Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2714

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“Brother Yu’s strength is really astonishing. It’s so admirable.”

Wang Lingzhi hadn’t expected that Yu Huagan would survive and even achieve such a major advancement. It was really unbelievable. However, one had to believe as Yu Huagan was standing in flesh in front of him right now.

“Wang Lingzhi, it’s fine that you weren’t able to save me. I won’t blame you for that, but you almost put my family into a crisis. Tell me, how are we going to resolve this matter?”

Yu Huagan shouted in a deep voice as if a thunderstorm struck. Wang Lingzhi was terrified and he took a few steps backwards.

“It’s all a big misunderstanding. Hehe, Brother Yu. It's a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? How can this be a misunderstanding?”

Yu Huagan smiled coldly. Although he could not turn against Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang right now, he would not care about Wang Lingzhi. At this moment, his strength was unparalleled and he was not afraid of Wang Ling Zhi at all. He wanted both Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang to submit to him, so he must create a strong image now. Wang Lingzhi was a good tool for him to do so.

“Brother Dongbo, Brother Feng, please explain for me.”

Wang Lingzhi did not know what to do, and could only seek out help from the other two Patriarchs. However, both of them had already run out of ways to help themselves, how could they care about Wang Lingzhi. Dongbo Tianchi would also like this bastard to die as soon as possible. Dongbo Family almost fell into an irrevocable crisis because of him.

“I could only release my hatred through killing you.”

“No, don’t, Brother Yu. Please don’t kill me. It’s all my fault. Spare my life.”

Wang Lingzhi immediately kneeled down, but that did not change Yu Huagan’s mind. He took a step forward and his figure was like a lightning flashing through the fighting hall. Before Wang Ling could respond, he had already been killed by Yu Huagan’s palm strike.

An Early Divine King was killed by Yu Huagan effortlessly!

Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang took in a cold breath while shivering in fear. They knew that Yu Huagan was showing them his true color.

No one was sorry for Wang Lingzhi's death. No one even felt pity because he did not deserve any sympathy. Even if he had made plans for himself, he had never imagined that he would die tragically like this.

Everyone was very excited at this moment. Yu Huagan walked towards Jiang Chen and bowed to him. Everyone was confused looking at this scene except for Bai Yumo and the others.

Even Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang were stunned. How could Yu Huagan bow to a Half-step Divine King? It’s ridiculous. How did he deserve this?

“I, Yu Huagan, am able to return to my family and escape from death, all thanks to senoir’s contribution. Please don’t reject my bow. If you need any help in the future, I would do everything for you to repay your great kindness.”

Everyone finally understood what had happened now. Jiang Chen had saved his life, and he had also saved the entire Yu Family.

Jiang Chen smiled and said:

“No worries, Master Yu. I have said that it’s all about destiny.”

Bai Yumo looked at Jiang Chen and she was proud of herself as she was the one who brought her family their needed salvation.

Although her heart had passed away along with her husband’s death, she was still quite touched by Jiang Chen who had done so much for her. It was impossible for her to feel nothing. Initially, she thought that no one would live in her heart anymore. However, Jiang Chen’s heroic and invincible aura had moved her deeply.

Bai Yumo knew that both she and this mysterious gentleman had too much responsibility on their shoulders, so it would be impossible for them to be together. Although she knew that she was incredibly beautiful like her sister, she was still a widow of someone. How could she be qualified to be with such a talented man?

There’s no woman in the world who did not think of love. Unfortunately, they did not have the fate to be together.

Bai Yubo looked at her sister who was compatible with this gentleman. However, this man did not show any intention of courting her sister at all. Even though she and her sister were extraordinarily beautiful, Jiang Chen still remained unmoved. At the same time, her sister looked uninterested too.

“Sir, have you finished your task in Bai Yu City?”

Bai Yumo asked.

“It’s finished.”

After Jiang Chen said this, Bai Yumo could not help feeling disappointed as this meant that Jiang Chen would leave soon. Liaobei Region was quite small, how could a talented dragon be bound to such a place?

“Okay, we don’t want to disturb you anymore. Brother Yu, let’s catch up next time.”

Dongbo Tianchi said with a smile.


Yu Huagan said faintly. Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang intended to leave, so he would not keep them here anymore. After so many years, he had to manage his own family affairs now. Otherwise, Yu Family would really perish one day. Right now, it was the most critical moment for him to rule the family again. However, he had already decided to leave the head position to Yu Jingfan and he would only oversee things in a different position.

“Goodbye, Brother Yu. Great Elder, I will prepare a generous present for you next time to show my apology.”

After Dongbo Tianchi finished saying these words, there was a red light that soared up to the sky and a strange aura made everything terrified.

“ That’s……”

“Dragon Gate Ridge, It’s the Dragon Gate Ridge. We had some miners killed inside the mines previously. I am afraid that there is an evil monster under mine.”

Yu Jingfan said in a deep voice.

“Dragon Gate Ridge? What happened?”

Yu Huagan frowned and said.

“Something similar happened in our mine too. Is there an abnormal phenomena happening in the Dragon Gate Ridge, isn’t there?”

Dongbo Tianchi said. He thought that only the mine under their family’s control faced such things. Unexpectedly, the same thing happened to the Yu Family as well.

“It looks like a wolf but not really a wolf. The Monster looks like a tiger but also  not. Not sure what it was but I have killed it with great difficulty.”

Dongbo Tianchi said while Feng Luojiang nodded to agree.

“Seems like something unusual is happening at the Dragon Vein now. We have all met these monsters.”

“There might be something strange hiding under the Dragon Vein.”

Jiang Chen said.

“I have observed in the dark and saw that there's an extraordinary dreadful monster under the mine. There are not only a few of them but countless of them.”

Jiang Chen’s words stunned the three masters.

“Sir, how about we go to have a look?”

Yu Huagan looked at Jiang Chen and asked. Although Jiang Chen was only a Half-step Divine King, he knew that Jiang Chen’s true colour was definitely more powerful than his cultivation realm.


Jiang Chen nodded and the four of them turned into rays of light, heading to Dragon Gate Ridge!

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