affair and he was not interested in intervening in the issue. Besides, Bai Yumo could definitely deal with these gatekeepers with ease.

“This person is going to barge in,  someone for help now.”

The gatekeepers were confronting a great opponent. They were trembling with fear and lost their will to fight completely after hearing Bai Yumo shouting at them.

“It has been a hundred years since I left home. But I can’t even enter my house now.”

Bai Yumo heaved a deep sigh. Everything had changed. The gatekeepers that used to guard the gate were either dead or dying. How was it possible to see them standing in front of Yu's house gate?

At that time, ten disciples were taken by the housekeeper of Yu’s house and heaved out of the door. The moment he saw Bai Yumo, he got a nasty shock.

“Miss......Miss Yu? Are you?”

The housekeeper nearly collapsed.

“Who can it be? I’m away for just a hundred years but everyone has already forgotten about me. No one was able to recognize me now. Aren’t you Little Six? On my wedding day, you were just tall enough to reach my knee. Haha.”

Bai Yumo wore a bright and delighted smile. She sighed with regret after seeing someone who looked familiar.

“No, I have never forgotten about you. Miss Yu had never discriminated against me when I was still a kid. I will never forget your kindness.”

The housekeeper was now an elderly man. But he looked like a child with teary eyes when he met Bai Yumo again, even his lips were trembling.

Everyone was roused, falling to their knees rapidly and remaining silent.

“Alright, Little Six. Just take me to see my little brothers and sisters.”

Bai Yumo said in a low voice. At the moment, his father was ill and bed ridden while two of her younger brothers had grabbed the rope of the family affairs. She was determined to come back home, but she was tied up by the crisis of Bai Mo City and she did not have a chance to get out at all.

“Please treat this sir with great formality. Sir, please come in.”

Bai Yumo was talking with Jiang Chen.”

“I am just a normal person, there’s no need to stand ceremoniously.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and gave a slight smile.

“If you say so, I won’t put you on the spot. Little Six, lead the guest to the best guest room. I’ll visit you later, sir.

Bai Yumo finished her words, then headed directly to her father’s room.

The main hall was bustling with noise and excitement but Bai Yumo did not even care about it. What she truly cared about was her father. Her only concern was her father’s safety and health.

On the contrary, her father’s bedroom was relatively silent compared to the bustling main hall. Bai Yumo was startled when she saw a shadow kneeling before her father’s bed. The person was Yu Jingxian.

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