Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2707

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“Such troublesome times. This Dong Shan City, I can’t wrap my head around them the longer I live. However, as the leader of LiaoBei, our Yu Family should not be looked down by others!” The Great Elder said.

From his point of view, the current Yu Family was still the greatest Family in LiaoBei region. In terms of firepower, the Family was still greater compared to the other two families. It was the Yu family’s honour.

“Let’s see what they’re trying to do in our territory!” The Great Elder waved his arm and gave the order to allow the men of Dong Shan City to enter.

Wang Lingzhi and Dongpo Tianchi looked at each other and smiled. They have entered enemy territory. The battle had silently started.

In the main hall, the Great Elder sat on the main seat as he waited for the people of Dongpo City.

“Hahaha, Great Elder, we haven’t seen each other for a thousand years. Impressive, you’re still as powerful as ever, truly admirable!” Dongpo Tianchi said with a great laugh.

“Dongpo Tianchi, your tongue is still as slippery as ever. What is your purpose for visiting our Yu family? State your reason. I do not like to beat around the bush.” The Great Elder said indifferently, not playing any games and giving respect towards Dongpo Tianchi

“Great Elder, what are you saying? I heard from Brother Wang Lingzhi that Yu Huagan’s extremely sick, therefore, I’m here to pay him a visit. I wonder if Brother Yu Huagan is alright?” Dongpo Tianchi said while squinting his eyes.

“Wang Lingzhi! You…” The Great Elder looked at Wang Lingzhi and said with a stern expression.

This fella suddenly ambushes us in the name of visiting?! Definitely not!

“Great Elder, long time no see! You still look as great as ever! Brother Yu may not be able to get through this hurdle… However, we can’t blame anyone, we can only see how fate plays out for him. Great Elder, my condolences!” Wang Lingzhi said with a faint smile.

“You… you guys are in league with each other, are you guys here to make a joke in our Yu family?” The Second Elder took a step forward, gritting his teeth.

This Wang Lingzhi was obviously a traitor. The Yu Family had treated him well and yet he betrayed them. Now, where was Yu family’s honour? Respect? With the Dongpo Family coming up to their doorstep with a smile….!

“Report… Great Elder, the Feng family’s Patriarch, Feng Luojiang is requesting an audience with the Patriarch. He says that he’s here to pay him a visit.”

The Great Elder’s expression became gloomy once again, including the other elders. Two families came at the same time! Are they here to mock us?! This is not as simple as it looks…

Dongpo Tianchi looked at Wang Lingzhi, eyes squinting. He felt something was amiss.

“You!” Dongpo Tianchi sent a telepathic message to Wang Lingzhi.

“I’m just worried that the Dongpo Family does not have the strength to swallow up the giant Yu family. Therefore, I think the Feng family will gladly come and help.” Wang Lingzhi smiled towards Dongpo Tianchi.

Currently, the situation has become much more complicated.

“Looks like I have not earned the confidence of Brother Wang. Hmph hmph, but with the Feng Family joining in… our plan will be much easier.” Dongpo Tianchi said telepathically.

However, this meant that the prize that was already near his arms had to be shared to others. For Dongpo Tianchi, it wasn’t that hard to deal with, the most important thing was he originally planned to control Wang Lingzhi but it’ll be difficult with the Feng Family joining in.

“Welcome!” The Great Elder said.

At this moment, the Feng Family and Dongpo Family had all arrived. Everyone knew about the situation in the Yu family. At this moment, they felt extremely disgraced, shamed, a disgrace that could not be topped by anything else in the last thousand of years!

Feng Luojiang moved after receiving the news as he had long placed a scout outside of Dong Shan City. They will move immediately once there’s movement in the city. Plus, Wang Lingzhi had given them a clear message that this plan will severely impact their position in Liao Bei Region. How could Feng Luojiang not be careful about it?

Feng Luojiang entered Bai Yu City with confidence.

“Hahaha, Great Elder, long time no see. Brother Dongpo, you’re here too? Such a coincidence, is Brother Dongpo also here to visit Brother Yu?” Feng Luojiang said with a smile while wearing a shocked expression.

“Hehe, Lord Feng, you’re quick in receiving the news, to think you got here this fast. You don’t even want to lose to me when it comes to visiting Brother Yu.” Dongpo Tianchi said with a faint smile.

They both looked at each other with a smile. Anyone could see what they’re planning but nobody was talking about it, that’s all.

“What are you saying? Haha, Brother Yu’s body is not well, and he’s one of my old OLD friends, how can I not visit him? Isn’t Brother Dongpo the same?” Feng Luojiang said.

“You guys are not here in our Yu Family just to bicker, right? Are you guys here just to make a joke?” The Great Elder harrumphed.

“Great Elder, what are you saying? We’re just here to see how Brother Yu is doing and what can we do for the Yu family.” Feng Luojiang said.

“Yeah, we’re here with our sincere heart, I hope Great Elder would allow us to visit Brother Yu, to wash away our worries.” Dongpo Tianchi said sincerely.

“Brother Yu’s condition is worrying. The Yu Family should quickly choose a new leader. A family must have a leader, a country must have a king.”

Feng Luojiang and Dongpo Tianchi spoke at their own leisure. The Great Elder could not show his anger as he did not know how to handle this. The Yu Family was facing difficulties internally and externally, the situation they’re facing right now was pretty worrying. These two fellas were definitely not here with good intention. The Great Elder did not know how to act.

“You do not need to worry about that, our Yu Family will certainly not disappoint you all.” The Great Elder said.

“This is an important matter for our Liao Bei region, how can you say that it does not concern us two City Lords? The Yu family, Feng Family and Dongpo Family support the whole region. If a Patriarch without any leadership capabilities is chosen, the Yu Family would surely decline in the near future, wouldn’t our Liao Bei Region lose its greatest support? Who would take responsibility then?” Wang Lingzhi said with a smile.

“Agreed.” Dongpo Tianchi said.

“If the Yu Family could not come up with a corresponding countermeasure, we’ll gladly help the Great Elder to think of it. Who is the most suitable candidate to become the Yu family’s next Patriarch. Since Brother Yu is our old friend, we absolutely do not wish to see the Yu Family of Liao Bei fall to depravity.” Feng Luojiang said in a tone filled with justice.

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