Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2709

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“Your thoughts are too simple. They’re just testing the waters. The two families were bound to join hands if our Yu family does not have a leader. We’ve given Wang Lingzhi a great deal of resources to ensure this information was kept secret. Yet that fella still betrayed us. We’re not prepared for it and the two elder brothers are still immature. With our internal situation being this chaotic, they’re going to sweep us in one fell swoop and take us down with just their pressure alone. They know that we’re going to lose if we get into conflict with them, that’s why they dared to do such a thing and they’re not even worried about it.” The Great Elder chuckled bitterly and shook his head, his heart mixed with a surge of complicated feelings.

The current Yu family was on the verge of facing great chaos and now… the two families came at such a moment, it was truly infuriating.

Things have gotten to a point where they do not know what to do as they were in big trouble. The other two Patriarchs would certainly scoff at them if an appropriate leader was not chosen.

“If we can’t choose somebody that can support our family, what then?”

“Then, our Yu family will not last long, the other families will certainly cause us trouble and our position as the head of region will be endangered.”

“The power that’s left behind by our ancestors has changed quite a few hands, we’re unable to protect our own land… we’ve truly disgraced our ancestors… ” Great Elder sighed.

“So, for now, we can only make the third brother to temporarily act as the Patriarch. Although he hasn’t reached the Divine King realm, he’s a steadfast guy, not as strong as Wangqing and Wangnian but handles things better than they are. There’s nothing to be picky on him, he’s the only choice for now.”

“That’s all we can do right now, I hope the third brother will not disappoint us.”

The elders sighed helplessly. The two Patriarchs will definitely laugh at them if they didn’t elect a new head.

The next day, Dongpo Tianchi, Feng Luojiang and Wang Lingzhi gathered at the great hall with the four elders. The people of the Yu family too had gathered at this place. Even the injured Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian were present.

“Has the Yu family come to a decision? The Patriarch of the family should not be given to just someone else. We too are worried about the Yu family’s safety.” Dongpo Tianchi said without holding back, yet nobody refuted him.

Everyone looked at the Great Elder. This decision will decide the future path of the family.

Great Elder glanced towards Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian and said:

“I announce that the Yu family’s Patriarch shall be Yu Jingfan and will be assisted by me and the other elders” Great Elder announced.

Dongpo Tianchi, Feng Luojiang and the others were shocked. The person himself shuddered in disbelief. Everyone’s gaze fell upon him immediately.

“What? Me?!” Yu Jingfan, stunned.

Great Elder, are you joking?

“No! I object! What gives him the right to become the Patriarch?!” Yu Wangqing was the first to speak.

“I, too, object.” Yu Wangnian also looked at the Great Elder.

Everyone looked at the Great Elder once again, it was pretty awkward.

“Bastards, this is not the place for both of you two to speak. Leave!” Great Elder shouted angrily.

Yu Wangqing and Wangnian’s expression became pale. They forgot that the Patriarchs of the two families were present too.

“Hehe, Great Elder, looks like the Yu family’s teaching is excellent.” Wang Lingzhi said.

The expression of the people of the Yu family became ugly.

“I only want to know what gives him the right to be the Patriarch? I cannot accept this!” Yu Wangqing stared at the Great Elder.

“I do not need you to question my words. Men! Drag him out!” The Great Elder said with vigour.

Yu Wangnian wanted to speak but held it in as it was not the right time. The Patriarchs of the Dongpo and Feng family were present.

“Why aren’t you greeting the Patriarch?!” The Great Elder commanded.

Everyone then looked towards Yu Jingfan.

Yu Jingfan, Yu Jingxian, Bai Yumo and the others zeroed-in on Yu Jingfan and all said in a loud voice:

“We greet the Patriarch!”

Yu Jingfan was wearing a stunned expression. He did not expect to become the Patriarch and at such a sudden manner to boot. The two older brothers were injured and him being the Patriarch was too much information to take. But it was announced by the Great Elder and was supported by the other elders.

“Haha, great! We did not waste our time coming here, this is such a happy occasion! To witness the new birth of the new Yu family’s Patriarch!” Dongpo Tianchi said with a great laugh.

His gaze was dominating as he released a mighty pressure and engulfed Yu Jingfan. Yu Jingfan instinctively took half a step back from the aura of a Peak Mid Divine King, his expression became ugly.

“You’re right, now that the Yu family’s Patriarch has been chosen. Me and Brother Dongpo are happy, too. Haha.” Feng Luojiang’s expression was solemn and he said it with a dominating tone.

Yu Jingfan was completely engulfed by a terrifying aura. He was once again forced a step back, his expression became pale, blood started to gush towards his mouth, his breathing became chaotic. He became weakened as he took on the aura of two Peak Mid Divine Kings, nobody on-site could take it.

Wang Lingzhi smiled as he too joined in, Peak Early Divine King was also stronger than Yu Jingfan by several folds. Yu Jingfan finally could not take the pressure from the three and his legs became wobbly, he could literally kneel down from the pressure at any second now.

“Patriarch Dongpo, Patriarch Feng, Wang Lingzhi, what is the meaning of this? Are you trying to start a war with our Yu family?” Great Elder took a step forward with cold eyes as he supported Yu Jingfan’s through his shoulder.

Still, the Great Elder barely managed to stabilise Yu Jingfan’s body under such great pressure. It was a battle of aura, qi, however, Jingfan was just a Half-Step Divine King, how could he fight against them?

“Great Elder is wrong. We wouldn’t dare belittle the title of the Yu family’s Patriarch. However, a person’s pressure is the same as one’s authority. Patriarch Yu, am I right? Hahaha. ” Dongpo Tianchi said.

The Great Elder was speechless, including Yu Jingfan. Bai Yumo and Yu Jingxian could only watch from afar; no one was able to help him.

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