Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2705

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Yu Jingfan’s face turned pale. Those two strikes had already caused him serious injuries.

“Third Brother, you’re courting death!”

“Bastard, it’s impossible for you to stop me!”

Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian said angrily.

“Yu Jingfan, what are you doing? Get out of here.”

The great elder looked pissed and shouted.

“Eldest brother, second brother. You guys are fighting for the head position in the family and you’re killing each other. If our father witnessed this scene, how would you have the face to see him?”

Yu Jingfan shouted in a deep voice and did not care about the great elder’s reprimand.

“Don’t bullsh!t, get out of here. Third brother, don’t blame me if you still meddle in this matter. A family cannot survive without a head. Today, I must become the head of Yu Family.” Yu Wangqing shouted fiercely.

“Get out of here, third brother. It’s not the place where you should speak.”

Yu Wangnian and Yu Wangqing pressed against Yu Jingfan. Yu Jingfan gritted his teeth hard while dealing with his two brothers. Although it was extremely challenging, Yu Jingfan would not give up in solving this matter.

“Third brother, I am here to help you!”

Yu Huafan took action immediately and joined the battle. Although there were gaps between their cultivation realm, Yu Huafan and Yu Jingfan managed to separate their two brothers and prevented them from killing each other.

“Brothers, if you continue this battle, one of you will die.”

Yu Huafan said while gritting his teeth.

“It’s none of your business. Bastard, get out of here!”

Yu Wangqing struck a palm, hitting Yu Huafan. However, he was also exhausted after the intense battle. Yu Wangnian was also completely worn out. The four of them were in a fierce fight. Initially, they were fighting to get the head position, but now it turned out like a drama.

“What a scandal! It’s so disappointing.”

The great elder looked gloomy and left the hall.

“Third and fourth brother, both of you come to receive your punishment. How dare you come and make a mess at this moment? You guys ignored the family rules.” The third elder said angrily.

Yu Jingfan and Yu Huafan exchanged glances while their mouth was overflowing with a smile. They were not afraid of punishment but only the life-and-death between their brothers. That would be a real crisis for their family.

“Let’s stop here today. We should take a rest and fight again next month.”

Yu Wangqing stared at Yu Wangnian coldly and said while panting for breath.

“If I was afraid of you, I am not Yu Wangnian.”

Both of them were held by their subordinates as they left the fighting hall. Everyone in the Yu Family was in panic now as there was no official head to manage the matters. Not only that, there were still many unpredictable people who were full of bad intentions. Some of them wanted to rule over the family, while some wanted to get the authority and power, and some wanted Yu Huagan to die as soon as possible.

The news spread to Bai Yu City very soon. Eastern Mountain City got the news about their battle immediately. It was said that the Yu Family was in a great crisis due to both internal and external affairs.

“Haha. Heaven has also helped me in this. Brother Wang, our plan is already half completed. We don’t need to worry about Yu Huagan now who was like a dead man. The two brothers in Yu Family have already gone against each other to fight for authority. After this battle, the both of them should be severely injured. Seems like our opportunity is finally here.”

Dongbo Tianchi laughed loudly and said

“Everything is ready, and we only need to seize this chance. It’s time for us to take action.”

Wang Lingzhi said with a smile and looked at Dongbo Tianchi.

“You’re right. Everything is set now. We can take over Yu Family, and by that time, the control of the Dragon Vein will belong to the both of us. Brother Wang, you have made a great contribution this time.”

Dongbo Tianchi patted Wang Lingzhi’s shoulder and said.

“Hahaha. That’s right. Without Brother Wang, it won’t be so easy for us to attack the Yu Family. The time is finally here, and we can defeat the Yu Family easily.” Dongbo Tianlan agreed and said.

“Brother Wang, let’s get ready. We will take action against Bai Yu City three days later.”

Dongbo Tianchi’s face was full of smiles as if he had already seen the light of victory. Right now, Yu Huagan was no different from a dead man, and both of his sons were injured badly after their battle while fighting for the head position. Who was going to call the shots during the crisis? Everything in the Yu Family was in a mess now. They deserved all these consequences.

“Great. Success is just in front of us now. I am still going to rely on you Brother Dongbo.”

Wang Lingzhi nodded. The three of them smiled after looking at each other. Wang Lingzhi then left the living room.

“Brother, when are you going to kill him?”

Dongbo Tianlan’s eyes looked cold as he said in a low voice, looking at the direction where Wang Lingzhi disappeared.

“No rush as long as he listens to us. Even if he wants to go against us, what can he  do? Half of the Dragon Vein from the Yu Family is not enough for me, I want the part from the Feng Family too. It’s just a matter of time.”

Dongbo Tianchi looked at the sky with pride.

“Brother you’re so smart. Hehe. The Liaobei Region should be unified. Our Dongbo Family is doing all this according to fate. The Yu Family and Feng Family are doomed to be our stepping stones.”’

Dongbo Tianlan smiled from the thought of their family becoming the ruler of the Liaobei Region soon.

“Even a dying camel is still bigger than a horse. We should not underestimate the power of the Yu Family since they have been the tiger of Liaobei Region. Our land is the effort of our ancestors, we must not let others take it. We must be extra careful this time. As long as I am still alive, I want to unify the whole Liaobei Region!”

Dongbo Tianchi’s determination went out of his control. The Liaobei Region had always been his dream.

“The fact that they had been the tiger was a long time ago. Over the years, the Yu Family has gradually fallen. They are not the tiger anymore now. It’s so ironic that they are still controlling forty percent of the Dragon Vein.” Dongbo Tianlan snorted.

“The time Yu Family has guarded the Dragon Vein is longer than us and the Feng Family. They have always been here even before our families stepped into the Liaobei Region. Now, there are three different influences in the region, the Yu Family is not the only family who has power here. We must fight until our victory is secured to take over Yu Family and start our journey of taking over others now. We can’t make any mistakes in this matter.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Dongbo Tianchi left the living room.

Bai Yu City, Yu Family.

Yu Huagan could not stop heaving a sigh when he knew that his sons almost lost their lives while fighting each other. He looked pale and was ashamed of his two disappointing sons.

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