Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2706

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Yu Huagan sighed and said, "I'm sorry that you have to witness such an unsightly scene. Hehe, those two bastards… I’ll have them kowtow 1000 times in our ancestor hall when I get back on my feet. Our Yu family’s power has waned to such a degree and it’s not recent that the two other families are eyeing on us."

Jiang Chen could see Yu Huagan's helplessness. He's a good father and a good leader of the clan.

"In the past, our family was the leader of this region, the Tiger of Liao Bei! However, we lost our dominance over the region after we were separated into three powers. A tiger without its maw has slowly become a cat. Hehe."

"Kinda unbelievable, for your family to be the ruler of this region in the past." Jiang Chen smiled.

That wasn't sarcasm, it’s pretty normal for one’s territory that was left behind by one’s ancestor to be taken away by others. Not even a very powerful sect in a region could last forever, there’s always a new leader that would reign supreme in one new era.

"Mister, how much more time do I need to get back on my feet?"

“Three days. Your speed of recovery has already gone past my expectations. Plus, this misfortune may turn into a blessing in disguise.” Jiang Chen said.

Yu Huagan was somewhat excited. He could feel a mysterious qi within his body that allowed him to recover at a tremendous speed.

"What qi is that? It's so powerful."

“Myriad Qi.”

Yu Huagan gasped. Yu Jingfan and Bai Yumo silently looked at their father. Is the Myriad Qi that powerful?

The others may not know but Yu Huagan read about this in the clan’s ancient text. His ancestor gave a comment about this… Hierarch experts would gain eternal glory, Emperor experts regarded it a great treasure! The Myriad Qi was such a valuable treasure.

"Mister… this… Yu Huagan is ashamed in taking it… "

He knew that this was his greatest honor and this youngster was not simple. I bet nobody else could possess this in the whole Lone Dragon County!

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, “It is all fate.”

Yu Huagan was not a petty man, he then smiled and nodded. It was his Yu Clan’s great fortune, surpassing even his fortune of reaching the Peak Mid Divine King Realm with his talent. There had not been a Hierarch Expert in the Yu Clan for 30,000 years. But with this Myriad Qi in his body, he could possibly reach it now.

"Fate… is there truly such a thing as fate?"

Yu Jingxian smiled bitterly and left the room, her eyes were filled with loneliness and guilt.

The moon was still up in the sky. The lonely Yu Jingxian stood there wondering where her fate was. If there’s truly fate in this world, why am I played by it? Whereas, him… does he know about my pain and suffering?

"Your father is recovering now, why are you still wearing that face?" Jiang Chen came out and asked quietly.

“Does the fate that you said truly exist? Isn’t everything in life right in front of us? Where is this fate that you spoke of? Heh.”

Jiang Chen was deeply moved by Jingxian’s bitter laugh.

“Why are you so hung up on it if you don’t believe it? Guilt and suffering may just be a fleeting dream. Perhaps, nothing has truly ever happened. What’s past has passed. Why do you still force yourself to live in the past and suffer in it?” Jiang Chen scoffed.

“You don’t know, some things or a man could not be forgotten and I dare not forget it. It’s just like he’s always there watching me… I dare not close my eyes, I dare not breathe, I fear that he would one day ask me in my dreams, why did I do it? I do not know what to answer…”

Yu Jingxian said as tears welled up in her eyes. She did not know why she was telling this mysterious man so much.

“One’s life is filled with many journeys, why do you care about that sorrowful winter? One’s fate is not one’s shackle. Perhaps there are no such things as right or wrong in this world. It’s just your obsession speaking. Perhaps, he had never blamed you, even once. You’re the only one not forgiving yourself. Let go and look up, possibly, you may see a different sky.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Yes, he had never hated her. He’s no saint, but he too had a fit of fleeting anger and pain. But he too believed that she would not disappoint him, and true enough she did not.

“However, I cannot forget it, I shall forever be ashamed of facing him.” Yu Jingxian said in a small voice.

She’d said before that she would follow him anywhere if her father wakes up. But this mysterious man’s words caused her to feel complicated. Perhaps, she’s not qualified to love nor beloved, to love him with her hands dyed red in his blood.

Three days later, Dongpo Tianchi and Wang Lingzhi led a hundred experts towards Bai Yu City.

"Dongpo City Lord, Dongpo Tianchi is here to visit Bai Yu City's Lord, Yu Huagan." A Dongpo Clan youngster said loudly.

“I hope the City Lord will wait for a bit as this little one will report to the main house.” A middle-aged guardsman said.

Even a fool would know that these guys were hostile.

“Those who visit are guests, are you trying to block us out of the city? Hmph, slave dog!” Dongpo Tianlan shouted angrily.

The sentry staggered backwards from the roar.

"Enough, Second Brother, let him report." Dongpo Tianchi waved his arms and said.

The middle-aged guardsman’s expression became dark as he quickly reported to the higher-ups.

In the meeting hall, the Great Elders and others were wearing a gloomy expression. Their family’s situation was worrying. Yu Huagan was sick in bed, Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian were heavily injured. Now, the people of Dongpo City came to visit… Everyone knows that they're not just here for a visit.

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